Meet New Wave Blogger Reese Blustein aka Double3xposure

Reese Blustein aka Double3xposure has resurrected style blogging from the dead, and brought it back to life with a whole new purpose. Starting her account might have been just a fun sister venture at first, but it quickly took a turn to the Hollywood Boulevard of Instagram. Now with 83k followers and counting, she has thousands of girls living vicariously through her styling, and so they should be. Reese does things differently and that’s why we love her. She educates her followers on emerging designers and lesser-known labels (Holla), she wears whatever the f**k she wants because that’s what makes her feel good, and she rocks that effortlessly cool, natural beauty making us want to replicate every look she conquers. We were lucky enough to catch up with Reese and chat about her Instagram, style and how to take that perfect fashion photo. Spoiler: it’s easier than you think.

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TELL US ABOUT YOU. My Name is Reese Blutstein. I am 20 years old. I am from Atlanta Georgia and have lived here my whole life. I am a student at Georgia State University and I am also a style blogger.

HOW DID DOUBLE3XPOSURE START? It started in 2015. My twin sister and I were talking about how we wanted to start a fashion blog together. Soon after my sister Molly went away to college so I just decided to start an Instagram account on my own where I posted pictures of my outfit in the mirror in my room everyday. We came up with the name Double3xposure because we are twins and a double exposure is two photographs on top of each other that turn out to be one photograph and we thought it kind of resembled being a twin.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU REALIZED YOUR LOVE FOR FASHION? My mom told me this story of when I was in elementary school and my friends and I each got $30 for something we did and the other girls wanted to buy toys like normal kids and I went to Neiman’s and bought gold Chanel nail polish. My mom said she asked me if I was sure that I wanted to spend all my money on one small bottle of nail polish and I sure did! haha


YOU’RE SUCH A BIG SUPPORTER OF INDIE BOUTIQUES AND EMERGING DESIGNERS (JUST LIKE US!). WHEN DID THAT START FOR YOU AND HOW? I would say it started once small brands created Instagram’s. I would find small brands on Instagram and start following them and from their page it would lead me to more small brands that I liked and then I ended up finding so many small brands that I loved. I also love supporting small brands because it’s so much more personal. It is usually a small team and they know everything about the pieces they are selling. I like knowing where the things I buy come from. And personally I usually like the clothes, shoes, and bags better that are designed by smaller brands because not as many people will have them and they’re not trying to design on a huge scale like say Topshop so they can incorporate more detail.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THOSE DESIGNERS/LABELS? I love their attention to detail and the uniqueness of their designs. I love getting things in the mail from small companies/designers because their packaging is always so thought out and beautifully put together. I also love knowing that I am supporting a few people directly instead of a huge company.


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? Hmm, I feel like I always say this but it is so true I can’t pin point my style. My personal style is forever evolving. Some days I dress more masculine and some days I dress more feminine. Some weeks I am obsessed with wearing green and some weeks I love wearing red. It really just depends on how I am feeling that day, week, month, or year. So I would say my personal style is never constant and I don’t feel like their is anything that I always wear that people would think of as “my style” because it is always changing.

YOUR GO-TO OUTFITS? High waisted jeans, a black turtle neck, and my black byFAR boots or some knit pants, a plain white t-shirt, some nude slides, and a coat or jacket. Pants are usually my go to. I also love adding in colorful pants. 

FAVORITE DESIGNERS RIGHT NOW? Thats tough.. Rachel Comey is wonderful. LOQ has been one of my favorites for a long time. Sandy Liang, Simon Miller, Collina Strada, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Mari Giudicelli. I have a lot so it’s hard to pick just a few!



DO YOU HAVE ANY STYLE MUSES? Yes! Marta Cygna from lifeofboheme, Courtney Trop from alwaysjudging, Maria Bernad, Alyssa Coscarelli from alyssainthecity, and Lucitisima.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TRICKS OR RULES YOU LIVE BY WHEN SHOPPING? Eat before you go (so you don’t get hangry), buy what you know you will wear in months from now not just what is “trending” unless of course whatever is trending is adorable haha, and if you don’t absolutely love it when you try it on I bet you will barely wear it. I also always make sure that if I am buying something that I can style it at least five different ways because I don’t have all the money in the world so re-wearing and re-creating items is key for me when I am shopping.


WHERE ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP? ANY HIDDEN GEMS IN ATLANTA YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH US? I mostly love vintage shopping. Highland row antiques is amazing, Antique Factory in Chamblee is super cool, and this shop isn’t vintage but Little Barn Apothecary in west provision is so cute and has the best skin products and candles.

ANY WORDS OF WISDOM AKA SECRETS TO TAKING A GOOD FASHION PHOTO? Yes! Constantly move. Don’t hold one pose because it will look unnatural but if you just keep moving then your natural movements will be picked up on the camera and then bam! you have a perfectly posed photo!

Reese picked out her fave things on the site right now. You’re going to want to check them out here.

Photographer: Jennifer Grimm

Mom We Love: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap

Jennifer Hagler, the woman behind A Merry Mishaphas a magic touch. Her passion and eye for interior design, especially decor with a Scandinavian perspective, shines through her blog and right into her own lifestyle. Jennifer has created a home base that is the perfect combination of simple, sparse and modern, yet still filled with that cozy feeling. Situated in the city of Star, Idaho where she lives with her husband Jeremiah and their two kids, Jennifer is a freelance stylist, full-time mom and nightly blogger. She obviously has her hands full, but lucky for us she took some time to share her thoughts on motherhood, style and mastering the balance of imbalance.


Jennifer Hagler A Merry Mishap

TELL US ALL ABOUT YOU. I was born and raised in Idaho but my heart is mostly in Europe, which I think comes as no surprise to anyone who has read my blog. It’s not our favorite place but now with two kids of my own we are glad to be near family, so for the time being Idaho will be our home for a bit longer.

Besides writing for my blog I also work part time as a freelance stylist, which I usually share on the site or on my Instagram. Being a mom though is my real primary work, at least until the kids are older.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? My style has become a bit more masculine lately. I also crave simplicity so I rarely wear patterns and usually stick to a neutral palette or black and grey to beige and ivory, although I’ve found myself collecting a lot of blue and khaki green as well. Typically I’m drawn to modern things but also pieces are demure and maybe elegant. Of course I still have plenty of days when athleisure becomes my look of choice!

WHO DO YOU TURN TO FOR INTERIORS INSPIRATION? I can’t say there is any one person or one source I turn to for interior inspiration. I keep some of my favorite blogs in my blog reader as well as a healthy stack of interior design magazines and books around me. Instagram is also a great way to discover new-to-me interior designers.

WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER YOUR LOVE FOR INTERIORS? Probably about the time my son was born, seven years ago. I was homebound and the interior of our house became very familiar and very important to me. I was curious about what other homes looked like and my passion for interiors and design really blossomed from my desire to change my own surroundings.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOME? My husband, two kids and I live in a smallish house so I change things up quite often. Sometimes I like the living room best since it opens to the kitchen and dining room, but when my bedrooms is clean and free from toy debris, I love being in my room. I love being in my room even more with my husband because it means both kids are in bed and we can talk or laugh about our day together. 

TELL US ABOUT YOUR KIDS. My son is 7 and my daughter is 2. I’m really enjoying where they are now, my oldest is mature enough to have some thoughtful conversations and likes to wow me with facts about our solar system. He hopes to be an astronaut one day and discover new planets, which I think would be pretty great.

Elin, my daughter, is very kind and loving. She just loves to love, daily showering me with the some sincere compliments and she has such great manners. I’m glad she’s still small enough to hold in my arms but I wish she would stop growing up so quickly.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-2-18-01-pm

HAVE THEY STARTED DEVELOPING THEIR OWN SENSE OF STYLE? Other than having a strong preference for black and wanting to be comfortable, my son doesn’t care too much. He mostly lets me dress him and when he dresses himself he only cares about throwing something on fast, regardless of how pieces look together. Elin on the other hand prefers dresses, especially with pockets, to most other types of clothing. She likes very feminine details but isn’t too opinionated yet. I dress her in a lot of softer colors, creams and soft browns and occasional rose pink because she has such a strong affinity for the color.

With both of the kids but particularly my daughter, I look for clothes that are not distracting because I want them to wear the clothing, not the other way around. Children generally are beautiful all on their own so I want to dress them in a way that compliments, not distracts.


BEST THING ABOUT BEING A MOM? When your children overcome an obstacle, or learn a new ability or show kindness to others, there’s not a better feeling in the world. It’s a whole lot of work and sometimes you put yourself on the back burner for their sake, but when they succeed you succeed. For me this sort of intense joy experienced through some else’s victory has been unique to motherhood, and makes all the other moments of struggle worth it!

HOW DO YOU BALANCE WORK AND FAMILY? It’s really an imbalance act of working and raising a family because some days one needs you more than the other. As a general rule I try to give my family priority but I also have to put my foot down and carve out time for other ventures, not just because it’s work but because it’s something I personally feel good about doing. As a woman and certainly as a mom, we must have something that we love to do because it simply makes us feel good. Otherwise it’s too easy to throw yourself entirely into the needs of the family members and neglect your own ambitions.

HAS BEING A MOM CHANGED YOUR OWN SENSE OF STYLE? Definitely! Before kids I wore uncomfortable shoes, tight and at times uncomfortable clothes, things purely for their aesthetic quality that were hyper trendy. Now I think very practically about longevity, washability, how well a piece will hold up to being tugged at and wiped against all day. Not that a mom can’t also feel sexy or trendy but I have a very different purpose for dressing now, which I’m totally ok with.

WHAT STYLE ADVICE WILL YOU GIVE YOUR KIDS AS THEY GROW UP? I’m sure I will tell them firstly that it is essential their style be authentic and a reflection of who they are and not to let themselves be too pressured to look or create a specific look. Hopefully they will also be thoughtful consumers as well and will think about an item’s quality and story. I hope they fill their lives with purposeful items and think carefully about what they surround themselves with. And then also to have fun with it and experiment!


Follow Jennifer for endless minimalist inspo at @amerrymishap.

A Decor Moodboard From New Mom Anabela Piersol

Newly full-time mom and long-time expert blogger, Anabela Piersol is known for her inspirational pictures and daily writing. Her Instagram feed @fieldguided has taken a turn onto babyville with her son Luca and we couldn’t love it more. Anabela took some time from her busy days and created a moodboard filled with her vision when planning the nursery for baby Luca.

“My ambitions weren’t too lofty and didn’t require the most expensive elements. I wanted to create a serene space that he could grow into as his personality and tastes developed. I was very inspired by many of the Scandinavian-style nurseries and homes that I’ve seen online, which are often very high contrast with black and white details. Of course, I still love color, which is brought in by special toys and board books.”

Woman We Love: Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee

“Vivienne Westwood said it perfectly, ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.'” Lee Vosburgh is on a closet mission. First discovering tips for her own wardrobe, the Canadian style blogger has been focused on showing her readers how to edit their closets and curate a collection of outfits that they really love. Her philosophy is that our clothes should excite us and move us to explore ourselves through the medium of clothing. Oh, and we should actually wear them. Meaning that dusty pair of platform sneakers that you bought on a whim? It’s time that they hit the road to make room for styles that make you feel like you. Read on for Lee’s style wisdom and all the reasons she’s a woman we love.

Woman We Love: Jessi Frederick of Stylish Gambino

“I’m not a blogger, I just post a lot.” Jessi Frederick’s statement on her extremely successful style portal Stylish Gambino is pretty much the perfect sum of her Brooklyn-based parts. Her casual, laid back, slightly sarcastic approach to style, blogging about style, and working in fashion was honed from an early age growing up in Rochester, New York. Moving to Manhattan in 2009, and now based in Brooklyn, Jessi’s POV was a fresh breath of air in a world of sharp stilettos and perfectly placed flat lays. We’re long time fans, so when we decided to do a month dedicated to our love of Brooklyn we had to get in touch. Here, she shares her take on style and her favorite pieces from Garmentory’s Brooklyn-based designers.

Voz top and pants; Mercurial NYC ring
Voz top and pants; Mercurial NYC ring; Collina Strada bag


Meet the couple behind Toronto style blog Fieldguided

Anabela and Geoff Piersol are a constant source of inspiration. Their Toronto-based style blog, Fieldguided, is so rad we can’t even begin to explain it. Follow them on Instagram, you’ll see what we mean. Anabela won us over first with her beautiful tote bags and we teamed up with her last year for a special download for Spring. Obviously, we had to do it again.

Click to download our exclusive Fieldguided x Garmentory wallpaper for your Apple device now: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

We caught up with the talented couple to find out how they met, what they love about Toronto and what’s on their shopping wish lists.



HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET? We actually met online! But quickly realized we had a friend in common, which made it feel a little more natural.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING TOGETHER? Geoff is the most supportive person I know, and has always encouraged me creatively, telling me there’s nothing I can’t do if I set my mind to do it. He’s a natural teacher and taught me everything I know about photography. He’s also not afraid to tell me if something I’ve worked on isn’t quite right.

1. Allan Gardens Conservatory: I love this place because it’s open to everyone and it’s free, and it smells so good! Such a nice place to visit, especially in winter.
2. The University of Toronto campus: Many of the downtown buildings are from the nineteenth century and they’re beautifully ornate. You don’t get a lot of older buildings in Toronto so I take a lot of delight in the carved statues and stone details.
3. The Toronto Islands: Summer means hopping on the ferry and heading to the islands for a picnic.

WHAT’S ON YOUR SHOPPING LIST RIGHT NOW? I never thought I’d see THIS day, but I’ve been trying to hit the gym a lot lately so I’ve been really interested in nice workout gear! I’ve been coming across a lot of amazing local companies who make really beautiful printed leggings, such as Paprika and Fellow Citizens.


As a former footwear buyer and veteran of social media, Sunny Shum knows a thing or two about accessories and the Internet world. She has been blogging and tweeting for years, so she took a logical career move and launched her own online shop called Shut Up I Love This. Curated with an assortment of contemporary accessory brands, the store focuses on Canadian designers to love.

Photo Credit: Paul Melo

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