Six Up-And-Coming Photographers Creating Change With Their Lens

Every time we open our Instagram we discover a new photographer working the lens like we’ve never seen before. With a distinct aesthetic of their own, each of these photographers is as empowering as the next but there is one thing they all have in common: they are young and they are women. Oh, and they are crazy talented, obviously. There is no doubt that for the past few years there has been an powerful force of young female photographers making waves in the industry. The list of talents we could name is endless. Seriously, we would be gushing for days. But there are six female photographers we are currently crushing on that each have their own unique perspective not just on that buzzy term “female gaze” but on the female experience.  From exposing modern femininity to giving a voice to marginalized identities, these photographers are creating a change through the power of imagery.




Female nudity is something Los Angeles-based photographer Amanda Charchian never shies away from, in fact, she regularly encourages it. Her most indepth project, Pheromone Hotbox – a book of photographs spanning from her creative adventures from 2012 to 2015 – celebrates the female form, femininity and sensuality. Featuring 28 female contemporary artists that are both her friends and her muses, the book gives a voice to each one of them. In an industry where female nudity is often exploited, Amanda’s art does just the opposite. It sheds light on the reality of modern femininity and how unique each woman’s perception and connection is to it. Amanda’s brilliant combination of fine arts and photography will have you hypnotized.

To learn more about Amanda, visit and follow @amanda_charchian.




We wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard about Samra Habib and her ongoing photo documentary project Just me and Allah. It has received praise from a ton of big names such as Vanity Fair, The Guardian and BBC. This Toronto-based creative (writer, editor, videographer and photographer) has been bringing to light the struggles and complex experiences of queer Muslims since 2014. Through photography and interviews, Samra has created a community of acceptance and support. Her photographs tell the stories of individuals from all around the world who would often be underserved by mainstream media. Her ability to capture one’s emotion, knowledge and beauty in one snap is inspiring, to say the least. Samra’s images are both empowering and informative, and pretty damn stylish too.

To learn more about Samra, visit and follow @samra.habib.




You’ve probably already regrammed or retweeted one of Daniela Vesco’s photographs unknowingly. Well, it’s time to change that. Born in Costa Rica, Daniela has always had a love for the arts. Pursuing photography accelerated when she moved to New York and worked for notable studios such as Richard Corman’s. But it is her current job as the digital design manager at Parkwood Entertainment (yes, that is Beyonce’s company) that led her to her most recent claim to fame. Daniela is the talent behind Beyonce’s fan favorite pregnancy photos (plus many other photos of B – she was by her side the whole time capturing her Formation tour). Aside from the fact these photos are of the Queen B herself, they are strikingly powerful. Daniela’s ability to capture movement and strength (underwater!) is surreal. She is also an expert at motion photography which is a whole other ballgame to praise. Now that the cat is out of the bag we can guarantee this is one photographer to watch.

To learn more about Daniela, visit and follow @danielavesco.



Kristiina Wilson (the talent behind our Working Girl-inspired spring editorial) likes to celebrate life through her photography. But, she also loves to poke fun at it and all the everyday weirdness that people create themselves. The result? A perfectly peculiar aesthetic that as she says “could most easily be described as absurd.” Kristiina was given her first camera (a Brownie Hawkeye) when she was five years old. Ever since then she has been fascinated with taking people’s pictures. After a life of high school photography class, darkroom days, and a college BFA and MFA in photography, she now lives and works in New York City. Pushing boundaries and capturing the so-called unusual is the norm for Kristiina’s photography. Recently, she and photographer Logan Jackson, created an online space, You Do You, for people across the identity spectrum. It’s an non-profit, collaborative platform for people of all genders, sizes, ages, colors, and abilities. Her foundation shows the world that fashion should be inclusive and that it in fact it fits on every body. Let’s just say, you best keep an eye out for Kristiina because she is a serious force behind driving positive change in the industry.

To learn more about Kristiina, visit and follow @kristiinawilson.




“Be good, try hard, have fun.” This is the motto of photographer Amanda Jasnowski Pascual. Born in Spain, raised in Ohio, Amanda moved herself to Brooklyn, New York in 2012 to pursue her love for photography. In a city filled with creatives, Amanda has made her mark. The moment we laid eyes on her work we fell under her technicolor dreamcoat spell. To say Amanda is an expert at playing with color is an understatement. Her vibrant photography is playful and intoxicating. With an array of textures, focus on natural light, and exploration of movement, Amanda captures true beauty in every image. Her aesthetically pleasing photographs encapsulate her strong belief in the therapeutic power of art and her aspiration for people to see the beauty in life is, in our books, completely accomplished. Plus, she has worked with some of our favorite designers, like Caron Callahan, Samantha Pleet and Pansy Co., to name a few.

To learn more about Amanda, visit and follow @amandajasnowski.




New York photographer Chloe Horseman is a genius at playing with movement, body and color. Just like most photographers do, she got into the game by being inspired by another: her father. Back in their small hometown in Georgia, he would take photos of people and sell them for $50 bucks a roll. “It always intrigued me that people would pay for another’s eye. I think my eye for things is still very much inspired by my father.” At only 19 years old, Chloe is strutting her stuff with a creative edge like we’ve never seen before. Her eye is strong and her heart is determined. “When I see something I like, I can’t let go of it. My mind takes it to set. It feels as if I have a superpower – this ability to shoot things in a way others cannot see.” We couldn’t agree more. Chloe’s photography has that superhero quality, that’s both comforting and daring. But don’t just take our word for it. Chloe has worked with some of our favorite boutiques and designers like The Drive New York and Rachel Comey, plus one of our style muses, Reese Blutstein.

To learn more about Chloe, visit and follow @chloehorseman

Stylist for above photos: Phoenix Johnson

Fieldguided’s Anabela Piersol On Seventies Style

The style, the makeup and all the groovy vibes — Fieldguided‘s Anabela Piersol taps into one of our favorite eras.
“Ahh, the ’70s: the flower children have gone, taking their acoustic guitars with them, and making way for Studio 54, disco, punk rock, and a whole lot of polyester. Can you imagine the way the cigarette smoke and cologne smelled embedded in those fibres? But at least everyone looked far out!”

Chasing The Morning Light With Kaleidos

It is often said that a picture can say a thousand words. And while it’s certainly a cliché, it’s also completely true. Suffice it to say, we felt pretty strongly when we first laid on our eyes on this gorgeous series. Styled by Amanda Vega, the founder of Virginia-based online shop and vintage purveyors Kaleidos, and shot on a special camera by her friend, Sallie Keena, the photographs spark something both familiar and new, highlighted by beautiful streams of daylight.

Shopping vintage is similar — there’s a narrative in each piece of clothing or shoe, discovered by looking a little closer.

Let Amanda take you through these.


“There is something so beautiful about the morning light – the light that comes from a 4.5 billion year old sun.”



“It revisits us every day and when it shines its light on us each morning, it feels anew.”



“Vintage is special for me in a very similar way — it’s revisiting something that is old and finding new life in it.”  

Fall Editorial: Magic Hour



Kamperett Camille Bow Neck Dress; LOQ Almansa in Verde.


été noir Tan Knit Jumpsuit; LOQ Lucia in Black Patent. 




Open Air Museum Eva Dress; été noir Heathered Gray and Black Trousers; LOQ Villa in Petrol. 


Open Air Museum Joni Pant in Natural; été noir Knit Coat; été noir Ribbed Sweater; LOQ Lorente in Black. 



Open Air Museum Joni Pant in Natural; été noir Knit Coat; été noir Ribbed Sweater; LOQ Lazaro in Black. 


Photography: Nima Chaichi

Styling and Art Direction: Sanam Miremadi 

Model: Madeline Robertson 

Location: Volunteer Park, Seattle 

Fall Editorial: Take It Easy

2A_vertical_640x960_REV1 2B_vertical_640x960


Kamperett Ride Silk Jumpsuit in Rust.



Elise Ballegeer Croquet Dress in White; The General Public Pigeon Jacket; Open Air Museum Joni Pant in Black.

4A_vertical_640x960 4B_vertical_640x960

Elise Ballegeer Kimono Coat; Open Air Museum Eva Dress; Open Air Museum Joni Pant in Natural; Converse Chuck Taylor high tops, stylist’s own (similar here). 



The General Public Pigeon Jacket in Carmel; The General Public Wader Pants in Carmel; Elise Ballegeer Open-Collar Shirt; Converse Chuck Taylor high tops, stylist’s own (similar here). 



Elise Ballegeer Ribbed Mock Top and Ribbed Skirt



Kamperett Rosalind Silk Charmeuse Slip Dress in Champagne.


Photography: Nima Chaichi

Styling and Art Direction: Sanam Miremadi

Model: Hanna Gebrehiwet

Huge thanks to Homestead Seattle for the location.

The Women Behind Objects Without Meaning’s Fall 2016 Campaign

Taking turns behind the camera and in front of it, Los Angeles creatives Kourtney Jackson and Kaitlynn Lucas are the women behind Objects Without Meaning’s recent campaigns and our latest obsession. With the perfect sunlight casting shadows and the fluid movement of the clothes, this duo has mastered the art of a photograph that puts the clothes in a beautiful light while at the same time making you feel like you could totally be friends with the person wearing them. Obviously we had to find out more.


KAITLYNN: I first started working with Objects after being approached by Erlin and Alex to model for their website. I’ve been collaborating with the brand ever since!

KOURTNEY: Well, as the Art Director in recent years for a couple different LA retailers, I’ve also been involved with seasonal buying. So I actually first worked with Objects Without Meaning from a buying perspective, which is very different from our recent collaborations!


KL: I actually met Kourtney through my boyfriend, David! They had worked together in previous years.

KJ: Kaitlynn and I met in person the day we had our first shoot together for Objects. But I already knew I liked her because she is dating my past intern turned-assistant turned-good friend.

Kaitlynn Lucas in Fall 2016


KL: It’s such an inspiring community. I’ve only been exposed to a small part of it, but the people I’ve met and come in contact with over the past few months are doing some really incredible things. I feel like the appreciation for creativity and artistry is only increasing. It’s a really great time to be a creative person.

KJ: I’ve found the creative community in Los Angeles to be pretty fluid. There’s a lot of collaboration, exchange of ideas, and familiar faces once you’re engaged with it. I feel like we (LA creatives) have high standards for our own work, but we want to see each other succeed. There’s definitely forward momentum when we support each other’s creative endeavors.


KL: Behind — I’m so shy!

KJ: So hard to choose! For me, being in front is much more fun. But being behind the camera can be more rewarding because (let’s be honest) I love directing the creative vision.


KL: I really can’t force it. That’s been my biggest challenge with art school and creating in general. I’m constantly writing things in my notebook that resonate with me – whether it be a passage from a book I’m reading, a line from a song, a scene in a film. I also love reading art history essays and criticism. Rosalind Krauss is my favorite.

KJ: I often find inspiration from studying artists I respect that practice the same discipline. For photography projects, I look to people like Wolfgang Tillmans, Viviene Sassen, Irving Penn, etc. Watching experimental old cinema really inspires me as well!


KL: I love to make music. I play guitar and sing. I grew up in choir and did musicals through community theater. Lately I haven’t been as involved in music as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to pick it back up again when I’m finished with school.

KJ: I actually have a minor in Biblical Studies.

Kourtney Jackson in Spring 2016


KL: The knife pleat dress because it’s so simple and elegant and flattering on pretty much everyone. I also really love the mock neck shirts. The silhouette is so classy.

KJ: Easy. The cashmere sweater and pant set are so sophisticated and comfortable. It feels like the set is ushering in a renaissance for luxurious loungewear.

For more with these rad women, visit and

Summer Editorial: Into The Wild

Summer Accessories Editorial

Martiniano Cristal sandal from One of a Few; The Palatines Caelum Slide sandal from Charlie & Lee; Jujumade Paddle bag from Umeboshi. Botanicals: White Yarrow (top); Purple Astrantia, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, White Cape Lily, Peach Eremerus (bottom). Above: Maryam Nassir Zadeh Martina Slide sandal from Umeboshi; A Bronze Age Furry Babouche from Hey Jude (similar here); Rachel Comey Sola shoe from Umeboshi; Quarry necklace from Hey Jude (similar here).
Summer Accessories Editorial

Erin Considine Lunate Fringe necklace from Umeboshi. 
Summer Accessories Editorial

A Bronze Age slipper from Hey Jude (similar here); Folk Fortune Original Hand Woven Pom Pom slipperThe Palatines Caelum Slide sandal from Charlie & Lee. 

Summer Accessories Editorial

Rachelle Ralla Half Circle choker from Hey Jude; Karenn.La earrings from Hey Jude (similar here). Botanicals: Mickey Mouse Cactus.

Summer Accessories Editorial

Reinhard Plank TBR hat from Umeboshi. Botanicals: Celery Flower.

Summer Accessories Editorial

Proud Mary Raffia slide; Tiro Tiro Corona braceletCold Picnic Pyramid bead plant hanger (similar here), all from Charlie & Lee. Botanicals: Ice Queen Protea.

Summer Accessories Editorial

Jujumade Puzzle necklace from Umeboshi. Botanicals: Peach Eremerus.
Summer Accessories Editorial

Quarry Slop necklace from Umeboshi; Muraco Wolfe Lemon earring from Umeboshi.
Summer Accessories Editorial

Slade Goods studs from Hey Jude (similar here); Humble Ceramics Alder tumbler from Charlie & Lee. Botanicals: Eucalyptus.

Summer Accessories Editorial

VereVerto Dita bag from Charlie & Lee. Botanicals: Cappuccino Roses.

Photography: Arcade Original

Art Direction: Adele Tetangco

Floral Styling: Lauren Sabo of Botany & Co.

Floral Assistant: Ji Lee

Styling: Aidan Weinrib

Summer Editorial: Human Nature

Summer Editorial

Jesse Kamm pants; Lauren Manoogian tank; Laura Schoorl shoes. All from One of a Few. Botanicals: Foraged White Clematis.
Summer EditorialSummer Editorial

Ursa Minor dress from Much & Little (similar here); Vestige bottle tee from Much & Little (similar here); Rachel Comey shoes from Umeboshi. Botanicals: Sunset Dahlias, Peach Eremerus.

Summer Editorial

Nu Swimwear one piece from One of a Few (similar here); Acne Studios skirt from Neighbour/Woman. Botanicals: Champagne Majolica Roses.Summer Editorial

Summer Editorial
Zii Ropa shift dress from Charlie & Lee; Vintage culottes from Hey Jude (similar here); Tiro Tiro bracelet from Charlie & Lee; Martiniano shoes from One of a Few. Botanicals: Foraged White Clematis.
Sumer Editorial

Lemaire top and Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto pants from Neighbour/Woman; Muraco Wolfe earrings and Quarry necklace from Umeboshi. Botanicals: Peach Eremerus, Ice Queen Protea, Majolica Roses, Sunset Dahlias, Juliet Garden Roses, Cappucino Roses, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

Summer EditorialSummer Editorial

Vintage ribbed tee dress from Hey Jude (similar here); Jesse Kamm trench from One of a Few; Rachelle Ralla choker from Hey Jude; The Palatines shoes from Charlie & Lee; Rachelle Ralla tote from Hey Jude. Botanicals: Peach Juliet Garden Roses, Wild Apricot Garden Roses, Peach Eremerus, Flowering Celery.Summer Editorial
Summer Editorial

Reinhard Plank hat, Jujumade necklace from Umeboshi, Martiniano mules from Umeboshi; Ursa Minor Degas dress from Much & Little; VereVerto bag from Charlie & Lee. Botanicals: Split Philodendron, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (above and top); Peach Juliet Garden Roses, Pink Spray Roses, Eucalyptus, Red Willow Berry, Foraged White Yarrow. 

Photography: Arcade Original

Art Direction: Adele Tetangco

Floral Styling: Lauren Sabo of Botany & Co.

Floral Assistant: Ji Lee

Styling: Aidan Weinrib

Hair and Makeup: Sabrina Karem

Model: Karen Bal for Liz Bell

More women we love in Los Angeles

Alternate title: Who to follow in Instagram ASAP.


photographer Jeannette Lee - GarmentoryFun fact: this Instagram star on the rise is actually a full-time third grade teacher. You’ll also find her at General Store in Venice on Sundays. Saturdays, we expect, are saved for her sanity. But we’re pretty happy that photography is something she does for fun. “People think I’m crazy for working so much, but it allows me to feed the creative part of me,” she explains. “That’s what’s so special about LA. There’s so much creative energy around me, and I feel lucky to know and be close to makers and creatives doing amazing work out here. It motivates me to create for myself when I can.” Jeannette was born in Los Angeles but raised in Chicago. She moved back two years ago on a whim and hasn’t looked back. While she usually shoots casually, she’s also worked with some of our favorite people like Ilana Kohn, Valerie Quant of LOQ and Haley Boyd of Marais USA. Keep an eye on this feed, she’s just getting started. Follow her @jeannettehlee.



An interdisciplinary artist and photographer who has worked with some of our favorite LA brands (her work for Objects Without Meaning can be seen currently in our LA Ladies Sale), Kaitlyn has a knack for making everything from fashion to market fruit to corners of carpeted stairs inspiring. She’s still finishing up her degree in studio art at UCLA but has already done art direction and content creation for some of the most exciting emerging labels on the west coast. Her feed captures a mood and light is pretty much a direct representation of the creative movement in Los Angeles we’re so excited about. Follow her @bouquetofparentheses.

Photo by David Lopez.



With minimalist vibes, high contrast and a sharp bob, this art director and designer took to Instagram to explore a photography. Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, Annie settled in Los Angeles to begin her career. “I breath minimalism, clean design, black/white with a hint of Klein blue,” she says. “I like things precise, from the slant of a shadow to the angle of my haircut.” Her feed captures a cross-section of the creative world with architecture, interior design, nature featuring prominently alongside the sleek angles of a Maryam Nassir Zadeh slide or a Building Block bag. We’re big fans of the playful side of her work, never taking herself, or the art of minimalism, too seriously. Follow her @annienguyen.



Her style is just as supportive of indie boutiques and emerging designers as we are, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find this multi-hyphenate wearing a ton of mutual friends. We love to see how she styles Ace & Jig, First Rite, Calder Blake, REIFhaus, Olderbrother, 7115 by Szeki, and more in the California sunshine. Melissa received her MFA in Fiction from California State and is now a short story and freelance writer, English professor, fashion/lifestyle blogger and first-time mother to her adorable son Harrison. Oh and she also makes jewelry and sells her handcrafted necklaces online and boutiques across the country. As if we needed any more reason to love her: “My inspirations are Joan Didion and Solange.” Follow her @melissasonico.

Have we got you California dreaming yet? Be sure to check out our city guide to Los Angeles for the latest and greatest in the city.

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