An ode to the Canadian tuxedo

Let’s face it: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake didn’t do this look any favors when they hit the red carpet in matching denim on denim outfits back in 2001. But ironically, they kind of revived it. Ever since then the Canadian tuxedo went from being mocked to being adored. Much of that, luckily, is due to style stars doing it better. From the runway to the street, the denim on denim trend just keeps building. Now? We’re pretty much sold on the fact that it’s a look that won’t ever go out of style. The fable goes that Bing Crosby was the first to sport one after getting trouble for wearing all denim at a fancy Canadian establishment in 1951. So of course Levi Strauss & Co. made him an actual denim tuxedo. While we don’t necessarily condone the literal take on this (although Caron Callahan makes something that’s pretty close and pretty amazing), we do recommend wearing the denim on denim style that feels right for you. Canadian tuxedos can involve skirts, t-shirts, crop tops, whatever feels right for your personal style really. Of course, we thought you might heed the expertise of a few people doing it so right below.