Top 3 Must-Have Winter Scarves, Gloves And Hats

We’ve all got that box of trusty winter accessories in the back of our closet. It’s filled with your favorite staples that you can’t get rid of and old Christmas gifts from those relatives you really only see around the holidays. Well, we think it is time that box got an upgrade. Winter is the best time to accessorize mostly because it’s pretty much essential to keeping warm. We’ve pulled together our favorite must-have scarves, gloves and hats so you can survive winter in style. Mix it up this year with different textures and patterns, try fingerless gloves (we promise they still keep you warm), and move beyond your basic black beanie with new styles you thought you’d never try. With these accessories within reach, you’ll actually want to abandon the couch, get outside and take on the cold.

A day at Manhattan Beach with Clyde founder Dani Griffiths

These are the final days of the summer. Hard to believe, but it’s true. And in New York, that means it’s hot, it’s sweaty, and the AC just ain’t cutting it anymore. Dani Griffiths, the founder of rad accessories brand Clyde, knows the secret to staying cool in the city — her amazing line of NY-made hats keep faces shaded from the sun and makes anyone who wears them look good while beating the burn (double win). For Dani, a breezy escape to the beach is a must to get the most of out the dog days. Here, she tells us all of the sweet and sandy details about her end-of-summer affair with Manhattan Beach.

Dani CLYDE_Story1

Meet the Designer: Brookes Boswell

A member of the Bespoke Brooklyn movement, this young, up-and-coming milliner is putting hats on the map again.

Violetto, Prescott, Savoy, Alderman, Galleon… the names of Brookes Boswell’s hats read like characters in a Charlotte Brontë novel. Up until a few years ago, the idea of 20-somethings investing in a fedora was similar: a romantic idea, but hard to pull off IRL. Since opening her eponymous millinery studio in 2009, Brookes has been making waves with her made-to-measure and off-the-rack hats. We would brave hat hair any day to wear one of her handmade chapeaus, so we had to get a look behind the scenes. We caught up with Brookes to talk hat making, the best kind of felt and Jane Birkin.

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