The 10 best fashion moments of 2014

This has been a banner year for fashion from the red carpet, to the runway, to the street. Through some ups and downs, trends emerged with some pretty fierce movements behind them that suggest we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in 2015. So, for auld lang syne and in the spirit of year-end lists we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite moments from 2014. Now, we’re off to pop some bottles. Cheers to the New Year everyone!

1. ATHLEISURE Suddenly it was okay to go to lunch in your workout gear. Dare we say, stylish even. From health goths to the return of Stan Smiths, this trend has a pretty vast spectrum that even the skeptics can get into.

2. FKA TWIGS Tahliah ‘Twigs’ Barnett won us over with her R&B debut album this year, and her choice in boyfriends (team Edward forever), but her eclectic style has us wanting more.

3. CARA DELEVINGNE Just when we thought the era of the It-girl was on it’s way out, this bushy browed wild child warms our hearts with the bacon tattoo and hilarious selfies.

4. NORMCORE What began as a street style movement marked by stone wash jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts, the idea of stylized blandness made a serious impression this year. A return to easy basics that don’t try too hard? We can’t be mad at that.

5. KIMYE Okay, no matter what your opinion on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, they kind of dominated the media this year and you have to admit it’s pretty rad when these guys hit the red carpet together. Remember when they had matching cleavage at Paris Fashion Week? Priceless.

6. FREE THE NIPPLE From Kylie Jenner on the runway to topless selfies, there was a ton of support for the women’s equality movement “Free the Nipple” this year. Whether you’re willing to bare all or just go braless, the spotlight on ta tas shows no sign of dimming.

7. PHARRELL’S HAT Pharrell Williams rocked a rather large Vivienne Westwood hat earlier this year at the Grammy’s and we kind of lost it. Just too good for words. Now it has its own Twitter feed.

8. WEDDING ONE-UPS There were some stunnnnning brides and grooms this year from George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to Brangelina, but Solange Knowles pretty much won the whole year with her wedding of hipster dreams to Alan Ferguson.

9. DESIGNER DEPARTURES We said some sad goodbyes this year with the passing of the legendary Oscar de la Renta and untimely death of L’Wren Scott. They led more than just the red carpet, each of them had a perspective on elegance that we’ll be hard pressed to find again.

10. MOM JEANS And finally, it looks as though we’re nearing the end of the era of the skinny jean. Denim sales reportedly went down overall, but a soft stone wash and relaxed fit is looking better than ever.

What were your most memorable moments in 2014?

Style blogger Natasha Janelle on menswear and normcore

This week we’re feeling the simplicity and tailoring of menswear and all we had to do was look over at the desk next to us for inspiration. Natasha Janelle, Garmentory’s Product and Social Media Assistant, has the look down to a tee. So in this installment of WE LOVE, we’re doing a little navel gazing and giving a shout out to one of our own. She’s been blogging since she was a teenager and she studied musical theatre. Everyone, meet Natasha.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT MENSWEAR-INSPIRED STYLE? I appreciate classic, simple pieces that aren’t going to go out of style within a few months. I’ve been getting back into more vintage pieces as well. I like an oversized men’s tee or boyfriend denim… mom jeans… daringly long coats. There are definitely different styles that men acquire and I value pieces that I can wear over and over again and not grow tired of (so quickly).

WE LOVE HOW YOU CAN ROCK A SIMPLE TEE WITH JEANS AND SNEAKERS. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE NORMCORE THING? Hah! I’ve actually only heard that word thrown around a few times. I Would agree to say that my style leans towards normcore. I try to stay away from trendy, extravagant pieces. Ever since I began appreciating fashion and style at a young age, I made sure to be cautious of dressing like all the “other girls”. That bugged me.

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO LOOK? Anything paired with a black pair of bottoms. My collection of black pants is outta control. As for shoes, because of my bad feet, I tend to resort to sneakers. Comfortable style is the best style. Add a half top knot bun on my head and I’m good to go.

WHAT THREE THINGS ARE ON YOUR WISHLIST FROM GARMENTORY RIGHT NOW? Ooh! Easy. The 69 Jumper and the Persephoni Cone Watch from One of a Few, and the Ilana Kohn Darryl Blue Net Dress from Room 2046.

Normcore and jewelry designer with stylist Deanna Palkowski

Here’s a riddle. What’s a stylist that’s a Fashion Editor and designs a jewelry line? The answer? Deanna Palkowski. And let us tell ya, she is one talented lady. We fall in love with all her editorials and her style is just so effortless and easy. We grilled her on what she does and what she likes… so that we can do and like the same as she does too. Hashtag GIRLCRUSH.


I’m the Fashion Editor for ION MAGAZINE and a Fashion Stylist represented by Lizbell Agency.


I tend to draw my inspiration from various tumblrs, books, articles, past or present. I’m
consistently collecting inspiration on a daily basis. I do this because I never know when I will need to implement it.


This question! I can tell you one of them and it would have to be a creative I styled with Kin Chan and model Megan Jones from Lizbell Agency. It was a spur of the moment photo shoot. It was just a bunch of silly artistic kids hanging out and shooting beautiful photos. We never even thought to approach a magazine to publish them because the photos were just for us.


I have a real fixation with any type of coat.


MINTING DIE is my brand. Our first in-house designs are the MINTING DIE RINGS. Ideally, these rings were made to wear on every single inch of your fingers. We will be releasing our 01|Collection in the fall where you’ll be able to see the collaborations we did with various designers.


It’s going to be all about the normcore.