A Winter Dilemma: Fight Or Flight?

Winter is pretty much inescapable at this point so it’s time to make your move (or lack thereof): fight or flight? People generally fall into two camps when it comes to temperatures dropping. The fighters love winter and snow and everything that goes with it. The flight-ers, as it were, are not having any of it and find any chance they get to escape to balmy weather. We are what feels like 100 days into winter. Some of us are over it, checking Expedia obsessively, and others continue to embrace the frosty feels, checking the snowfall on the local mountain obsessively. We’ve been debating this winter dilemma here at Garmentory HQ, we have comprehensive arguments for both sides. Hear us out and then decide whether your January will be filled with hot cocoa and blanket scarves or iced coffee and summer slides.

Let’s Fight


Okay, so even though the twinkle lights are coming down and the holiday music has stopped playing, winter is still here. In fact it feels stronger than ever. Temperatures keep dropping, snow is falling (some places), and we are still very much into buying oversized sweaters and endless winter accessories. Could you be this cozy in the tropics? I don’t think so. The winter fighters bundle up and brave the outdoors and actually love the winter months. It might seem crazy but here are a few reasons why:

  • Scarves so big they are blankets.
  • Layering… so much layering.
  • Cozying up to a fireplace with a cup of coffee (and Baileys).
  • Not feeling guilty AT ALL about staying inside all day and night watching Netflix.
  • Two words: comfort food. (Secondary point, all those layers we mentioned above.)
  • Enjoying every cliché yet undeniably fun winter activity – skiing, ice skating, snowball fights, sleigh rides, etc.

If all those wintery wonderland things appeal to you, then shop here so you can fight the cold in style.


Taking Flight

Photo by Tony Lowe

On the opposite side of the spectrum there are some of us that simply cannot handle the winter. We find it hard to leave the house when it’s still dark out (all the time) and we’re exhausted from having to put on a thousand layers to stay warm, then take them off every time we go indoors. We spend this time of year daydreaming of sand, sandals, no pants and iced coffee. We’re booking every flight we can to get into the sunshine and here’s why:

  • That natural Vitamin D.
  • NO PANTS (as previously said).
  • Drinks on the beach… at noon.
  • No chance of slipping on black ice.
  • A head start on that tan.
  • Long walks on the beach (no dating profile pun intended).

If you’re ready to pack your bags then shop here for every sunny vacation necessity.

The Best Style Advice For The New Year

There are a lot of reasons not to be nostalgic about 2016. However in fashion, where we tend to look back while looking forward, there’s a movement to be thankful for: dress for yourself. Just like every other year, trends have come and gone, but this time it was the notion of breaking the rules and adopting new ones that really stuck with us. So we decided to look back on this year with a new set of style rules, or resolutions if you’re into that kind of thing. Over the year we’ve been quizzing our favorite people – designers, boutique owners, and most importantly the friends that are cooler than we are – on the best style advice they have ever received. They may not have realized they were giving us ours at the same time. Here, six of the best style rules we’ll be taking into 2017.


“Opt for a coat in an unexpected color and then wear that color from head to toe.”Sissy Sainte-Marie


This has been a year of stepping out of our comfort zones and being bold. Choosing colors we’d usually veto or going for a statement coat instead of a basic one. So don’t hold back, pick something unexpected and roll with it. The past year laid the foundation for expressing yourself with bold colours and a matchy-matchy palette. Amp it up in 2017.


“Less is always more. I’m a fan of pulling casual elements together with one great accessory or footwear.”Sanam Miremadi


Minimalism never fails us. Put together a few simple pieces and bam you’ve got a beautiful outfit without having to try too hard. But accessories, that’s a whole other story. Whether it’s a pair of interesting shoes or a colorful bag or unique jewelry, small impact statements took on an important role. Adding one great, wacky and bold accessory to your outfit is the perfect way to add your own touch without feeling like you’re on display.


“Reveal and conceal. Thoughtfully choose a garment that reveals only your favorite zones – clavicles, back, leg or face – and leave the rest to the imagination.”Sissy Sainte-Marie


The past year was about bringing sexy back in your own unique and comfortable way. We’ve said goodbye to mini dresses you can’t move in and low-rise jeans you can’t bend in, and welcomed in open back dresses with high necks and off the shoulder tops with flared pants. A hot look doesn’t have to mean hot pants. Reveal what makes you feel good and it will make that much more of a statement.


“Be mindful of fabrics. It should look and feel nice.”Anna Gray


When choosing to invest in that new piece, we’re all getting more educated on fabrics. There are so many beautiful options that are made responsibly or are sustainable. And we all now the benefits of shopping vintage. Plus, more and more amazing things are being done with natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Now when we’re picking that perfect jacket or dress, we’re picking the fabric too. We know this attitude will only grow stronger in 2017.


“Let your skinny jeans go, unless you’re one of the few people they flatter.”Sissy Sainte-Marie


Let’s be honest, skinny jeans aren’t that comfortable. Aren’t we all ready to leave the hours we have spent yanking up skin tight jeans behind us? Well, this past year the silhouette of jeans changed drastically and for the best. They got looser, wider and flared, and way more interesting. None of us really look the same in our jeans anymore and it’s awesome. Watch out for 2017, where more rad denim is coming for you. Hint: we’ll be channeling our dad’s pants.


“Be comfortable. Confidence is sexy and I think it’s important to be comfortable and feel good in what you’re wearing.”Elise Joseph


You’ve heard it before: looking good means feeling good. It’s not a cliché it’s gospel. Be comfortable, express yourself and most importantly, channel your independence. Cheers to the new year! We’ve got your back.

Help! What To Wear On New Year’s Eve

It’s been a solid month of holiday craziness and now the world is asking us to put together yet another memorable outfit, this time for New Year’s Eve. If you’re like most of us, you’ve left this to the last minute. Stuck staring at your closet? We got you. To help you out with this painful process we’ve rounded up some seriously rad NYE outfit ideas courtesy of our boutiques and designers. Steal away.


Photo by @alexastark

To keep it simple, all you really need is a pair of standout pants. Bonus points if they are gold.


Photo by @miramirasf

Pick a dress that looks even better when you move and then dance all night long.


Photo by @series_noir

Heels aren’t necessary to feel fancy. Pair your sneakers with a luxe pleated skirt and simple tee.


Photo by @sincerelytommy_

Velvet, stripes and a statement sleeve. Now that’s a hat trick we can get behind.


Photo by @elizafaulkner

Bare your shoulders and tie yourself up with a bow like the gift to 2017 you are.


Photo by @olive_austin

Go classic with an LBJ (little black jumpsuit), then add a pop of unexpected color.