30 days of jumpsuits with Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy

As the longtime Beauty Director for W Magazine, Jane Larkworthy is a bonafide beauty guru. We love her smart and witty commentary on the beauty industry and she’s our go-to source for the real-deal on skin care and makeup trends. Jane’s Twitter and Insta feeds are also dead giveaways of just how cool and down-to-earth she is. Find her at @wmagjane and scroll for a shot of her standard poodle Remy wearing vintage Chanel, you’ll see what we mean. So when we saw her feed flood with jumpsuits, we had to get the story behind it. We caught up with the natural knockout and veteran beauty editor to learn more about 30 days of jumpsuits and, of course, some of her beauty secrets.

TELL US ABOUT 30 DAYS OF JUMPSUITS. IS LIFE BETTER IN A ONESIE? Last Summer, W Magazine decided to cover my clothes for 30 straight days on Instagram. It was not only flattering, but a fun challenge and I really enjoyed both explaining the history of the clothes as well as setting up some crazy shoots every day. Anyway, a few more editors did it after me, then it kind of fizzled out. This summer, I kept thinking about it and decided to do it again, but with a theme. I already own about ten jumpsuits, but once it gained momentum, people and designers started loaning them to me, so it was extra fun. I will be sad when it’s done. I’ve probably got more than 30 days worth, so I might extend. That said, my daughter gave me the next 30 days idea: 30 days of kale. I bet we can totally do it. Okay, fine. Ten days of kale. Then it’s back to fashion!

WHAT BEAUTY TRENDS ARE YOU LOVING RIGHT NOW? The platinum blondes are cool (literally!), but it’s just about peaked, so maybe the pendulum will shift to super dark! I still like an interesting nail – maybe with an ombre glimmer of glitter near the tip – but only if it’s done in chic and subtle ways. I can’t deal with geometric shapes or negative space.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP THREE BEAUTY MUST-HAVES? Burt’s Bees lip balm, House of Soveral Angel Balm, and Cellcosmet ampoules and serums.

IT’S ALMOST FASHION WEEK. HOW DO YOU GET READY FOR THE SHOW SEASON? Since it’s still going to be warm, I’ll get a pedicure, but not a manicure. I’ll just ruin it. Maybe give myself a moisturizing mask one or two nights during the week. Then a quick visit to my colorist Gina Gilbert to cover my gray and update the highlights! But, with facials, I’m very Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes – meaning: I know I could get one and should get one, but I’ll be too busy hiking up in the mountains until the very last minute before fashion week! Fresh air is MY facial!