What to Wear For A Netflix Marathon

Don’t get us wrong, going out and seeing other humans in public is fun and all. But sometimes the best nights are the nights spent indoors. Whether staying home with friends, family or solo, we like to start with a glass (or bottle) of wine, some great snacks and Netflix (or your laptop and a few well-bookmarked shopping sites). Of course when it comes to wardrobe, only the comfiest clothes will do. We figure you’ve got the first three covered, so this style roundup is dedicated to the easiest, laziest ways to look put together at the same time. We personally can’t deny a good jumpsuit – babies know what’s up about onesies. They are the ultimate relaxation outfit. Second best, any pair of cotton pants with an elastic waist. We have options that can proudly be worn outside as well – thank you, athleisure. When in doubt grab that super soft sweater or t-shirt dress, they’ll always have your back. Enjoy your cozy night in.

Express Yourself: Home Edition

It’s those little things in life that end up making us the most happy (at least that’s what people say). Seriously though, how is it possible that just one candle or a new plant hanger or a set of mugs can change your whole outlook on life? We may not be able to pinpoint the actual science of that kind of retail therapy, but we know it’s true. Filling your home with stuff that is just as much an expression of yourself, your own unique perspective, as your outfit simply brings joy. Plus, the more unique the item, the more joy it brings. Sure, vases with little faces on them may seem silly but just wait until you put a plant in one of them and laugh so hard you’ll buy two more. Joy to the world, it’s time to dress up your home.

Cool Mom Melissa Sonico Shares Her Fave Kid Picks

We can’t get enough of Melissa Sonico and her adorable son Harrison. Her insanely busy days impact her personal style, but only in the best, minimalist kind of way. With a focus on neutral tones and classic pieces like jeans and a loose linen blouse, she believes that comfort and style are completely linked. We are such fans of Melissa’s style, so we wanted her personal picks from our kids pop-up shop to see what her own cutie would wear.

“I also like neutral colors for him (just like my own color palette) but with a lot more color and fun prints.”

Cozy Up To These Shoes

Fall is the perfect time to splurge on new shoes (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves) to keep your feet cozy and comfortable. This season we are absolutely loving anything with soft texture – we’re basically looking to get as close to the unavoidable comfort and warmth of Uggs without actually wearing them. From velvet to shearling to faux fur, luckily we have a ton of options. Plus, it’s the warmest thing to happen to shoes yet. We’re loving how Mari Giudicelli does it subtly with her Leblon Mule or how Bronze Age goes full on with their Neko Fur Babouche. When it comes to needing true winter warmth (we’re talking to you, east coasters) shearling is the way to go. Another cozy look is velvet. It has that soft luxurious look and feel, but keeps it sleek. So whether you decide on fur, shearling or velvet – or all of them – your feet will thank you.

Staff Picks: Garmentory Kids

We are just as obsessed with our Garmentory Kids pop-up shop as you probably are. Onesies, cardigans, fur coats… we’re outfit planning for every single kid in our lives. But we took on the challenge of editing it down to our absolute favorite pieces. Here, the result of some seriously difficult decisions.

Nine Coats You Won’t Regret Buying

Most of us are still denying the end of summer and woefully watching our tan lines fade. So we might not be too excited about the weather getting colder, but there is one thing making the impending seasonal change a little better — the coats. To help inspire you to embrace the cold, we’ve rounded up this year’s must-have coats. Starting with the classics, consider the trench, parka and denim jacket. They are easy, go-to styles for those tough Monday mornings when all you can really think about is coffee. And then we’ve got a few updated looks such as the quilted kimono and reversible shearling coat. Finally, we have two robe coats that will never fail you: black, oversized, and the perfect length. Throw them over your coziest knit and fave pair of denim, and you’re good to go. See, winter isn’t all bad. 

Fuzzy: Our Current Texture Obsession

It’s like wearing your pyjamas around all day. Or carrying around your favorite blanket. Fuzzy texture is pretty much one of the most comfortable things to happen to fashion ever, not to mention it’s also a really interesting detail. Materials like faux fur and shearling add both a luxurious and casual element to jackets and bags, plus they’re super soft to the touch. We love how Bronze Age does it with their plush babouches (a stylish way to wear your slippers in public, anyone?) and Carleen nails it with making a whole shirt out of fleece. Need we say more? 

New York’s Anna Gray Shares Her Vintage Shopping Tips

When it comes to vintage shopping, we trust everything Anna Gray has to say. As a writer and model living in New York City, she knows the ins and outs of shopping for vintage on a budget. Anna moved to New York when she was 18 and has since filled her plate with anything she could get her hands on. From studying literature to working four jobs at once, she was a quick study of the city’s hustle. With her “say yes to everything” motto (including hand-me-downs) and family influence (the eccentric closet of her grandmother and her mom’s love of vintage), there’s always a ton of inspiration to find in Anna’s unique approach to style.

Lucky for us (and you, naturally) we caught up with her to chat about personal style and get an honest play by play of shopping vintage. Just three of her tips and we promise you’ll be ready to thrift!


WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER A LOVE FOR VINTAGE? Being a small kid/late bloomer, hand-me-downs have always had a majority stake in my wardrobe. My mom loves vintage and my Grandma’s closet is INSANE (neon orange paisley jumpsuits, costume jewelry, leopard print everything, etc.) so I was always dipping into their reserves. It makes me very sad that their feet are smaller than mine.

WHY DO YOU SHOP VINTAGE? I like recycling old clothes and wearing things no one else is wearing!

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BEST VINTAGE SCORE TO DATE? Oh wow so many things. Men’s red suede cropped bell bottoms, a gigantic black velvet Norma Kamali turtleneck, my black sueded and fox fur winter coat…

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE NEW TO VINTAGE SHOPPING? Know your size! Seriously, measure your entire body and commit the inches (or centimetres) to memory. This goes for shoes too. Vintage shoes run smaller than contemporary sizes. And be mindful of fabrics – it should look and feel nice.



  1. I try not to buy any synthetic materials. I touch everything looking for silk, cotton, wool blends, cashmere and the like because they feel nice on the skin and are usually better quality.
  2. Try it on!
  3. It’s taken me years to actually practice this but I try to have an idea of what I want before I start browsing. Can be as vague as “pants” or as specific as “metallic gogo boot” but it helps narrow the playing field. Vintage shopping is pretty exhausting (in a good way).

WHO DO YOU LOOK AT FOR INSPIRATION WHEN SHOPPING FOR VINTAGE? I like to wear ’60s and ’70s silhouettes – mod dresses, flared jeans. I love looks from the ’50s but feel a little matronly when I actually find similarly evocative pieces. We all have the same cool-girl heroes: Jane Birkin, Jackie Kennedy, Bianca Jagger, Francoise Hardy…. I buy whatever makes me feel like a babe.

WHERE DO YOU SHOP VINTAGE? The only “vintage” store I frequent in NYC is Salvation Army (a treasure trove) and maybe some little hole-in-the-walls. I love finding good vintage stores in other cities. I just polled all of my Canadian friends for their favorite Toronto spots and that is where I found previously mentioned Norma Kamali velvet turtleneck!

Check out Anna’s picks from our Vintage Pop-Up before they get away:

A Micro Trend We Love: Borrowing From The Boys

We don’t know if it’s the structure, the oversized cuts, or our love affair with the ’80s lately, but men’s wear has taken a firm hold on our hearts for the moment. The silhouettes are just so classic — from slouchy jeans to work shirts — and they’re so easy it wear, it’s no wonder that it’s far less laborious for guys to throw together an outfit. You literally can’t go wrong. And what’s not to love about that? Here, we break down some of our favorite pieces from this Fall trend that borrows from the boys. 



New York-based footwear line Dieppa Restrepo is known for taking style cues from men’s wear, so it’s no surprise that the brand is behind these perfect loafers. Inspired by the classic gentleman’s shoe, the Gaston Soft Onix Tassel Loafer has a rounded toe, tassel detailing and a low stacked heel. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend steals them.



Vintage-inspired, oversized and in a medium grey hue, this Seeker Studios Essential Oversized Blazer screams Working Girl (remember that movie from the ’80s?). Made from 100% handwoven cotton, the fabric is supple, soft and super comfortable to wear during long days at the office.



So simple, yet so good. The denim shirt is seasonless, ageless, gender-less and always good. Wear untucked or tucked. This 69 Stevie Shirt has a frayed pocket for a little something extra.



Sorry, Grandpa. We’re gonna have to raid your closet, because a good cable knit sweater is perfect for adding a comfortable accent to a more structured outfit or for just cozying up on dreary Fall days. We love this unisex one from Intentionally Blank.



Bye-bye, bad hair days. Well, actually, you’re gonna be wishing for them just so that you can wear this super cute cap all the time. A baseball hat is great way to add some low-key androgynous elegance to your ensemble and this Reality Studio Mario Cap, with its linen/cotton fabric and streamlined shape, is a home run.



This is the ultimate layering piece (because there’s just so much damn room) and Intentionally Blank nails the secret to not getting lost in the shape with their Moss Jacket — proportions with just enough structure. We’re talking giant cuffs and a matching giant hem.



Can you get any more classic than a men’s work shirt? Worn as a top, a dress or a night shirt, this silhouette is just effortless. The Squad Navy Poplin Quincy has a little something extra, with Mother of Pearl buttons and an unstructured hem.




Not just any jeans, though. We’re talking perfectly imperfect and loose-fitting ones. The Olderbrother Patched Five Pocket feel like you stole them from, yes, your older brother, complete with the patchwork detail.



Double breasted, with structured shoulders and a tailored fit, the Won Hundred Therese Jacket makes for a sophisticated topper. Like a men’s wear coat, the fit is relaxed enough to provide room for movement and layering, yet is shaped in just the right ways to maintain serious style. Dad would be jealous.

Vintage Picks For Our Favorite Fall Trends

We’ve already tapped into the key ways to freshen up your Fall wardrobe this season, but since it’s Vintage Month, we thought we would apply some of the seasonal trends to a few of our favorite vintage picks. Because, after all, not only is shopping vintage a great way to shop sustainably and integrate one-of-a-kind character into your closet, it also provides an opportunity to be more fashion forward than ever. Read on and swoon.



Metallics are a super simple way to add a little bit extra oomph to any outfit. These beautiful ivory vintage Stuart Weitzman pumps do just that in the most subtle yet effective way, while checking off all the other details we love in a shoe right now: sleek silhouette, almond toe and blocked heel. It’s ’90s minimalism to a tee.


For those wanting to really dive into this trend, this taupe metallic shirt makes a big splash. No pockets, front button enclosure and insanely easy to style. Plus, the rich color basically makes it a neutral, so it goes with everything. Try it with disco dance moves.



A large, comfy coat is a win in two ways: it keeps you warm on crisp days and it’s the perfect pulled-together topper. The men’s wear-inspired piece also channels one of our favorite shapes from the ’80s, like this vintage, calf-skimming, oatmeal one by Pepe does. Okay, that’s three ways.


This vintage cotton hooded coat offers a lightweight option in the trend, with its relaxed fit and straight hem.



It’s all about texture this season and this vintage tank does it totally right. Super soft and in a classic cut, it is as adorable as it is easy to wear (and easy on the skin… ahhh).



Okay, so who didn’t want to be Penny in Almost Famous? Well, now you can channel your inner groupie in this perfect Penny Lane Jacket. In a rich burnt orange color and with a shearling collar, everything about it is also right on trend.



Halston was THE brand of the ’70s and this vintage Halston cashmere knit dress is relieving all of our era envy, while staying totally contemporary. The luxurious dress, which has a buttoned up mandarin collar, comes in a dusty pink — one of this season’s most coveted shades.


For a more structured take on the soft hue, there’s this linen service jacket. Wear it layered or buttoned up all on its own. We’re blushing at all the options.



Turtlenecks really are the best — you can layer them, wear them on their own and they’re multi-seasonal, working for fall all the way through to winter. This vintage ribbed silk mockneck is pure perfection, with its luxurious fabric, short sleeves and hip-hitting hem.


Needed more proof at how amazing turtlenecks are? Here’s this nude cashmere and silk sweater.



These vintage trousers may be straight from the 1970s, but they feel completely current. Tapping into this season’s love affair with the wide leg, the double knit polyester pant is right on the money with its high waist, easy silhouette and bright color.



Why have just one color when you could have two? We’re being greedy with our hues this season and this perfectly oversized pocket pullover, which combines cream and brown, is everything we’ve been lusting over. Like something grandpa would wear, only better. 

For more amazing vintage, head this way!