Meet the Women Behind Instagram’s Best Throwback TV Accounts

Every generation has its iconic television shows. You know them: the ones you religiously watch every week, with characters who become your best friends and storylines you totally resonate with. The ones that really represent a time and a place. The nineties certainly had no shortage of great TV and, in particular, seriously awesome female leads. Women unapologetically intelligent, fierce, strong and complex, with fabulous style to boot. Nostalgia for the decade is at an all-time high, showing up in music, fashion, makeup, and all the best memes. Instagram accounts, like @buffythestyleslayer, @whatfranwore and @mirandamondays, dedicated to some of the most kick-ass nineties female protagonists (Buffy Summers, Fran Fine and Miranda Hobbes — from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Nanny, and Sex and the City, respectively) have become go-tos for endless inspiration, in many ways. With smart, witty captions that relate past context and culture to present-day and feeds filled with coveted outfits, they celebrate the characters for who they are and what they represent. We caught up with the forces behind Instagram’s best throwback TV accounts to talk fashion, pop culture, nostalgia and more.



Photos c/o @buffythestyleslayer

WHAT’S YOUR DAY JOB? I’m a student. I graduate in December. And, other than that, I work for Urban Outfitters and I intern at Paste Magazine, I’m their social media intern.

WHY DID YOU START THIS ACCOUNT? WERE YOU A BIG BUFFY FAN GROWING UP? The hugest. I have loved Buffy since I was a child and I watched it so many times, and admired her and tried to emulate her fashion, the way she spoke, and all of that as a kid. I was inspired by the account @everyoutfitonsatc, where they do pretty much the same thing as me: they take outfits from Sex and the City and they critique it. I was looking for a resume builder, basically, to prove that I can run an account, organically grow followers, and write. And it worked, it’s how I got my job with Paste. They thought I was hilarious and it’s paid off.

ONE OF THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THE ACCOUNT IS YOU HAVE BOTH — THE FASHION AND THE SOCIAL COMMENTARY. AND BUFFY IS SO MUCH ABOUT BOTH. Yeah, it’s so funny how relevant Buffy still is. So many people still love it and are just now discovering it. But the fact that I can take a snapshot from a show that aired 20 years ago and apply it to our current culture — and the fashion is really now coming back into style — and  reapply it to our modern lens is really cool. 

IT’S  AWESOME HOW YOU INCLUDE ALL THE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW. JUST TALKING LADIES, HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE BUFFY, WILLOW, CORDELIA, AND FAITH’S STYLES? Buffy really loves a touch of glamour in her style. she wears mini skirts and tall boots and bobble sunglasses with gold lipstick. And she loves texture and animal prints and suede, leather, satin, mesh — all of that. 

Willow is actually pretty funny, because she’s kind of noted as the least fashionable on the show, but she’s, like, a pioneer for normcore with her crazy sweaters. She has every single pair of Adidas Gazelles and Superstars that you can imagine. So, she’s probably the most relevant to fashion right now.

Faith is super edgy, loves leather pants, just comfort is her jam. I mean, she’s wearing denim cutoffs with huge combat boots to exercise in.

And then there’s Cordelia. She’s very fashion-forward, refined, she wears button-ups and makes them look very sexy.

WHAT DOES THEIR STYLE TELL US ABOUT THEIR CHARACTERS? Well, it’s funny because before Faith rolled into town, Buffy had a lot of edge to her wardrobe. And then Faith took over the bad girl role and she was the rule breaker, and Buffy’s style kind of went to a more modest place. She wore a lot of pastels and they [the show’s creators] were really playing up the good girl role in the dichotomy between the two. Faith’s the bad slayer, she dresses edgy and risqué, and Buffy’s the good slayer and she is well put together and follows the rules. It’s interesting to see how they make their style reflect what’s happening on the show.

BUFFY’S STYLE EVOLUTION REALLY MATCHES HER CHARACTER GROWTH. SORT OF BRIGHT AND BUBBLY AT THE BEGINNING AND DARK AND MOODY TOWARDS THE END. Yeah, absolutely. At the beginning, she’s very carefree and open with her style choices and finding herself as a teenager. And then everything throughout the show happens and her style evolves around with it, where at the end she’s totally different. Everything she wears is unrecognizable from the beginning seasons. 

GOING BACK TO NINETIES FASHION, WHY DO YOU THINK THERE’S SUCH NOSTALGIA FOR IT RIGHT NOW? It’s really crazy because the show aired 20 years ago and I’m in my 20s, so I recall that fashion and now it’s coming back and it’s all in Buffy. Everything that she’s wearing and all the other characters are wearing, you see on the street. I mean, style is cyclical. Everything comes back and all of a sudden, nineties are a thing again. It’s just recalling your childhood and that time period, which doesn’t seem so far away but I guess it really is.

IT’S INTERESTING WATCHING THE LATER SEASONS WHEN BUFFY’S IN COLLEGE AND GETTING INTO THE PEASANT TOPS AND THE MORE EARLY 2000S STUFF, WHICH IS COMING BACK IN FASHION NOW, TOO.  I started this whole project back in January and last year it was very nineties, which inspired me to start the Instagram because I was seeing all this fashion coming back in stores and I’d watch Buffy and be like, ‘it’s exactly that.’ And as I’ve gone through the show, I’ve tried to be somewhat chronological with it, and now fashion and trends are moving into the early aughts and the millennium and you can see Buffy turn from very nineties to very 2000s, very Y2K. I mean, where is fashion going to go after that? It feels so radical right now, all the rhinestones and the low cut jeans of the early 2000s. I can’t even comprehend what’s coming next. Are we gonna do 2010 fashion? What was that?

BUFFY IS FULL OF LIFE LESSONS. WHAT IS ONE THAT WE CAN TAKE FROM HER? Buffy really taught me how to respond to difficult moments and react to complex emotion. It taught me how to react to hardships in a different way and think what Buffy would do, because she was faced with that all the time.

ONE STYLE LESSON? Don’t be afraid of texture and prints. Buffy wears animal print and fur and spandex and leather and satin, and that’s what makes her style so interesting. She’s fearless. 



Photos c/o @whatfranwore

WHAT’S YOUR DAYJOB?  I’m a patient care technician at a hospital.

WHY DID YOU START THIS ACCOUNT? WERE YOU A FAN OF THE NANNY GROWING UP? WhatFranWore started on my Tumblr blog. I was posting screenshots of my favorite Fran outfits and people always asked what she was wearing, so I decided to see how many outfits I could identify. I was too young to really appreciate the show as a child, but I rediscovered it as an adult and I’m definitely a fan.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE FRAN’S STYLE? I would describe Fran’s look as 90s chic. The character embodies everything women’s fashion was in the 1990s, she rocked every trend effortlessly. 

WHAT DOES HER STYLE TELL US ABOUT HER CHARACTER? Fran’s style tells us that she’s brave and fearless, her clothes were definitely an extension of her personality and the fashion was a huge part of the show.

HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT IDENTIFYING ALL THE DESIGNERS? I get this question a lot! When I began my research, I had no idea what to search for, but I started with a basic Google Search. Usually, Google will take you to other places such as blogs, online marketplaces, or vintage magazine archives. It’s time-consuming, but it’s fun, and I’ve learned a lot about designers and fashion.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE FRAN OUTFIT? Since starting the Instagram account I have developed an appreciation for all her outfits, even the ones that are a little iffy. I’m not sure I have a favorite anymore.

WHY DO YOU THINK THERE’S SUCH NOSTALGIA FOR NINETIES FASHION RIGHT NOW? I think most of the nineties nostalgia is coming from people like me who were too young to truly appreciate the fashion back then. 

DO YOU THINK FRAN MADE AN IMPACT ON POP CULTURE? I think she has an impact in a small way. One thing I’ve noticed is that while the show is well known, it isn’t universally well known. I would love for the show to be on either Netflix and Hulu so the character can be rediscovered and be truly appreciated for her style.

WHAT’S ONE LIFE LESSON WE CAN LEARN FROM FRAN? Fran was always kind of looked down on by the other characters on the show, however it never stopped her from being exactly who she is. So, I think the life lesson is to be confident because people are always going to have something to say no matter what.  

ONE STYLE LESSON? A simple one but…turtlenecks are a must! 



Photos c/o @miranadamondays

OTHER THAN SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF MIRANDA HOBBES, WHAT IS YOUR DAY JOB? I’ve pledged to remain anonymous but I can tell you that I’ve had careers from shop girl to corporate girl, but my favorite job is posting Miranda Mondays. 

WHY DID YOU START THIS ACCOUNT? WHY MIRANDA, SPECIFICALLY? I wanted an outlet for my views and Miranda was someone I ALWAYS idolized! I identified with how she kept pushing Steve off at the beginning because she couldn’t believe men were interested in her, I was the same way and still get shocked when a man thinks I’m sexy. 

MIRANDA SEEMS TO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PIGEONHOLED AS THE LEAST FAVORABLE CHARACTER OUT OF THE SEX AND THE CITY GANG. BUT NOW, THERE SEEMS TO BE A GROWING REALIZATION THAT SHE WAS ACTUALLY ONE OF — IF NOT THE — BEST. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS? We have finally moved past the 2007 iconic “ditzy is sexy” phase and are bullet training right into “smart and strong.” People see her now in [these] episodes and are like, omg I love to order Chinese food, watch TV and drink wine, that’s not sad, she just owns her own goddamn apartment and has coin!

MIRANDA HAD SOME PRETTY ICONIC FASHION MOMENTS (THINKING ABOUT THAT BUCKET-HAT-OVER-TEAL-HOODIE COMBO) — HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE MIRANDA’S STYLE? “As free as the wind blows on this beach,” honey she served butch, fish, femme and everything in between. Labels didn’t matter, she had this style that was like, “I know what everyone else will wear today so let me be different.” 

WHAT DOES MIRANDA’S STYLE TELL US ABOUT HER CHARACTER? She is strong, outspoken, but will never take life too serious. One of my favorite fashion moments is the grey suit she wears, it’s very Man Repeller and edgy, she could have been an influencer in her day I swear.

ANY STYLE TIPS WE CAN TAKE FROM HER? Print, layers, and literally wearing anything. She was so different with her fashions, I look back and I’m like, wow Pat Field must have had such a field day coming up with some of those looks! 

WHY DO YOU THINK THERE’S SUCH NOSTALGIA FOR THE NINETIES RIGHT NOW? I think it was a time we had a Clinton in office and people are [now] like fuck, we have this asshole as president let’s just post 90 images and pretend that a Clinton is president. 

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MIRANDA MOMENTS ON THE SHOW? This is such a tough one, I will forever have MAJOR FEELINGS when Steve’s mom runs out of the house and Miranda bathes her, I felt like a true Miranda fights being vulnerable so much but can be such a compassionate person. I also love when Miranda flashes the nip. 

DO YOU THINK MIRANDA HAS MADE AN IMPACT ON POP CULTURE? Omg she has made a HUGE impact, I think the real impact started recently with the celebration of independent women and gay men who see themselves in her world.

WHAT IS ONE LIFE LESSON WE CAN LEARN FROM HER? To never stop being yourself! She owned her pointed and opinionated self and everyone else can go fuck off! 

By Yasmine Shemesh

Meet New Wave Blogger Reese Blustein aka Double3xposure

Reese Blustein aka Double3xposure has resurrected style blogging from the dead, and brought it back to life with a whole new purpose. Starting her account might have been just a fun sister venture at first, but it quickly took a turn to the Hollywood Boulevard of Instagram. Now with 83k followers and counting, she has thousands of girls living vicariously through her styling, and so they should be. Reese does things differently and that’s why we love her. She educates her followers on emerging designers and lesser-known labels (Holla), she wears whatever the f**k she wants because that’s what makes her feel good, and she rocks that effortlessly cool, natural beauty making us want to replicate every look she conquers. We were lucky enough to catch up with Reese and chat about her Instagram, style and how to take that perfect fashion photo. Spoiler: it’s easier than you think.

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TELL US ABOUT YOU. My Name is Reese Blutstein. I am 20 years old. I am from Atlanta Georgia and have lived here my whole life. I am a student at Georgia State University and I am also a style blogger.

HOW DID DOUBLE3XPOSURE START? It started in 2015. My twin sister and I were talking about how we wanted to start a fashion blog together. Soon after my sister Molly went away to college so I just decided to start an Instagram account on my own where I posted pictures of my outfit in the mirror in my room everyday. We came up with the name Double3xposure because we are twins and a double exposure is two photographs on top of each other that turn out to be one photograph and we thought it kind of resembled being a twin.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU REALIZED YOUR LOVE FOR FASHION? My mom told me this story of when I was in elementary school and my friends and I each got $30 for something we did and the other girls wanted to buy toys like normal kids and I went to Neiman’s and bought gold Chanel nail polish. My mom said she asked me if I was sure that I wanted to spend all my money on one small bottle of nail polish and I sure did! haha


YOU’RE SUCH A BIG SUPPORTER OF INDIE BOUTIQUES AND EMERGING DESIGNERS (JUST LIKE US!). WHEN DID THAT START FOR YOU AND HOW? I would say it started once small brands created Instagram’s. I would find small brands on Instagram and start following them and from their page it would lead me to more small brands that I liked and then I ended up finding so many small brands that I loved. I also love supporting small brands because it’s so much more personal. It is usually a small team and they know everything about the pieces they are selling. I like knowing where the things I buy come from. And personally I usually like the clothes, shoes, and bags better that are designed by smaller brands because not as many people will have them and they’re not trying to design on a huge scale like say Topshop so they can incorporate more detail.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THOSE DESIGNERS/LABELS? I love their attention to detail and the uniqueness of their designs. I love getting things in the mail from small companies/designers because their packaging is always so thought out and beautifully put together. I also love knowing that I am supporting a few people directly instead of a huge company.


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? Hmm, I feel like I always say this but it is so true I can’t pin point my style. My personal style is forever evolving. Some days I dress more masculine and some days I dress more feminine. Some weeks I am obsessed with wearing green and some weeks I love wearing red. It really just depends on how I am feeling that day, week, month, or year. So I would say my personal style is never constant and I don’t feel like their is anything that I always wear that people would think of as “my style” because it is always changing.

YOUR GO-TO OUTFITS? High waisted jeans, a black turtle neck, and my black byFAR boots or some knit pants, a plain white t-shirt, some nude slides, and a coat or jacket. Pants are usually my go to. I also love adding in colorful pants. 

FAVORITE DESIGNERS RIGHT NOW? Thats tough.. Rachel Comey is wonderful. LOQ has been one of my favorites for a long time. Sandy Liang, Simon Miller, Collina Strada, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Mari Giudicelli. I have a lot so it’s hard to pick just a few!



DO YOU HAVE ANY STYLE MUSES? Yes! Marta Cygna from lifeofboheme, Courtney Trop from alwaysjudging, Maria Bernad, Alyssa Coscarelli from alyssainthecity, and Lucitisima.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TRICKS OR RULES YOU LIVE BY WHEN SHOPPING? Eat before you go (so you don’t get hangry), buy what you know you will wear in months from now not just what is “trending” unless of course whatever is trending is adorable haha, and if you don’t absolutely love it when you try it on I bet you will barely wear it. I also always make sure that if I am buying something that I can style it at least five different ways because I don’t have all the money in the world so re-wearing and re-creating items is key for me when I am shopping.


WHERE ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP? ANY HIDDEN GEMS IN ATLANTA YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH US? I mostly love vintage shopping. Highland row antiques is amazing, Antique Factory in Chamblee is super cool, and this shop isn’t vintage but Little Barn Apothecary in west provision is so cute and has the best skin products and candles.

ANY WORDS OF WISDOM AKA SECRETS TO TAKING A GOOD FASHION PHOTO? Yes! Constantly move. Don’t hold one pose because it will look unnatural but if you just keep moving then your natural movements will be picked up on the camera and then bam! you have a perfectly posed photo!

Reese picked out her fave things on the site right now. You’re going to want to check them out here.

Photographer: Jennifer Grimm

Our favorite traveling Instagrammers share style tips and hidden gems

You know that saying, “Seize the day”? Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s also something that can seem less and less possible in adult life with jobs and mortgages and responsibilities. Luckily we get to live vicariously (and get inspired) by these women who are doing just that — living their lives out to the very fullest as they step out of their comfort zones, travel the world and share their inspired adventures with us all through Instagram. We caught up with our favorite traveling Instagrammers to quiz them on hidden gems, travel essentials and what to wear on the road.



In 2013, Kyle and Jill sold everything they owned and decided to live their lives on the road. Originally from Vancouver, the two friends now call their fixed up trailer (affectionately named Billy the Kit), and wherever the wind blows them that day, home. Their Instagram feed is like a travel diary, documenting their experiences through dreamy shots of landscape and sky.


Follow @ourwildabandon >

GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: (General) We live in vintage sundresses and a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt. (Specific) Richer Poorer just made the perfect girls shirt and it’s all we’ve been living in. Most of our denim, and Jill’s favorite overalls, are Madewell. For accessories we keep it simple, we love Wasted Effort‘s geometric necklaces (our friend from Vancouver’s line). For shoes, we love our Nisolos, they’re beautiful but super comfortable which is key since we are always on the move.

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: Camera, road atlas, iPod, BB gun and dry shampoo.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: The Alvord Desert in Oregon. You can barely find this place on a map but we heard about it through friends of friends and made our way there for the last full moon. It’s stunning and vast and there are hot springs right beside it! (And you can camp for free.)


KARISSA HOCHBERG of @pacificgypsy


Karissa is one half of the brains behind Pacifique Swim, a luxury swimwear line she created with her childhood best friend. She’s also quite the adventurer, as her Instagram can attest — filled with gorgeous snaps of lush green trails, snowcapped mountains and sandy stretches of beach, the feed shows this beauty literally living the free-spirited philosophy of her designs.


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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: Depends on the environment. If I’m somewhere hot and humid, like Central America or Southeast Asia, you’ll usually find me in this pair of faded black harem pants I bought in Thailand when I was living there, paired with a cropped tank or Pacifique bikini top and sandals. If I’m somewhere more mountainous or woodsy, I’ll be in an old pair of Levis and a vintage t-shirt. That’s kind of my daily uniform too. I never go anywhere without either my trusty leather backpack I scored at a market in Italy (which has a massive oil stain on it from me carrying leftover macaroni and cheese around inside of it… oops), or this basket purse I picked up recently on a work trip to Bali. I’m really into baskets-as-purses right now. I also usually have a pretty vintage slip that I can wear as a dress for dinner or a night out if that presents itself along the way.


  1. 35mm camera… even if it’s disposable from a drugstore! There is something really special about film photos that just can’t be replicated.
  2. A good book. I love Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, or anything by Kerouac or Paul Theroux.
  3. A hat, either straw or baseball.
  4. A Pacifique bikini!
  5. An open mind… be ready to seize adventures and opportunities as they present themselves!

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: If I told you I’d have to kill you! Jk 🙂 Most recently I would have to say this little village outside of Ubud, Bali. There is this home that my fiancé and I rented there that is totally open air with the most beautiful, minimalistic design aesthetic and hammocks everywhere on the edge of this massive cliff into a river gorge. To top it all off, there is this unbelievable swing attached to two palm trees that swings out over the cliff… the whole experience was pure bliss, and I’m totally plotting to go back!


NURIA VAL of @frecklesnur

Travel Instagrammers

A “restless globetrotter,” Nuria’s free-spirited approach to life has caught the attention of brands like Stussy, Volcom and Komono, for which she’s lent her inspired vision as a creative director, photographer and model. It’s not surprising, because we’re totally obsessed with her too — her Instagram feed shows her diving into gorgeous watering holes, leaving footprints in sand dunes, and eating copious amounts of watermelon, all while staying as stylish as ever and looking like the girl of our dreams.

Travel Instagrammes

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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: Denim overalls, sneakers and some hat!

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: Music, cameras, map, sunglasses and some watermelon.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: A wonderful cenote in Mexico where we swam alone and naked, the nicest place and moment in my life.


MANON MEYERING HANSSEN of @thelifetraveller


In 2014, Manon’s life completely changed — she left behind a career at a magazine and moved to Kenya with her husband for the adoption of their son. Inspired by the warmth of the Kenyan people and their talents, she created a co-op that sells handicrafts and supports her new friends. The collection, called Naramatisho (meaning ‘the one who cares,’ a name given to Manon from her Masai sisters), includes beadwork, sculpture and scarves, and each piece is as unique as it is beautiful. Take one look at Manon’s Instagram and you can feel the love radiating from the screen.

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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: I love wearing simple but elegant jumpsuits/playsuits in a safari color/print or wide African dresses combined with a sporty sandal, although I mostly walk barefoot.

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: I like the idea of not ‘needing’ much when going on a trip and often remove things from my luggage before leaving. Also because I love bringing cultural souvenirs with me back home to support the local community and to fill my home with stories. Always with me on a trip: an open mind, a passport, a camera plus a khanga, an African garment that can be worn as a wrap skirt, dress, (head) scarf or you can use it as a beach towel.  Nice to take with me up in the air: Alaska Essentials Travel Ease Journey Spray and a tiny rose quartz stone for good vibrations.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: The hidden village of my Masai friends in Kenya situated near Mount Kilimanjaro. In this area I feel closest to nature. I learned a lot about their lives while spending time with them and have a deep respect for the way they live. Especially the women, who make jewellery for my fair label, Naramatisho by The Life Traveller. Naramatisho means ‘the one who cares’ in Masai language and was given to me by the Masai community.

Another favorite hidden gem is a ‘sacred’ place in the south of Bali where my husband and I got married.


More women we love in Los Angeles

Alternate title: Who to follow in Instagram ASAP.


photographer Jeannette Lee - GarmentoryFun fact: this Instagram star on the rise is actually a full-time third grade teacher. You’ll also find her at General Store in Venice on Sundays. Saturdays, we expect, are saved for her sanity. But we’re pretty happy that photography is something she does for fun. “People think I’m crazy for working so much, but it allows me to feed the creative part of me,” she explains. “That’s what’s so special about LA. There’s so much creative energy around me, and I feel lucky to know and be close to makers and creatives doing amazing work out here. It motivates me to create for myself when I can.” Jeannette was born in Los Angeles but raised in Chicago. She moved back two years ago on a whim and hasn’t looked back. While she usually shoots casually, she’s also worked with some of our favorite people like Ilana Kohn, Valerie Quant of LOQ and Haley Boyd of Marais USA. Keep an eye on this feed, she’s just getting started. Follow her @jeannettehlee.



An interdisciplinary artist and photographer who has worked with some of our favorite LA brands (her work for Objects Without Meaning can be seen currently in our LA Ladies Sale), Kaitlyn has a knack for making everything from fashion to market fruit to corners of carpeted stairs inspiring. She’s still finishing up her degree in studio art at UCLA but has already done art direction and content creation for some of the most exciting emerging labels on the west coast. Her feed captures a mood and light is pretty much a direct representation of the creative movement in Los Angeles we’re so excited about. Follow her @bouquetofparentheses.

Photo by David Lopez.



With minimalist vibes, high contrast and a sharp bob, this art director and designer took to Instagram to explore a photography. Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, Annie settled in Los Angeles to begin her career. “I breath minimalism, clean design, black/white with a hint of Klein blue,” she says. “I like things precise, from the slant of a shadow to the angle of my haircut.” Her feed captures a cross-section of the creative world with architecture, interior design, nature featuring prominently alongside the sleek angles of a Maryam Nassir Zadeh slide or a Building Block bag. We’re big fans of the playful side of her work, never taking herself, or the art of minimalism, too seriously. Follow her @annienguyen.



Her style is just as supportive of indie boutiques and emerging designers as we are, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find this multi-hyphenate wearing a ton of mutual friends. We love to see how she styles Ace & Jig, First Rite, Calder Blake, REIFhaus, Olderbrother, 7115 by Szeki, and more in the California sunshine. Melissa received her MFA in Fiction from California State and is now a short story and freelance writer, English professor, fashion/lifestyle blogger and first-time mother to her adorable son Harrison. Oh and she also makes jewelry and sells her handcrafted necklaces online and boutiques across the country. As if we needed any more reason to love her: “My inspirations are Joan Didion and Solange.” Follow her @melissasonico.

Have we got you California dreaming yet? Be sure to check out our city guide to Los Angeles for the latest and greatest in the city.

And our LA Ladies Sale is still going strong! Ends June 30 at midnight, so don’t miss out.

How 5 of our favorite cool girls found their favorite jeans

We’ve all been there: scrolling and screen capturing through Instagram, in search of outfit inspiration. Losing track of time, but gaining fashion advice by the second. A few taps can take you through most outfit details, but what about those jeans the woman you love wear over and over? The ones that are never tagged? To get a little extra inspiration for our constant hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, we caught up with five of our favorite cool girls to follow to find out where, how and when they scored their favorite pair of jeans.



“I found these at a shitty thrift store in Brooklyn, and love how unique they are. I wonder if they are juniors. I love the texture of it, the faded line on the legs and the fit which is just perfect.” @marigiudicelli




“I inherited this pair of old men’s APC jeans from a much-shorter friend of mine, but I love how they’ve broken in to fit me just right, and the cropped length doesn’t bother me. What were once a pair of stiff, rigid denim now feel like a worn-in dream.” @pennyweight (Photo by Arden Wray for Boots & Pine)




“My favorite pair of denim is a vintage pair of Levis 501s. Before finding these jeans I had gone through so much trial and error with denim, 501s in particular, before finding ‘the one’. It wasn’t until my pal Sophie at Finch came along and answered my denim prayers. She had been collecting vintage 501s for some time, and just so happened to have a smaller pair in her collection which fit me perfectly. They’ve broken in perfectly and have this dreamy wash and feel to them that you can’t find in new denim. I cut them myself for a cropped frayed look. I reach for them so often that they’ve become almost like a faithful best friend.” @brittanybathgate




“I love the 1969 606 jeans from Levi’s. I have two pairs. They’re pretty spendy but if you wait for a sale online they’re so worth it. And no, they didn’t come with a rip in the knee! They’re worth it to me because they reference all the vintage jeans I’ve been searching for, but they actually fit my body and have just a tiny bit of stretch which helps them be comfortable all day without getting too loose. And the rise is high so I don’t have plumber butt, but it’s not too high that it’s not comfy. Can you tell I’m all about comfort?!” @helen_levi (Photo by Backyard Bill)




“I love denim. I’m kind of denim hoarder/collector. Nothing gets me more excited than finding a beautiful pair of vintage jeans. Pure bliss. I love how all the washes are uniquely different. My favorite pair would have to be my orange tab 517 Levi’s that I scored for $5.” @_chicadeoro

Meet the calligraphy artist you need to be following on Instagram

We stumbled across Gail Gloria on Instagram recently and fell into her wonderful world of calligraphy, watercolor and flat lay perfection. Based in the Philippines, she uses a mastery of dried flowers and photography to showcase her work. Obviously we had to find out more. So we asked and she answered.

The ceramic artists on Instagram inspiring our next #OOTD

One of the cool things about Instagram is that we get to find out about the lives of the people making the things we love. Our recent ceramics obsession led us to these three babes who not only handcraft incredible wares for the home, but have that easy, “just stepped out of the studio” kind of artist style we wish we could pull off at the office.

How Street Dreams magazine is winning Instagram

Eric Veloso is a hard man to pin down. Based both in Vancouver and New York City to run his collaborative photography quarterly, Street Dreams Magazine, he is constantly travelling for the next project and the next city street. Flip through the pages of the mag and you’ll get the picture. He might email you from Portland one day, Chicago the next, then two days later in New York. We caught up with him in Vancouver to get the inside story on Street Dreams. With just over a year under their belts, his team has created a massive following on Instagram and collaborate with some of the biggest brands. If you’re not a subscriber, get on the list ASAP. They sell out fast. Their MO? To create a community based on collective inspiration and a platform to represent the best photographers of our time.

Kalen Hollomon on art, fashion and Instagram

There’s collage and then there’s Kalen Hollomon. The New York artist has taken the fashion world by storm with his provocative mixed media images that juxtapose day to day images with cutouts from fashion magazines and vintage pornography. He can make Rudy Giuliani the face of Céline, put heels on a subway cop, all seeking to explore and reveal the constant relativity of perception. “Above all,” says Hollomon. “I try to capture a sense of romance in images that are spontaneous and slightly unnerving.” He’s been snapped up by many for collaborations but most recently he partnered with Vogue for a project following Paris Fashion Week. Suffice it to say we’re just one of his 77,000 Instagram followers and totally obsessed. We caught up with him to find out more.

WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND IN ART? Sometime in elementary school, maybe fourth grade, one of my classmates, Juan Sandoval purchased a drawing of mine. He paid with fake school money but still, it was an eye opener. Last I heard Juan was robbing banks in Texas. Anyway, making art was my main focus throughout high school and college — I did anything that would keep me working in some artistic capacity, from writing bad graffiti to figure drawing classes. I attended three different colleges with decent art programs but I doubt I ever graduated. I’ve always tried to have jobs that allowed me some creative freedom. Right now I’m just working on art, all the time.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO USING MIXED MEDIA? Mixing mediums spawns new ideas and lends fresh perspectives to things. I’m always thinking about perspective and shifting perception. Collage — either photographic or using images on paper feels right and gives me a lot of freedom to do that. Even when I’m painting I tend to utilize a lot of layers and some found imagery. I like the act of adding or subtracting things and seeing how perspective and perception can change. Altering preconceived notions and exploring things that lie beneath the surface interests me.

WHAT DREW YOU TO FASHION AS SUCH A LART PART OF YOUR WORK TO EXPLORE THEMES OF COMMERCE GENDER AND SEXUALITY? I’ve always been really into fashion — of course I love how clothing can alter one’s perception of a person, or even alter how you perceive yourself. Fashion imagery often comes with such a strong story or vibe because of the designer, the brand-name, the photographer. I try to pay homage to the people who originally created “the story” when I work with fashion imagery and I’ve usually chosen something because it resonates with me. Fashion is constantly playing with themes of commerce, gender and sex and by altering those images, you can go pretty deep into some thought provoking terrain. Well, at least I hope so.

Candids and Instagram with photographer Jonathan Nafarrete

Named one of the “Top Instagram Users that Advertisers are Dying to Work With” by Business Insider, Jonathan Nafarrete has seriously mastered the art of the candid. Follow him now. Based in Los Angeles, he works in digital advertising by day and takes to the streets with a camera during his down time. His photojournalistic style was honed shooting for publications like The Guardian, Daily Mail and LA Times newspapers. But we had to know how he manages to find all of these incredible moments off the job. So we asked, and he answered.


I walk the beaches and streets of Los Angeles almost on a daily basis and always choose to shoot film. Never with any real intent, only just to see what may appear during these walks. I pace slowly with my headphones on, music blaring. The headphones keep people from bothering me, asking me for change, inquiring about directions. It is then that I can focus visually and also helps push me through the often monotonous times of seeing very little and capturing even less.

For me, shooting on the street has always fed my perpetual need to collect things. I have collected furniture, art, vintage clothing, domain names, cameras… you name it. I am in a constant state of searching and finding the items that are discarded or thrown out. In the case of street photography, these are the moments that are overlooked and happen in the blink of an eye.

Every photographer needs to do it for themselves. Discover what the world looks like to them and disregard all the emphasis placed on celebrity, sex and violence by the media on a daily basis. I have shot some very violent situations as a photojournalist in the past but what I love about shooting on the street is the order I can make of my reality. It often feels like I am directing a movie and I can visually see street actors in my mind moving into their places. I slowly watch as the scene unfolds, “Places everyone.” And at that moment – instead of yelling “Action!” – I press the shutter and freeze the scene.