Love, chocolate and extra cheese for Valentine’s Day

Anabela Piersol of Fieldguided has us seeing things through rosy glasses with these sweet, romantic hues.

“It’s nearly time for one of my favourite highlights of the otherwise bleak month of February: Valentine’s Day. I live for love and I live to embrace the cheese, so heart-shaped everything, please.”

Coney Island

Long before Lena Dunham’s character Hannah woke up, a little surprised to find herself on the Coney Island beach in Girls, Coney Island has been famous (and infamous) for being a go-to destination for unadulterated decadence, culture and mischief. With Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland on at the Brooklyn Museum, which pays homage with a century and a half worth of art and photography, this New York landmark is full of inspiration. So this week’s moodboard takes note from Coney Island’s bold glamour and vibrant, amusement park-inspired hues.

Osei-Duro shares their inspiration mood board for Fall

We asked a few of our favorite designer friends to share their mood boards for Fall. This week, Molly Keogh and Maryanne Mathias of Osei-Duro share their inspiration for the season.

“For Fall we thought about linear and geometric prints, and how they distort on the human form, especially as slouchy clothes. We brought in stripes and plaids, but they are uneven and distorted, imperfect. That idea of a mathematical form that is handmade, so a bit soft around the edges. The colors are moody and raw, a little emotional and even bruised. It’s about juxtaposition, an inside out thing. Heart is on the outside. Is the body wearing the dress or is the dress wearing the body?”