Osei-Duro shares their inspiration for the lululemon lab collaboration

Osei-Duro is renowned for their incredible prints hand-batiked in Ghana, so of course we were super stoked when they announced they were doing a capsule collection with lululemon lab. They designed two exclusive designs which are digitally printed on technical active wear for both guys and girls. With inspiration deeply rooted in the communities in which they work for their line, we had to get designers Molly Keogh and Maryanne Mathias to share what they were thinking about for the limited edition collaboration.

“When the lab approached us about a collab we were excited to explore where our aesthetics might overlap. At first glance they might seem quite different, but we found that our love of organic forms and attraction to meditative crafts processes marries well with the streamlined and experimental look of the lab’s work. We looked specifically at the contemplative art of women from the last century such as Ruth Asawa and Louise Bourgeois, as well as the abstract nature photography of our Vancouver friend Sean Lymworth. We love how quiet yet detailed all of these references are.”

Meet the Designers: Osei-Duro

Things just keep getting better for Los Angeles and Ghana-based Osei-Duro.

We sat down with the rad women behind the ethical and sustainable line to find out what’s next after a successful Kickstarter campaign (home goods coming soon!) and some major moves towards creating a positive, more inclusive industry.


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Meet the Brand: Osei-Duro

The duo behind Osei-Duro travel between Los Angeles and Ghana to create their coveted line of hand dyed and batiked women’s wear. Working with local garment workers and artisans at their studio in Ghana’s capital, Accra, is just one rad part of their story. From high school in Vancouver, BC, to creating a line that counts FLOTUS as a fan, Maryanne and Molly have had quite a ride together. And they’re really only just beginning – they have plans for more menswear and accessories and growing their network in Africa. We caught up with the longtime friends to find out more about how it all started and what’s inspiring them today.

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