Brooklyn Boutique SWORDS-SMITH Shares Their Favorite Statement Coats

Briana Swords, co-owner of the Brooklyn boutique SWORDS-SMITH, knows that when it comes keeping your sense of style intact in the winter, a coat is not just a coat. Her Williamsburg-based boutique is beloved for not only stocking some seriously special pieces you won’t find anywhere else, but Briana has that special way of finding new talent before they become household names. She also believes in supporting emerging designers that use an inspiration-driven design process and manufacture their products responsibly (we obviously see eye-to-eye on this). So, as the cold officially breaks, we asked her to play favorites. “These are statement outerwear pieces for women who are looking for something unique and special,” she says. “Your everyday coat doesn’t have to be basic because you are not basic.”




“Rodebjer ‘creates fashion for women who make a difference’ and this pretty much sums up why we love the Swedish brand.” 

Daylon Quilt Coat – Shop Now> 



“The Copenhagen-based designer is known for her unique, artful prints and feminine silhouettes. The extra attention to details on the pin-tuck navy velvet smoking jacket makes it extra luxurious.”

Rubik Coat – Shop Now >




Striped Cape Coat – Shop Now >



Cape Coat in Black – Shop Now >


Last Coat in Hunter Green – Shop Now >


This Coat in Black and White Stripe – Shop Now >


“The Danish designer came through this season with SO MANY beautiful, unique coats. The draping, seaming and fabrics are phenomenal – these coats come to life on the body.”

Babette Coat – Shop Now >



“The Xiong coat is one of our best sellers and Reality Studio offers it up in a few colors and fabrications every Fall. This coat makes you feel like you wrapped yourself in a blanket and walked out the door.”

Xiong Coat in Dark Gray – Shop Now >

Can’t pick just one? Shop all of Briana’s favorite statement coats here.

How To Wear Wide Leg Pants This Winter

We love wide leg pants as much as we love happy hour (and that’s a lot). They are the easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl of pants: comfortable, flattering and the perfect piece to tie an outfit together. During the warmer (dryer) seasons they are simple go-to pants, but as winter rolls up a few tricks are in order to pull them off without completely ruining the bottoms in rain and slush. Consider the cropped wide leg pant as the holy grail for all seasons. Whether they are just above the ankle or up to mid calf, we highly recommend picking up your hem for winter. Not only will this avoid the unruly weather at your feet, but it is also the perfect trick to show off your shoes… and socks.



Winter Cords

A pair of wide leg corduroy trousers are the perfect winter white pant. The warm cream color matches with, well, basically anything, and their slightly cropped fit will keep them in a mud-free zone. We love them paired with classic leather boots such as the Intentionally Black Jacob boot, which are the perfect height.

Shop >


Classic Black Trousers

Everyone needs a pair of black trousers in their life. We especially love these Silvae twill pants. They out-style any old run-of-the-mill black pants with a paper bag waist and unique embroidered buttonholes. Fairly above ankle, they are perfect for showing off your fancy socks so pair them with LOQ block heeled pumps for full sock exposure.

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Fun Work Pants

Made of soft raw silk and high waisted, these golden-hued Ali Golden trousers are a great addition to your wide leg pant collection. Their pleated waistline gives them a more work appropriate feel but never doubt these trousers can be dressed both up and down easily. With the rolled cuff we love them paired with Coclico’s gray patchwork ankle boot.

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Off-Duty Denim

Of course a good pair of jeans is essential. We have to admit that the wide leg cut is our all-time favorite. This cropped pair by Neuw are definitely easy on the eyes. The almost primary blue color feels fresh and the length is pretty much perfect. We love them paired with the No. 6 clogs in rust. The two hues would look unreal together.

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Cuffed Trousers

The Luisa Et La Luna Matilda pant takes cuffed pants to whole new level. They are cropped above ankle and have a slightly flared leg making them perfect for almost any shoe type. We particularly love them with the Coclico Leitzel, showing off the amazing suede patchwork detailing.

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Cool-Kid Picks From Angela Deviatova-Hageali

We have a huge style crush on Angela Deviatova-Hageali of @mommyplaysdressup. As a mother of two boys, dressing for comfort and practicality is key for her but that doesn’t stop her from taking risks. Her usual mix of classic and minimalist style is often paired with unusual color combinations and textures making each and every outfit stand out. We thought she might have a little sartorial wisdom to pass on to the next generation, so we asked for her own personal favorites from our kids pop-up shop. Her picks are a reflection of what her two boys (and most kids) like: “Clothes that are comfortable and non-fussy.”

Top 3 Must-Have Winter Scarves, Gloves And Hats

We’ve all got that box of trusty winter accessories in the back of our closet. It’s filled with your favorite staples that you can’t get rid of and old Christmas gifts from those relatives you really only see around the holidays. Well, we think it is time that box got an upgrade. Winter is the best time to accessorize mostly because it’s pretty much essential to keeping warm. We’ve pulled together our favorite must-have scarves, gloves and hats so you can survive winter in style. Mix it up this year with different textures and patterns, try fingerless gloves (we promise they still keep you warm), and move beyond your basic black beanie with new styles you thought you’d never try. With these accessories within reach, you’ll actually want to abandon the couch, get outside and take on the cold.

Mom We Love: Angela Deviatova-Hageali of Mommy Plays Dress Up

If you’re like us, your love affair with stylish women you love has often started on Instagram. Our #girlcrush on Angela Deviatova-Hageali is a prime example. The Dubai-based mother of two caught our eye as we found her active within our beloved community of emerging designers. Along with admiring her sophisticated and eclectic sense of style, we often found her outfit credits representing some of our mutual pals. Suffice it to say, we knew we had to be friends. Lucky for us, we got the chance to sit down with Angela to talk about style, motherhood and those late night Instagram edits that keep our midnight scrolling filled with constant inspiration.


TELL US ALL ABOUT YOU. My name is Angela Deviatova-Hageali. I live in Dubai with my husband, two boys – Aiden (5) and Leo (4) – and our pets, all of which were rescued locally. We moved to Dubai three years ago from London, our home. I’m originally Russian and my husband is originally Lebanese, so we are quite an international family, which is fun in many ways. The fact that kids get to bounce between Dubai, London, Beirut and Moscow is definitely one of them! My husband and I met through work, we were both in banking at the time. Since moving to Dubai I’ve been a full time mother, an opportunity I’m eternally grateful for. Mommyplaysdressup was born as a creative outlet which was much needed to break up my parenting routine. As mothers, we all have days when the going gets a little tough, I know I do. Children may be unwell or just plain cranky; this is where Mommyplaysdressup comes in – it’s my therapy if you like. Mommyplaysdressup and my beloved pets. If all else fails there is very little a good long dog walk can’t solve. I mean it!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? My personal style is a mix of classic and minimalist. This said, I like to play with unusual color combinations and textures to make my outfits stand out. My personal style may look put together or dressed up at times but in reality it’s fast, thrown together and easy. On average, it takes me all of five minutes to get ready.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNER? Hmmmm, I have so many! I’m a huge supporter of the so-called slow fashion movement – independent emerging designers with a good story behind them. Caron Callahan, Miranda Bennett, Mr. Larkin, Sunja Link and Rennes are among my firm favorites. As for the long-established brands, Celine, The Row, Lemaire and, more recently, a Slovakian brand Nehera all get my vote.

WHAT’S YOUR DAY-TO-DAY GO-TO OUTFIT? A loose fitting silk or linen dress with Martiniano glove flats and a pinky ring. I feel naked without my pinky rings.


WHAT’S THE BEST STYLE ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? I’m not sure if this qualifies as a styling advice but my grandmother told me to keep my eye brows thick and my shoulders and back straight. It’s all about your presence and first impression, she told me. Now, the eye brows are very much a personal preference, but a good posture takes you good places, just like good shoes do!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR KIDS. Oh they are wonderful, even if they drive me borderline insane at times! They are 18 months apart in age so they are very close, it’s lovely. Aiden makes me laugh a lot (apparently I am not allowed to correct his grammar because he is not a ‘GROWL UP’ yet) and Leo gives the best cuddles and has a special way with animals.

HAVE THEY STARTED DEVELOPING THEIR OWN SENSE OF STYLE? I think they have! They definitely like their clothes comfortable and non fussy.


BEST THING ABOUT BEING A MOM? So many things I don’t think I can pick just one. Hearing my children say “I love you” to me without me having said it first. Seeing the kindness in their hearts everyday. Feeling confident that I am responsible for who they are becoming and their values. Knowing that I am raising them to be the very best they can! I love that I learn from them something new every day. And of course all the cuddles and kisses, how did I ever survive without them before?

HOW DO YOU BALANCE WORK AND FAMILY? Multitasking and prioritizing are key! Most of my Instagram posts are edited while I’m putting the kids to bed, after our nighttime reading is done. It also helps immensely that my husband is extremely supportive of me and my work – we work good as a team! This said, I don’t always get the balance right. Hand on heart I would love to be even more active on Instagram, but while the children are still small, I have to put a limit to how much time I spend online. I want my children to remember me as a mother who showed up.


HAS BEING A MOM CHANGED YOUR OWN SENSE OF STYLE OR APPROACH TO FASHION? Definitely. Once you have children whether you want to or not you become more aware of dressing for comfort and practicality. Flats over high heels, cross body or shoulder bags over totes kind of thing. I’m very hands-on when it comes to raising my boys and this very much dictates my day to day outfits. Funnily enough when I was younger I assumed my style would become more conservative once I became a mother, but the reality is I’m more likely to take risks now than ever before. I guess it’s because I’m getting more and more comfortable in my skin and I am less worried about what other people will think.

WHAT STYLE ADVICE WILL YOU GIVE THEM AS THEY GROW UP? Don’t be afraid of being different.


We highly recommend following Angela over at @mommyplaysdressup.

Four Ways To Wear Fall’s Favorite Luxe Trend

Velvet has come in and out of our lives at about the same rate as Winona Ryder. But this year our velvet crush has finally crossed the line into timeless, and screen-stealing, territory. It’s not going anywhere and, thankfully, neither is Winona. We saw velvet take over the FW16 runways (via Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, 3.1 Philip Lim and many more) and now it’s blending in IRL more than ever. This luxe fabric features on everything from slip dresses to bomber jackets to ankle boots. With so many options, we’re loving this shimmery soft fabric more than ever as it can truly give any outfit a little extra something. We’ve pulled together four of our favorite ways to wear it and we suggest you try them all seeing that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



Of course velvet is the perfect fabric for a statement dress. For full wow power during the holiday party season, wear it full length with a draped dress like this Upstate Amalfi Dress.


If you aren’t really a dress girl try a matching two piece outfit. It’s still a totally polished look for the holidays, plus it can be worn as separate pieces creating endless outfit options.


Bring the fancy down a notch by layering a velvet dress over everyday pieces like your fave white tee. Layering this luxe fabric with a more casual texture gives it a serious chill-girl vibe.


Try it as a top layer over a more casual outfit. We love this velvet Stine Goya coat, for example. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of luxe velvet to your outfit without feeling overdressed.



Velvet is already such a unique texture so why not up the ante and add more? We love this quilted skirt. It elevates the fabric to a whole new level.


Pleated velvet couldn’t be more beautiful. This preppy vibe is even better when paired with casual pieces like sneakers and a sweatshirt.




Instead of the usual black, eggplant or merlot, try velvet in a bold, bright shade. It’s an unexpected way to wear the popular trend, plus it’s an easy way to brighten up those gloomy winter days.


Blush pink is another punchy, fresh color for velvet. The feminine shade creates a super soft look, which is great for all seasons.

What to Wear For A Netflix Marathon

Don’t get us wrong, going out and seeing other humans in public is fun and all. But sometimes the best nights are the nights spent indoors. Whether staying home with friends, family or solo, we like to start with a glass (or bottle) of wine, some great snacks and Netflix (or your laptop and a few well-bookmarked shopping sites). Of course when it comes to wardrobe, only the comfiest clothes will do. We figure you’ve got the first three covered, so this style roundup is dedicated to the easiest, laziest ways to look put together at the same time. We personally can’t deny a good jumpsuit – babies know what’s up about onesies. They are the ultimate relaxation outfit. Second best, any pair of cotton pants with an elastic waist. We have options that can proudly be worn outside as well – thank you, athleisure. When in doubt grab that super soft sweater or t-shirt dress, they’ll always have your back. Enjoy your cozy night in.

Express Yourself: Home Edition

It’s those little things in life that end up making us the most happy (at least that’s what people say). Seriously though, how is it possible that just one candle or a new plant hanger or a set of mugs can change your whole outlook on life? We may not be able to pinpoint the actual science of that kind of retail therapy, but we know it’s true. Filling your home with stuff that is just as much an expression of yourself, your own unique perspective, as your outfit simply brings joy. Plus, the more unique the item, the more joy it brings. Sure, vases with little faces on them may seem silly but just wait until you put a plant in one of them and laugh so hard you’ll buy two more. Joy to the world, it’s time to dress up your home.

Cool Mom Melissa Sonico Shares Her Fave Kid Picks

We can’t get enough of Melissa Sonico and her adorable son Harrison. Her insanely busy days impact her personal style, but only in the best, minimalist kind of way. With a focus on neutral tones and classic pieces like jeans and a loose linen blouse, she believes that comfort and style are completely linked. We are such fans of Melissa’s style, so we wanted her personal picks from our kids pop-up shop to see what her own cutie would wear.

“I also like neutral colors for him (just like my own color palette) but with a lot more color and fun prints.”