Online eco boutique Ethica on ethical fashion and sustainable style

It’s Earth Day tomorrow, so it’s always a good reminder to check in on how our consumption habits are affecting the planet. Ethica curates their online store with that in mind all year round.

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Focused on ethical and sustainable fashion, they want to create an online community where consumers can learn about sustainability and be connected to brands that are committed to social and environmental responsibility. Founded by sisters Melissa and Carolina Cantor, we love Ethica for the selection of rad brands making clothes we swear you will love and wear forever. We caught up with Carolina to find out how Ethica set out to change the way people shop and got the scoop on her best earth-friendly living tips.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO START AN ETHICAL FASHION STORE? We wanted to approach ethical fashion in a way that was exciting, thoughtful and transparent. People were skeptical about the idea of a multi-brand boutique that focused exclusively on ethical and sustainable fashion, but we knew that a strong selection of brands would speak for itself. More than that, we wanted to communicate why these products are special and why these designers are changemakers–that’s why storytelling is present throughout the shopping process. It wasn’t that long ago that people had to visit individual brands’ sites to learn about them, and we wanted to create a space where people could discover emerging designers who are transforming the industry, connect to their stories and follow their journeys. There’s a research component that’s inherent within ethical fashion, so the commerce and content belong together in a very cohesive way.

Meet the Boutique: Citizen Grace

From local designers to international labels, the women behind Citizen Grace hunt down unique wares for a fresh collection every single season.

Two words come to mind when we think of the Vancouver-based online store: girl power. In 2013, Christina Heemskerek and Shannon Heth took their friendship to the next level and opened an online boutique featuring fun and feminine wares. Their MO? Using fashion as a form of empowerment and celebrating personal style. “We feel very passionate about the connection between fashion, personal expression and self-love. Putting yourself together everyday with love and respect is such a powerful tool to reflect your light, energy and beauty out into the world around you.” We caught up with the dynamic duo to find out more and get the scoop on all their favorite things.

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Meet the Boutique: Beklina

Founded in 2006, Beklina is the original online eco boutique and our constant source of sustainable inspiration.

The store is stocked with colorful pieces, whimsical prints and Made in the USA labels. Every time we hit refresh, there is something new to discover. We caught up with owner Lina Rennell at her home in Northern California to learn more. Not only is she skilled at balancing bottles on her head, but she listens to Beastie Boys. As if we could love her more.

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