Violet Boutique


We’re getting an itch for a getaway. A trip to Paris would be amaaazing. So we asked Genevieve Allen of Vancouver’s Violet Boutique what we should check out. She always knows the sweetest places to visit.

[When I want to people watch], I like going to sit at the chairs around the fountain in the garden at the Palais Royal…

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Robber is quite special, and not just for the brands and styles they stock. If you go to the back of the store, you’ll find a set of stairs that’ll lead you straight to heaven. Well… not literally, but it will lead you to a cute little loft where co-owner Erin Hall lives. The space is as charming as the girl who sleeps in it. You’ll be able to lounge on her vintage furniture and enjoy the overall vibe of her space with its white floors and walls. If it were a cloud, it would definitely be number nine.

[Photos By: Arden Wray]

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