Meet the calligraphy artist you need to be following on Instagram

We stumbled across Gail Gloria on Instagram recently and fell into her wonderful world of calligraphy, watercolor and flat lay perfection. Based in the Philippines, she uses a mastery of dried flowers and photography to showcase her work. Obviously we had to find out more. So we asked and she answered.

Meet the Brooklyn florist Vogue has on speed dial

When Vogue has you on speed dial, you know you’re doing something right. Named “One of Six Florists to Keep on Call” by the fashion bible, Brittany Asch brings inspiration from artists such as the Dutch Masters, Cecil Beaton and Wes Anderson into her arrangements at BRRCH. The Brooklyn-based florist is known for dark, decadent and romantic bouquets and since opening up shop just under two years ago has been tapped by numerous fashion mags and brands for unique blooms. We got the 411 on Brittany’s favorite flowers and a few tips for us amateurs.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WORKING WITH FLOWERS? The part where I get to work with the flowers. I’m serious though! There is so much more to this job than playing with the flowers so when I get to that point of the day I am completely blissful. Arranging flowers is completely transportive for me. I also love that I get to shop for flowers on a regular basis. That part feels like a dream and makes me laugh to myself at the Flower Market at 5:30am… you know, before I’m hands deep in a water bucket fishing out rotting stems.

THIS MIGHT TOTALLY BE LIKE SOPHIE’S CHOICE, BUT DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE FLOWER? I do but I don’t! I love, love, love water lilies in their natural environment and I love working with garden roses – especially the ones grown by my friend Fallon at Garden Valley Ranch in California. Chocolate cosmos are near and dear to my heart as well. They are velvety in texture and smell like chocolate. I love anything that has a nice fragrance and looks a little alien.

WHAT FLOWERS SHOULD WE BE USING AT HOME THIS YEAR? ANY TIPS YOU CAN GIVE US? Ooh, this is fun. I think people should explore greenery more. Step away from masses of bodega flowers, buy some plants, and cut from them whenever you have a party. Throw in three flowers (anything, really) at different heights and bam, you’ve got yourself a centerpiece. Big tropical leaves are great for parties too. They warm up a space and they are naturally sculptural so they’ve done half of the work for you. Just so you know though, I love dinner parties so if you invite me, I can do this part for you.