Express Yourself: Home Edition

It’s those little things in life that end up making us the most happy (at least that’s what people say). Seriously though, how is it possible that just one candle or a new plant hanger or a set of mugs can change your whole outlook on life? We may not be able to pinpoint the actual science of that kind of retail therapy, but we know it’s true. Filling your home with stuff that is just as much an expression of yourself, your own unique perspective, as your outfit simply brings joy. Plus, the more unique the item, the more joy it brings. Sure, vases with little faces on them may seem silly but just wait until you put a plant in one of them and laugh so hard you’ll buy two more. Joy to the world, it’s time to dress up your home.

Meet the Boutique: Bibelot & Token

Outfitting your home is just as important as outfitting your person, so we’ve recruited some amazing home goods boutiques to help you do just that. Toronto’s Bibelot & Token is one of them. Run by Bianca Goldman, a hilarious former copywriter who took a career right turn when she became a mother, the online boutique has all the minimalist accessories, apothecary finds and home goods of our dreams. We caught up with her to talk all things decor and find out about a few of her favorite things.


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TELL US HOW YOUR BOUTIQUE STARTED. I had been secretly creative and trying to find a way to bust out of an office-rut, in my own slow and quiet way, for years. I had been writing copy and sitting behind a computer for the brunt of my adult working life, so after I had my daughter, I wanted to figure out a way to re-jig and revamp my life in a way that would allow me to work, but not be bound by a 9-5. And I wanted to be around for the moppet. I had a good, long think on it, and decided to throw caution to the wind and combine my love of all things design — fashion (I’ve been writing my blog, A Wee Bit Skint, for roughly nine years now), textile, decor, jewelry, etc. — and open up a little online shop.