Cool new ways to wear your cold weather accessories

No matter how much you love the holidays or get excited about the first snowfall, it’s always a little depressing to reach into the depths of your closet and drawers to pull out your winter hats, scarves, gloves and socks every year. Here we go again, extremities. Brace yourselves. So we asked a few of our resident experts to give us a winter fashion pep talk and the lowdown on a few new ways to style our winter accessories.

GO FOR A WIDE BRIMMED HAT. “Even in winter the sun can hit your skin and bother your eyes, so sometimes a wide brim felt hat is very necessary,” says Portland-based milliner Brookes Boswell. “I love to pair a felt fedora style hat a thick warm scarf. You can bunch and pile it up around your ears and stay just as warm as if you had a beanie.”

TRY WEARING PINS OR BROOCHES. “We’re loving the resurgence of fun, quirky pins,” says Parc boutique owner Thao Bui Nguyen. “Adding enamel pins to an old winter jacket or blazer makes our everyday go-tos feel new again.”

ADD A TON OF TEXTURE. “Adding texture and shape through structured knits is a great way to update a look,” suggests Stephanie Oliver, founder of knitwear label Hendrik Lou. “Lots of texture, natural fibres and soft, sculpted pieces.” And the easiest way to accomplish that is with a great scarf. “We love a good chunky scarf that wraps around the neck a few times and finished off slightly messy,” says Thao.

BRING A LITTLE COLOR TO YOUR OOTD. “Aside from the usual greys and blacks, indigo and camel or natural white are great color options,” Stephanie suggests. Or if you’re more about bold hues, go for pops of crimson red, cobalt blue or emerald green this season.

TRY A DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE EACH DAY. “If you have long hair, pile it in a top knot,” says Brookes. “Wear a hat with a tall straight crown so that it fits directly over the bun and you’re good to go!” Another option is the hair tuck. “We love to keep it clean and sleek,” says Thao. “Hair tucks into our favorite scarves and turtlenecks. So good!”

And as for the often inevitable hat head? If your hair is on the shorter side, you won’t have to do too much. “Go with a messy look,” Brookes advises. “When you take your hat off, tussle your hair and no one will ever know that you once had hat head.” For us gals with longer hair, we’re taking a note from Stephanie’s book. “Aside from avoiding toques altogether, I think the best way to deal with hat head is just to embrace it,” says Stephanie. “There’s nothing wrong with a little messy hair!”