Meet the woman behind Oregon style blog Unruly Things

Lately we’ve been finding that our daydreams look a lot like the Insta feed from Unruly Things. Snaps of wild flowers, freshly picked fruit, outdoor adventures and backyard hammocks are totally our summertime jam. Graphic designer Alyson Brown is the Oregon-based beauty behind the blog and shares things she loves along with her day to day with husband Levi, little boy Wolf and two cats. It’s an idyllic world we keep coming back to. Here, Alyson tells us about a few of her favorite things.

WALK US THROUGH YOUR USUAL DAY. Bright and early we’re woken up by our son, Wolf. He’s usually up by 7am and ready to go downstairs and play. Monday through Thursday we’re pretty busy with preschool, swimming lessons, soccer or play dates but the afternoons are reserved for mama and Wolf time. During summer months, we like to go for walks to pick wildflowers or play outside in the backyard until dinner time. Then it’s bath and bed time for Wolf, followed by some much needed parent time.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN OREGON? I’ve never loved a place more than I love living in Bend, Oregon. Sure, it’s hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, but I love it. It’s such an active city with many, many things to do year round. Whether it be floating down the river or biking through town or snowshoeing in the mountains or trekking through our snowy neighborhood, Bend has it all.

WHERE DO YOU ESCAPE TO ON THE WEEKENDS? We love hiking and being outdoors, so on weekends we like to plan at least one adventure. Even if it’s just a trip to a new-to-us playground or a favorite local hike.

NAME THREE THINGS YOU’RE COVETING RIGHT NOW. Since I’m pregnant, I’m after anything to keep cool this summer. I’ve been eyeing this dress from Ace & Jig, Ancient Greek Sandals, a super cute bikini from Lauren Moffatt for showing off the bump, and of course I can’t leave out the ultimate for keeping cool – these popsicle molds.