Beauty Trend We (Still) Love: Pastel Hair

Whether it’s bold lilac locks or going gray, this hair color trend has us hooked. Kelly Osborne has been rocking shades of purple for years, Sienna Miller tried it out in 2013 and Helen Mirren confirmed just how rad she is when she stepped out onto the red carpet with a pink pixie cut. Everyone from Nicole Richie to Cara Delevingne has gone technicolor at the salon, but what works for celebrities and fashion runways isn’t always easy to translate into the real world. So we called up a few experts to get the lowdown on pastel hair IRL.

IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. “My natural hair color is a dark brown and I’ve never had this drastic of a change, but I love it,” says Lily Piyasthaisere of Gamma Folk who has been trying out a few colors over the years. We fell in love with her grayish purple when we visited her studio in Greenpoint this year. “I feel like it’s pretty bold so I will wear more solid color clothes. I do have to say wearing black is much more fun now than when I had dark hair.”

IT’S KIND OF LIKE AN ACCESSORY. “I started with lilac, went pink soon after, and I’ve pretty much tried every color available since!” Alyssa Garrison tells us. Her candy colored hair has become synonymous with her style blog Random Acts of Pastel. “My biggest issue will be choosing what colour have it for my wedding!”