Meet the Designer: Tara Elwin of TARA 4779

There’s nothing simple about the minimalist jewelry from New York City’s TARA 4779. Even the most delicate, pared-down metal band has a complex story behind it ranging from percentages of precious metals to mathematics. Originally from New Orleans, designer Tara Elwin draws on her background in fine art and galleries for inspiration for each seasonal collection. We went behind the scenes in her studio to get to know the woman behind the emerging brand.

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Fall Inspo with Collina Strada Designer Hillary Taymour

As we not so patiently await the arrival of the Fall/Winter 2015 collections, we asked a few of our favorite designer friends to share their mood boards for the season. First, we talked to the rad Hillary Taymour of New York-based Collina Strada:

“Since obsessing over minimal Japanese architecture this season, I only want to see clean lines. My focus was to create a warmer, more luxe approach to my aesthetic. I’m known to design clothes that are easy to wear, urban, and multifunctional for the effortless downtown girl. My girl is maturing and I really wanted the pieces to reflect that. With this collection, I cut my prints in half to create a more minimal and architectural concept with the story, yet still keeping it very now.”

Current Inspiration: Portland artist Damien Gilley

Damien Gilley is a multidisciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. He creates complex optical illusions by using masking tape, drywall and foam core. He begins by finding a location and photographing it; after drawing onto the photo of his vision he starts his project. Each piece enhances the location by playing with the architecture and proportions. With this he aims that the final piece gives people alternative views of an ordinary space.

All photos from Damien Gilley.

Montreal photographer Patrick Laroque on finding inspiration

We fell in love with the gorgeous imagery captured by Montreal-based photographer Patrick La Roque and were compelled to get in touch with him. He shoots portrait, editorial, commercial, and motion. Patrick’s a member of the Kage Collective and is an official Fujifilm Photographer. We felt inspired just looking at his photos. So we had to ask him where he gathers his inspiration from.


Inspiration has never felt like anything tangible. I don’t do conceptual imagery and I don’t get any fully formed precognitive visions… I admire those who do, but that’s not me at all. I rarely move on a preconceived idea. I do however get very wild urges to just pick up the camera and shoot. Not necessarily because I see something, but because I HAVE to shoot – I need that rapport to the world. I long for the hunt. I strongly believe in being ready, as much as possible, for the possibility of an image. Instead of waiting around for inspiration to strike; I’ll take the camera and point it at something. Eventually this will take me somewhere, I’ll find a kind of groove no matter where I am and images will start to happen. Sometimes just a few, sometimes many.

Motivation however is a different matter… I have this visceral need to bring life at a full stop and stare at it, like a gem in a glass case — or an insect trapped in amber.