Boutique scouting and road tripping with our co-founder Adele Tetangco

Recently, our co-founder Adele Tetangco drove all around America’s Midwest and south into Tennessee. She hit up places like Nashville, Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis, scouting out the coolest designers and boutiques that she could find and, of course, having a ton of adventure (and food) along the way. Here, she shares some of her fave moments, people and places from the trip.

Meet The Boutique: Idun of St. Paul

You’d never guess that Idun was Dahlia Brue’s first foray into the world of retail. After all, the Minnesota-based boutique (pronounced Eden and named after the Norse goddess of youth) has quickly become a go-to for fashion-forward-thinking women since it opened up shop in 2014, carrying a curated selection of emerging designers that aim to inspire confidence in the woman that wears the clothes. Dahlia was working as an event planner for a local magazine publishing company before she decided to finally start her own business — always a dream of hers — and worked on the concept for two and a half years before opening Idun’s doors. And, in fact, it is confidence that has carried through from Dahlia to the stock on the boutique’s shelves, as her admiration for under-the-radar designers and the instinct that prompted her to follow her heart has remained imprinted into the shop’s brick and mortar. Here, Dahlia shares with us what made her take the leap, as well as some of her favorite things.

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Madelynn Furlong styles our exclusive LBD

“Art director by day and fashion everything by night” is how Madelynn Furlong describes herself. That is our kind of superhero, so clearly when we were looking for someone to interpret our exclusive Parc x Hackwith Design House x Garmentory dress the Minneapolis-based influencer was top of mind. The limited edition Adele Dress (shop it here), named after our co-founder Adele Tetangco, is one of those easy, wear anywhere and everywhere kind of LBDs.

From outfit #goals to style, life and career #goals. Blogger babe Madelynn Furlong is someone who has accomplished so much in her twenties alone. The self-made success story took on the fashion world and now there’s hardly an arena in the industry that she hasn’t at least dipped her toe into, having worked in everything from design and PR to art direction and styling. Alongside her blog Wide Eyed Legless, which has attracted a huge following, Madelynn spent three years working for Hackwith (another reason we love her!) as a stylist/PR rep and currently keeps a corporate day job as an art director. Check out our interview with her as she shows us how to style a little black dress.


DO YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU FIRST FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION? Not exactly but I do remember when I realized it was something I wanted to pursue. I was doing a semester art study in NYC my senior year of college and I just remember being so inspired by that city, especially the way people presented themselves and dressed. Coming from Minneapolis, it was a very eye opening four months for me.


WHAT’S THE BEST STYLE ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? To be yourself, and care more about those around you vs. the way you look.

WHAT’S YOUR PERSONAL STYLE PHILOSOPHY? Simple staples and combinations with interesting details.

GO-TO OUTFIT? Black jeans, a black tee and suede booties.

WHO ARE YOUR STYLE ICONS? Any of the ’60s French ladies, ie. your Jane Birkin, Francois Hardy, etc. They were all so effortlessly cool and simple, with that French girl rock and roll vibe that I go crazy for!


HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE MSP STYLE? Kind of a tough question! But I would say eclectic – everyone seems to have their own thing going on.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT LIVING THERE? The quality of life. I loved living in NYC but Minneapolis is peaceful, while still having so much to offer! Plus, I can afford a car.

The fashion girl’s guide to Minneapolis

“What I have found great about working in the Twin Cities is the amount of people that are supportive of makers and those trying to make a living through creative work,” Lisa Hackwith says, the founder of Hackwith Design House. “There is an incredible maker and artist community here, and being surrounded by such creative, hard-working energy is inspiring.” The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolis region in Minnesota has become a hot-bed of young talent in the fashion world so as we approach a very special collaboration with our friends at Hackwith Design House and PARC, we went straight to the experts to learn more. “There are a lot of local shops in Minneapolis who all bring something different to the scene,” Thao Nguyen says, owner of PARC boutiques. “While the fashion scene here is still growing,” continues Lisa, “There are some really fantastic boutiques owned by men and women with impeccable taste that are very supportive of local designers.” We talked to three of our favorite fashion girls in Minneapolis to find out the best spots to eat, drink and people watch.


Meet the Designer: Hackwith Design House

Designer Lisa Hackwith has been redefining the notion of minimalism since she started her namesake label in September 2013. Instead of seeing it as a streamlined aesthetic that favors simple silhouettes, a neutral palette and monochrome styling, she views minimalism as a kind of lifestyle where we mindfully select clothing that we will wear over and over again. Eschewing conventional approaches to retail and design, Lisa launched her brand by releasing a limited edition collection of two to four styles every Monday, with only 25 pieces per design. Her goal in this is to keep garment construction close to home, while maintaining a close eye on the quality of every piece. She currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband Dustin who works as the Brand Design Director for Hackwith Design House, and their adorable Rottweiler Samson. We’re huge fans (and, spoiler alert: have a special collab up our sleeve), so we couldn’t wait to sit down and talk shop.

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Meet the Boutique: Parc in Minneapolis

Is it just us, or are the best friendships made via Instagram and a glass of rosé? That’s how it all began in New York City with the amazing Thao Nguyen, founder and owner of Parc, and we instantly fell in love with her pared-down, beautiful aesthetic and expert curation of brands we love like Kowtow, Lacausa, Oak, Miranda Bennett and more. We caught up with her to find out more about what she loves about living in the Twin Cities, how she got her start and all of her favorite things.

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DID YOU ALWAYS WANT TO OWN A BOUTIQUE? While working my corporate 9 to 5, I spent my weekends hitting up the local shops in San Francisco. I honestly wasn’t sure that I wanted to own a boutique, but I was inspired by the local retail scene and wanted to bring that vibe to Minneapolis. Parc now has two brick-and-mortar locations and I can’t imagine myself doing anything but this.