Meet the Boutique: Board of Trade Co.

The three friends behind Vancouver’s Board of Trade Co. have a particular way of curating their boutique. And it works.

The baby of friends Eunice Quan, David Lin and Armin Tehrani, Board of Trade’s philosophy is that style and taste go well beyond clothes and is equally expressed through the things we use everyday. Such as your everyday morning mug or the dish that holds your soap. The three pals are creating a covetable lifestyle. Plus, the shop is a space where artists from around the world can show off their goods and talents. Serious TLC goes into the place as the owners have a deep knowledge and understanding of the clothes, designers, and objects that are represented at the shop. We caught up with Armin to learn more.

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How to pick art for your home like a boutique hotel

As a full-service art consulting firm, Vancouver’s Farmboy Fine Arts is a team behind the scenes of some of the world’s biggest hospitality chains and coolest boutique hotels. Their role? To curate art collections and dress up the decor with some incredible graphic work and design. Every time we travel we wonder how we can bring a little of that boutique hotel feel home, so we quizzed Design Director Craig David Long to give us a behind the scenes look at the hotel art world and how we can expand our horizons beyond Ikea Klimts and MoMA posters.

ARE THERE ANY MOVEMENTS OR TRENDS IN THE ART WORLD RIGHT NOW? It is very hard to pinpoint thematic or aesthetic trends that span the art world at large, because art is such a vast and expansive thing. Art can be decorative or conceptual, contemporary or historic, and there is great variety within between artistic practices, such as style, medium, or what an individual artist’s thematic interests are. There are also many regional differences between art communities, based on social and cultural factors, the local market’s appetite for art, and the maturity of that artistic community.

Within hospitality, however, that is definitely where trends start to emerge. For hotels in the three- and four-star range, we are beginning to see some departure from traditional hung artwork, like framed art and canvases, though those will always be present. We are seeing art take on more architectural applications, such as printing imagery on substrates like metal, glass, mirror and textiles; the trend toward large graphic wall murals; as well as incorporating three dimensional and modular wall art in the guest rooms and public areas.

At the higher end, we have definitely seen hotels really begin to understand and appreciate the cultural, social and investment value of collecting fine and contemporary art as a long-term strategy. Our company has been a long believer that collecting fine art originals not only enhances the guest experience, but it can also foster dialogue with the local community and even yield financial return over time as well.


Meet the Designer: Mapa Collective

The adorable founder of MAPA Collective shares a peek behind the scenes and her favorite spots to visit in Colombia.

Paula Herrera was born in the United States and grew up all over the world: Guatemala, Greece, Spain, and finally landed in Chicago. Although she lived everywhere early in life, one thing always remained the same: her love of fashion. Everywhere she went, Paula would always collect handbags and accessories but her favorites pieces always came from Colombia, a major part of her heritage. After completing school, she worked as a management consultant in New York City, but decided that entrepreneurship and retail were really her thing. Paula realized how much her friends loved her global collection of accessories and wanted to make the unique pieces she found on her travels accessible to the world. So she created MAPA Collective, an accessories line she designs in Chicago and produces in Colombia. Sustainability and quality are of the upmost importance, so she works with both the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Colombian Ministry of Environment, Housing and Sustainable Development. Here we chat with the woman who’s bringing South American style to our doorstep.

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How Street Dreams magazine is winning Instagram

Eric Veloso is a hard man to pin down. Based both in Vancouver and New York City to run his collaborative photography quarterly, Street Dreams Magazine, he is constantly travelling for the next project and the next city street. Flip through the pages of the mag and you’ll get the picture. He might email you from Portland one day, Chicago the next, then two days later in New York. We caught up with him in Vancouver to get the inside story on Street Dreams. With just over a year under their belts, his team has created a massive following on Instagram and collaborate with some of the biggest brands. If you’re not a subscriber, get on the list ASAP. They sell out fast. Their MO? To create a community based on collective inspiration and a platform to represent the best photographers of our time.