Sissy’s Spring 2017: What I’m Into

Our Fashion Editor-At-Large, Sissy Sainte-Marie, shares her current obsessions.



The series of one-of-a-kind pieces by self-taught ceramic sculptor Danny Duncombe is aptly named As Above So Below to reflect “the link between exterior appearance and interior experience”. I do wish I could live inside of one of them. Maybe someday he’ll do large scale series, such a subdivision of homes, based on his sculptures.



Not planning to try it. Just curious to see how this new trend for treating anxiety and depression pans out.



Speaking of psychedelics, Carly Jo Morgan, is one person who seems to have been born microdosing. In addition to having the world’s cutest haircut at the moment, she also has an amazing mind that comes up with the dopest furniture of this century.




I’m a skeptic when it comes to beauty products and a champ at resisting pretty packaging and promises of miracles, but I’m a sucker for science, technology and proven lab results. So last month, when I was desperate for some real-deal anti-aging help, I went to Los Feliz Med Spa to try Thermage, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which uses radio frequency energy to improve skin elasticity and firmness by stimulating new collagen production over a period of four to six months. So by my 43rd birthday this September, I expect to be a dead ringer for Elvira Hancock.




Thanks to The Gentlewoman for putting her on their cover last year, I discovered my new favorite writer. During fall I read White Teeth and Swing Time back to back and now I’m on to NW. This spring, I look forward to making my way through every word she’s ever written.

Photo courtesy of Reese Blutstein



I’m rediscovering another oft-turbaned totem of mine whose LIVE cassette I once listened to exclusively, on repeat, nonstop, for an entire summer, pre-Y2K. Twenty years later and still no other pop star has come close to her wokeness, her songwriting, her delivery, her inimitable style, or her ability to lead with her brains and courage rather than her sexuality, even when she’s buck naked. Well, except Solange of course.

Photo courtesy of Everett Collection



Alan Phillips’ “Someday Sermons” are newletter nirvana. These quick reads “combining real world experience, philosophy, creativity, and spirituality to assist and inspire individuals and organizations on their journey of manifesting their magic and achieving sustainable fulfillment” keep it trill and keep me going.



I love when people follow through on ideas I’d never have the gumption to put the blood, sweat, tears, and hours into. Big ups to Lauren Coleman, Sarah Kissell and Tiff Horn for manifesting Dunes Magazine. “Dunes celebrates Palm Springs, capturing the women who continue to live the elegance of a bygone age.”

Photo courtesy of DUNES Issue 1



Yes, I’m a sets addicts and last year I wore a summer suit in the form of an Olderbrother blazemono and matching trousers every chance I had. Judging by the looks of the Spring/Summer 2017 runways and street style cognoscenti, the summer suit is still in full effect and I’m looking to add some slouchy linen and smart silk hook-ups in earthy tones to my wardrobe repertoire.

Exclusive: Carleen’s video lookbook for SS16 is adorable

We’re lucky to work with some of the most amazing creative people out there in the world of fashion, so it’s always an honor to share the work they do beyond the clothes. Carleen, the Brooklyn-based label on the rise by designer Kelsy Parkhouse, just released their Spring/Summer 2016 collection with a video lookbook that’s currently inspiring our everything. Kelsy was inspired by Leanne Shapton’s watercolor art and the textures and palette of her native California this season, along with the power of strong female sisterhood. She enlisted Laura Kaltman and Jinnie Lee to produce and direct the video which aims to capture all those elements with a narrative of two stylish women in a long-distance, pen pal friendship. “The long distance/snail mail aspect really resonated with me because I have so many friends that I’m in that spot with right now as we get older and more spread out.”

It can be really fun to let other creatives put their own spin on things,” Kelsy explains. “Kind of like when a girl buys a dress and incorporates it into her outfits and lifestyle.”

Watch the full video above and shop the looks below.

Fieldguided channels the power of plants

Nothing says spring is here like fresh flowers and dewy greenery. With this in mind, Anabela Piersol of Fieldguided is bringing our inspiration into season with hues straight from the garden.

“Plant power! There are many good reasons why plants and flowers are having a real moment: not only are they a quick decorating fix, but the air-filtering abilities of many plants make them good buddies to have around. With all the resources available online, there has never been a better time to turn that black thumb to green!”

’90s beauty trends we love all over again

Everyone has a favorite era when it comes to style inspiration, but there’s something about the ’90s lately that just feels so right. From American sportswear, the original supermodels, grunge, the first return of flared jeans, we could go on and on. Those of us who have already spent our teen years smearing on makeup à la Cindy, Naomi and Kate by way of Sassy how-tos are going to be wayyyy better at it the second time around. The looks we loved so much then are back and ready to wear. From Winona-inspired matte lips to French braids, it’s time to go back to our roots with these four nostalgic spring beauty trends.

BRAID BABE: This classic style was shown on the runways for designers like Celine, Suno and Public School and we were instantly hooked. From French and fishtail to the sporty boxer braid, there are a zillion ways to rock this easy do. For extra credit, sleep with your hair in braids and wake up with perfectly tousled, crimped waves.

via Vanessa Jackman

LADY IN RED: There is no doubt that a crimson pout is a beauty classic, but this season’s vampy look has a specific matte finish. From Acne and Giles Deacon to Jason Wu and Oscar de la Renta, they were all putting their money where their mouth is with rich shades of scarlet, tomato and merlot.

via Never Forever

SLICKED HAIR: Channel your inner Bond girl with this slicked back, fresh from the sea do. Models were rocking this “wet hair, don’t care” look all the way down the runways at Kenzo and Missoni.  Creating this look is simple. All you need is a a sh*t ton of gel, a comb and you’re done.

via Nando Esparza

BLUE CRUSH: Blue eye shadow is a rite of passage. Thankfully this year it’s not the frosty blue you bought with your allowance at the drugstore. This season’s look is just as electric but can be understated. Think subtle blue liner or mascara instead of lash to brow turquoise. Design houses like Chanel and Dries Van Noten all put the spotlight on this bold trend with cool hues that ranged from pale periwinkle to cobalt.

via pilarvillasegura

Paying homage to the perfumes we loved in the 90s (we love you CK One) we’ve rounded up fragrances with notes that channel the raw, gritty vibe of the decade – think ozonic notes, leather, bourbon, and patchouli.

9 jackets that will make you wish for rain

Springtime brings with it a lot of things we love: fresh blooms, longer days and a whole new crop of cute clothes. One aspect of that kinda sucks? Rain, rain and more rain. Precipitation may have its perks but lugging around an umbrella is super annoying. The old adage that April showers bring May flowers may not make it any more bearable, but fortunately we have rounded up a bunch of our favorite rain jackets that will make you want to channel your inner Gene Kelly and go singing in the rain. Too much? Well, with rad rain jackets from designers like Samantha Pleet, Rains and Norse Projects, we can at least promise that you will brave the weather with some serious style.

Buyers’ Guide to Spring: Designers to Watch

We’re big believers in adding a new name to love (or six) to your repertoire each season right alongside those new silhouettes. So we tapped our boutiques to find out the under the radar names that they’re most excited about for Spring 2016.

Catherine Quin


“We are excited for spring deliveries because we picked up some great new lines. Catherine Quin is the youngest brand of the bunch, and the one that I am most anticipating seeing again because of her clean, spare designs in luxurious fabrics, with everything made in LA at the same factory Rodarte uses.” – Karyna Schultz, Manager/Buyer at Neighbour/Woman

With a purist fixation on black and an affinity for sculptural silhouettes, Catherine Quin is a luxury capsule collection designed in Los Angeles for the unapologetic woman who dresses for herself and no one else. Shop the line here and learn more at


Crista Seya


“The duo are French and Japanese, with almost everything produced in either country and Italy. They make editions that stay in production all the time, so there’s a great faith in the strength of their archive. It’s always relevant. That has a lot to do with the incredible quality of each and every piece. It’s pricey, but the minute you feel these clothes you really do understand why. Button down shirts, caftans, sweaters, and pants. The patterns are cut so well that I have yet to see any of their pieces not look right on anyone. You know when you get a shirt, and it feels/looks right every day with pretty much everything? That’s this line.” – Diana Kim, Stand Up Comedy

Shop the line here and learn more at


Etienne Deroeux


“Also on my radar is the new collection from young French designer Etienne Deroeux, who this season took inspiration from Brancusi and mixed it with his foundational fusings of French couture and American sportswear. Everything is made in France, and though he is so young, his cuts fit women unbelievably well.”– Karyna Schultz, Manager/Buyer at Neighbour/Woman

Inspired by sportswear and sharp architectural lines, look to this designer for streamlined pieces crafted out of beautiful fabrics. Shop the line here and learn more at


Mr. Larkin


“I am losing my mind for Mr. Larkin. I’ve followed their web shop for years and drooled over their Mr. Larkin private label which, in the past, was only available through them. Not anymore! As of Spring 2016 you will now be able to find Mr. Larkin’s brand of modern, Scandinvian-inspired and beautifully constructed pieces at West End Select Shop!” – Andi Bakos, West End Select Shop

Originally launched as a women’s wear line in 2008, Mr. Larkin is an international brand and store curated by Casey Larkin Blond. Based in both Houston, Texas and Copenhagen, the line is artful and modern. Shop the line here and learn more at




“We just received our first delivery of Pharaoh, the line started by Guild Boutique in Venice Beach.  They make the most perfect non-basic basics, and their Thai pant is one of my most coveted spring buys.  Slightly cropped, with a crossover front and drop crotch… I have been dreaming about these pants and the tees that go with them ever since I first saw Pharaoh at market last fall.” – Cecilia Marquez, Saint Cloud

Shop the line here and to learn more visit




“Ribeyron is out of France. He’s also someone that works a little off the grid, making singular object, jewelry, and shoe collections in limited editions, on his own timetable. This season he’s working in space-age materials, molding them into organic shapes. His polyurethane bracelets and earrings have a humanistic form, reflective of the body, a literal enhancement. His fine pieces are in 18k gold with rhodium plating for an intense shine. He’s taken the idea of multiple hoops and put everything in one piece, so you get a lot of impact with a still very simple piece to wear.” – Diana Kim, Stand Up Comedy

Shop the line here and to learn more visit (Photo by Etienne Saint Denis)

Shop all the new designers our boutiques are excited about, including Sunja Link’s latest and Le Bas from Argentina care of Easy Tiger Goods, and Johans faves Sherie Muijs and Han Starnes, in our designers to watch round up here.


Buyers’ Guide to Spring: Best Sellers

Being a buyer in the fashion industry is kind of like having access to a crystal ball. You know exactly what your customers will get to shop in a few months and you know which items are going to fly off the racks as soon as they land. The second part of that can and should be credited to their advanced skill at reading said ball. No number of seasonal previews we get on Instagram and live streaming runways can beat the way boutique buyers curate the perfect mix, the coolest pieces. We’re lucky enough to work with a lot of them here at Garmentory, so we had to ask: what will be your best sellers this spring? Of course they knew the answer.

Samantha Pleet bathing suits. This season she has done a bunch of separates to mix and match to best compliment different body types. Her prints are always so much fun. Maison Louis Marie oils are always a best seller for us – we can’t keep #4 in stock.” – Hannah Factor and Zai Rajkotwala, Easy Tiger Goods

“Our best-selling items will probably continue to be the basics from all our designers, girls love premium sweatpants and tees! It’s great having a few options available from Baserange, Norse Projects or Wood Wood. Our favourite items from Wood Wood for SS16 are the Bess Blouse, the Willow Cornstalk sweater, the Desi tote bag, and the classic Manet sweater. We just can’t get enough of Wood Wood this season. Plus, the brilliant (and super practical) rain jackets from Rains will continue to sell out.” – Sophie Rees and Lucie Towndrow, Finch

“Typically our dresses sell the best in spring (somewhat a no-brainer). We went very hard on easy day dresses from brands like Carleen, CF. Goldman, Nomia, Silvae, and more.” – Ivan Gilkes, In Support Of

Issey Miyake Origami Bomber Jacket. The basic shape is getting a lot of play right now, but the treatment is so special while remaining easy to wear. It’s also unisex, and looks so great on guys as well. Simon Miller Denim. There’s a deep knowledge of denim and its history with this line. They concentrate on fit and silhouette rather than a bunch of trendy washes. The Bora is slightly belled, cropped style in a soft black.” – Diana Kim, Stand Up Comedy

Kowtow dresses because they’re so easy to wear and flatter many body types, Mr. Larkin culottes because they’ll be cute with sandals or sneakers, and everything by Black Crane because spring is when they really shine.” – Andi Bakos, West End Select Shop

Trend We Still Love: Culottes

“They’re the most comfortable pants I own,” Amee Kim muses. “I think style has evolved away from the super tight and form-fitting. We have more options than just skinny jeans, and trousers and culottes are definitely trending.” The Los Angeles-based Instagram star is just one culotte advocate you’ll see scrolling through your feed this season. Originally made to help Victorian-era women ride horses without having to risk their lives side saddling alongside the guys, the pant style comes from a pretty traditional and stuffy sartorial heritage. But when they made their first fashionable return in the ’70s, the idea of showing off your boots and shoes with a crop was immediately appealing to everyone. “They’re so dang easy to wear!” Andi Bakos, owner of West End Select Shop, chimes in. “They can take on many shapes and forms, they can be masculine or feminine, casual or dressy. And depending on the fabric, they can be styled and worn year round.”