How to Survive the Holidays In Good Health and With Killer Style

For being deemed the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays can actually be quite the gongshow. It’s not uncommon to feel an overwhelming amount of stress for the whole month of December as your calendar fills to the brim with work deadlines, family gatherings, gift shopping and more. Expectations seem higher than ever – *cough cough* when your mother in-law comes to stay at your house for a full week – but you’ve got to keep your cool. Because the holidays, in fact, are pretty darn special and should be savored. With the right tips and tricks, they totally can be.

We reached out to a group of experts on varying subjects, from skincare to women’s health to fancy dressing, to help you get through this season like the bad-ass boss woman you are. Grab a glass of wine and read on.



As part of the editorial team at Glossier, Anna Stevenett’s job is to know a lot about skin. Here, she suggests three simple but impactful holiday season changes to your beauty routine.  

  • Keep a hand cream handy. Holidays mean colder weather and, thus, drier skin. I find myself in varying levels of discomfort if the skin on my hands is dry, so I like to keep a hand cream nearby, with which I moisturize with gusto, and often. My favorites are Susanne Kaufmann (smells like bananas!), Weleda (it’s $12 and I can use it on my face in emergencies), and Chanel La Crème Main. As it happens, hand creams also make for excellent gifts.
  • Add oil. In the same dryness vein, oils are a kind of a necessary luxury during the holidays. To prevent“hangover face,” I use an oil at night—Pai’s rosehip oil is pretty good. When I’m out of the shower, Imoisturize my body with a dry oil like the classic Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse or Leonor Greyl’s Huile de Magnolia.I like to switch to using an oil version of my perfume around the holidays, too, because it feels fancier andcozier than eau de parfum. Mine is Vanille 44 by Le Labo. Maison Louise Marie makes some great scents, too.
  • Mask often. And drink more water! I’m typically stressed, traveling, or drinking too much this time of year, so masking helps combat the consequences. If I’m flying I like Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry Mask because it’s easy no mess. At home I like Sisley’s Black Rose Mask, and for extra moisture and plumpness, I use Glossier’s Moon Mask to help me wake up in the morning.




New York-based fashion writer Lauren Caruso is our go-to for minimalist fashion inspiration. Whether she’s working on set, running to appointments, or even on a late night grocery run, Lauren knows how to look put together without sacrificing comfort. Take note on how below:

  • I know this might sound silly considering December is the only month where crushed red velvet and glitter accessories are the norm, but my best tip for surviving holiday travel is to be comfortable. I refuse to travel in or wear anything that might be too tight, short, or otherwise uncomfortable, especially to a holiday party. For me, that usually means packing a ton of high-waisted, wide-leg pants, cropped, oversized sweaters, and the comfiest pair of boots I own. I stick to cozy, natural-fiber separates in neutrals that pair well together and don’t require a ton of steaming to look expensive.



Jessica Murnane is kind of like our health superwoman. She is the author of One Part Plant cookbook, which encourages people to eat one plant-based meal a day with 100 allergy-free recipes to choose from, and hosts One Part Podcast, where she facilitates conversations with some of the most interesting and inspiring minds in wellness, music, food, fashion and design. She also happens to be hilarious and has kick-ass style, of course. Peep her tips on how to keep things healthy during the season of gluttony.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish). If you want to make sure there is a healthy option for you at the holiday party, bring it yourself. Call or e-mail your host ahead of time and ask if you can bring a dish to share. Don’t make a big announcement about how gluten-free and dairy-free it is… just bring something really delicious.
  • Be smart about booze. Before you accept that third or fourth cocktail at your next holiday party, pause and ask yourself these two questions: 1) How will this make me feel in the morning? and then 2) Is it worth it? If the answer is no, grab a glass of club soda with lime or stash a bottle of Kombucha in your bag and pour it into a cocktail glass on the sly. With a drink in hand, you won’t have to field the “Why aren’t you drinking?” questions and will, no doubt, wake up feeling way better the next day.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. If your grandma only makes her famous Christmas cookies once a year and you want one… have one. Constantly asking yourself “Should I or shouldn’t I?” during the holidays can create some serious stress in your head and stop you from being present for all the fun. Be mindful, listen when your belly is full, and remember nobody’s perfect.



Interior designer and photographer Courtney Molyneaux strives to create unique and memorable spaces that simply feel good. Her blend of Scandinavian and mid-century design aesthetics has that undeniably home-y feel. With the increased time spent indoors over the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to ask Courtney how to keep your home from feeling like a winter prison cell. Not to mention, she lives in Calgary where the cold is fierce and the winter is no joke. Below she lists her at home essentials during the holiday season:

  • A woodsy scented candle (or three)
  • A wool blanket or throw
  • Fresh flowers or greenery
  • Hot chocolate in the pantry at all times
  • A good pair of cute, warm socks



Refinery 29 fashion market editor Alyssa Coscarelli has an undeniably bold style that inspires us daily. With the holidays comes holiday events, which means the need for fancy dressing. Alyssa has some hot tips on how to approach party attire when in that constant holiday season rush, from making what you’ve worn all day at work cocktail-attire appropriate to what to do when you find yourself in jeans at fancy-ish place.

  • Keep a pair of just-in-case earrings in your bag. One night, I took a pair of hoops out of my ears and threw them in my bag. Now, they just stay there. It’s actually one of the best things I’ve ever accidentally done. Now, I have a pair of statement earrings that just stay in my bag — and they’re the easiest way to dress up a sweater and jeans.
  • Glossier Generation G in ‘Zip’ is a lifesaver. It gives lips a pop of color without being too in-your-face. And, it’s super easy to swipe on in a moving cab without worrying that you don’t have lipliner or a mirror.
  • Accept that mini bags aren’t always a reality. Mini bags are one of the biggest trends we’ve seen in handbags as of late, but, to be honest, they’re not always a reality for me. I’m often going to holiday parties or events with my laptop and a tote bag full of gym clothes. Luckily, I’ve found a sleek tote that holds a ton and doesn’t look too disheveled: It’s black leather and always gets compliments wherever I go. But since bumping people with your tote at parties isn’t cute, I either stick it all in a safe corner once I arrive, or take advantage of coat check if it’s offered. Sorry, mini bags, maybe next year…
  • It may feel awkward at first, but you’ll be surprised how much you have in common with a stranger. Fancy parties are intimidating, but the good news is that most people in the room feel that way. It may be awkward to break the ice, but once you step out of your comfort zone and talk to people, you’ll be surprised how much you can find in common with someone random at a party — and you may even leave with a new friend or two.

Help! What To Wear On New Year’s Eve

It’s been a solid month of holiday craziness and now the world is asking us to put together yet another memorable outfit, this time for New Year’s Eve. If you’re like most of us, you’ve left this to the last minute. Stuck staring at your closet? We got you. To help you out with this painful process we’ve rounded up some seriously rad NYE outfit ideas courtesy of our boutiques and designers. Steal away.


Photo by @alexastark

To keep it simple, all you really need is a pair of standout pants. Bonus points if they are gold.


Photo by @miramirasf

Pick a dress that looks even better when you move and then dance all night long.


Photo by @series_noir

Heels aren’t necessary to feel fancy. Pair your sneakers with a luxe pleated skirt and simple tee.


Photo by @sincerelytommy_

Velvet, stripes and a statement sleeve. Now that’s a hat trick we can get behind.


Photo by @elizafaulkner

Bare your shoulders and tie yourself up with a bow like the gift to 2017 you are.


Photo by @olive_austin

Go classic with an LBJ (little black jumpsuit), then add a pop of unexpected color.

Expert Gifting: Boutique Buyers’ Picks

Not only do our boutiques curate the best and brightest in emerging fashion, they also happen to have the inside track on the best gifts. So we had to ask: what are you giving this holiday season? From the practical to the unique, to the downright beautiful, you will seriously want all of their holiday gift picks. One for them, one for you…

The Best Gifts For Under $100

So it’s officially December and the holiday events are starting to fill up your calendar with everything from family gatherings to Secret Santa at your office. We know that holiday shopping can get out of hand really fast when you’ve got so many people on your list – best friends, brother’s girlfriend, work colleagues. But the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice on style when you’re shopping on a budget. We’ve rounded up our best gifts for under $100 because you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get the people in your life something unique. We’re thinking a cheeky bath mat or cool silk sleeping masks or candles that smell so good you want to keep them for yourself. Check out five of our faves below and shop the full edit here.


Cold Picnic “Boobs” Bath Mat


This cheeky bath mat for $60 is the perfect gift for your sister who just moved into that new apartment, or really anyone with a good sense of humor.

7115 by Szeki Single Sphere Ring


Both classic and unique, this solid brass cuff ring is a great gift to give to your best friend or even your brother’s girlfriend who you love like a younger sister. It’s just under $100 and definitely worth every penny.

Chamula Veg Tan Pouch


These leather pouches are a simple yet beautiful gift. They come in three different sizes making them functional for variety of things. Give them to that organized co-worker who keeps everything spic and span. From $47 to $73 you’ll be keeping their happiness in order.

Group Partner Rory Pot

Meet Rory, the coolest clay pot to ever hold your plants. Hand-painted, it’s a great gift to give to someone who enjoys unique art pieces that are also practical. We personally can’t say no to this face for $65.

Maison Louis Marie L’ Aurore 3 Candle Gift Set


Candles really are the best gift. This set comes with three different scents – lemongrass, inoki wood and vanilla tobacco – that all smell amazing for just $48. Gift them to your new boyfriend’s mom and you’ll be friends forever.

Shop all the Best Gifts for Under $100 this way >

The New Rules For Party Attire With Sissy Sainte-Marie

She’s back. Los Angeles-based stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie, aka our fashion guru, is here to give us the latest rules and regulations for party attire just in time for the holidays. We’ve gone to Sissy in the past for coat etiquette and denim do’s and don’ts, and now we need her more than ever to master this season’s fancy feels. From breaking glitter norms to feeling confident and comfortable, Sissy reveals the ultimate party attire attack plan. Trust us, after reading this you’ll feel ready for every holiday party that comes your way.

Above: Calder Blake Ono jacket (worn backwards); Luz Ortiz drop earrings.

HAS FASHION’S APPROACH TO PARTY ATTIRE CHANGED RECENTLY? IF SO, HOW? I don’t know about the rest of the fashion but I’m prepared to rethink party attire and I encourage women to approach it in a way that feels right for them. Anyone else’s inbox clogged with newsletters telling them to wear bodycon sequin micro mini dresses and glitter stilettos to a holiday party? Can we please redefine what it means to be a smokeshow?

HOW SHOULD WE THINK ABOUT PARTY ATTIRE THIS YEAR? I think we can find party attire that is dignified and comfortable and still able to turn heads. The holiday season is freezing cold, we are feasting, drinking, celebrating, conversing. Let’s have the self respect to be toasty, steady on our feet, and prepared to accommodate a full belly.


Calder Blake Ono jacket (worn backwards); LD Tuttle Torch boots; Luz Ortiz drop earrings.

ANY STYLING TIPS FOR MAKING PARTY ATTIRE FEEL LESS FUSSY AND MORE MODERN? Less fuss does not have to equal apathy. Retire the old notion of scoring cool points for showing up overly casual to prove you’re not trying too hard. Please consider that you might need to try harder. Consider that it may be rude not to. As Tom Ford says: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” You could wear jeans to the holiday party, but honestly why would you want to? Especially if this is your one chance a year to get dressed up. For your 2016 holiday party, don’t play small. Embrace looking fan-fucking-tastic and go put on a dress. You can wear jeans the other 364 nights of the year. If you’re not a dress person, wearing a tunic over cropped pants is a chill and considerate option.


Town Clothes Ruth coat, Wallace pant and Nona dress; Leigh Miller cuff and drop earrings; LoQ green suede shoes.


  1. Redefine the smokeshow.
  2. Start by feeling really good on the inside and then let your beauty radiate from within.
  3. Make it all about accessories – sometimes a simple black ensemble and terrific earrings are all you need.
  4. Work a festive color.
  5. Don’t go casual. Try harder.
  6. Loosen up.
  7. Reveal and conceal. Thoughtfully chose a garment that reveals only your favorite zones – clavicles, back, leg or face – and leave the rest to the imagination. Think open back and high neck, side slit and maxi length, strapless A-line tops and flared pants, full coverage and fabrics that drape sensuously.



Pari Desai Column dress; Leigh Miller drop earrings and cuff bracelet; LoQ Almansa heels.


  1. High-collar long-sleeve diaphanous dresses that hit just below the knee.
  2. Over-the-knee boots (paired with the dress mentioned above, not a micro mini).
  3. Column dresses.
  4. Statement earrings. Bonus points for a matching cuff and/or ring.
  5. Chokers.
  6. Statement heels, preferably painless.
  7. Tunic and pants combos.


Nikki Chasin satin top; Town Clothes Wallace pant; LoQ Lorente heels; Luz Ortiz choker.


Photographer: Eddie Chacon

Model and Stylist: Sissy Sainte-Marie

Location: The Standard

Make A Statement: Jewelry For Winter

It’s hard to believe that it is almost time to decorate our Christmas trees. Of course we have been concentrating on more important things to decorate this winter. Yes, we are talking about ourselves. From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, we’ve got endless options to help you get decked out for the season. Now we know it’s a difficult time of year to show off your bling due to the thousands of layers, but adding the right finishing pieces will help make you feel less like an abominable snowman and more like accessory queen Iris Apfel. Our top three? Go for big statement necklaces that stand out between your scarf and coat, unique bangles that can be worn over gloves or cool drop earrings that peek out from your beanie.

“I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else. Transformation, punch, individuality: one or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry.” – Iris Apfel


Four Ways To Wear Fall’s Favorite Luxe Trend

Velvet has come in and out of our lives at about the same rate as Winona Ryder. But this year our velvet crush has finally crossed the line into timeless, and screen-stealing, territory. It’s not going anywhere and, thankfully, neither is Winona. We saw velvet take over the FW16 runways (via Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, 3.1 Philip Lim and many more) and now it’s blending in IRL more than ever. This luxe fabric features on everything from slip dresses to bomber jackets to ankle boots. With so many options, we’re loving this shimmery soft fabric more than ever as it can truly give any outfit a little extra something. We’ve pulled together four of our favorite ways to wear it and we suggest you try them all seeing that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



Of course velvet is the perfect fabric for a statement dress. For full wow power during the holiday party season, wear it full length with a draped dress like this Upstate Amalfi Dress.


If you aren’t really a dress girl try a matching two piece outfit. It’s still a totally polished look for the holidays, plus it can be worn as separate pieces creating endless outfit options.


Bring the fancy down a notch by layering a velvet dress over everyday pieces like your fave white tee. Layering this luxe fabric with a more casual texture gives it a serious chill-girl vibe.


Try it as a top layer over a more casual outfit. We love this velvet Stine Goya coat, for example. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of luxe velvet to your outfit without feeling overdressed.



Velvet is already such a unique texture so why not up the ante and add more? We love this quilted skirt. It elevates the fabric to a whole new level.


Pleated velvet couldn’t be more beautiful. This preppy vibe is even better when paired with casual pieces like sneakers and a sweatshirt.




Instead of the usual black, eggplant or merlot, try velvet in a bold, bright shade. It’s an unexpected way to wear the popular trend, plus it’s an easy way to brighten up those gloomy winter days.


Blush pink is another punchy, fresh color for velvet. The feminine shade creates a super soft look, which is great for all seasons.

Meet The Members Of Garmentory Kids

We couldn’t be more excited for our Garmentory Kids exclusive pop-up shop! Full disclosure: we feel like children on Christmas. Now online through the end of December, we’ve got everything from beautifully made children’s clothing to quirky accessories and handcrafted toys, making your holiday shopping easy. Here, we introduce the amazing boutiques and designers in our pop-up that made it all possible.

Meet model Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi and her rad agency Lorde Inc.

We’re super excited to introduce you to Nafisa Kaptownwala and Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi. First up, we chat with Nafisa about her game-changing modeling agency Lorde Inc., their mission for inclusivity and why selfies matter. Then, get to know Sekyiwa, the beauty behind our holiday campaign, as we quiz her on all of her favorite things.

HOW DID YOU START THE AGENCY? I started the project in London with a friend. It was actually his idea and I had all these ideas for logos and what I wanted the website/roster to look like, so I started building it and, soon after he was pretty overwhelmed doing his PhD, he had to bail. I started by contacting friends and friends of friends that had some modeling experience. I mostly wanted to just highlight the beautiful that I know and had my friend Arvida Bystrom shoot our first faces.

DO YOU THINK THE ISSUE OF DIVERSITY IN MODELING HAS EVOLVED? It’s evolved in terms of diversity becoming a buzzword and it never actually being fulfilled in a sincere way. Diversity is now used to refer to having one light skinned woman of color in Colgate commercials among mostly white women. I kind of try to refrain from using the term diversity as much as I’m working towards inclusivity. Diversity these days often still tokenizes, fetishizes, excludes many folks and still adheres to heteronormative European beauty standards.

HOW DO YOU RECRUIT MODELS? Online is a great way to recruit models because people often post photos of themselves or selfies, and it gives a pretty good sense of whether or not they like to have their photo taken.