’90s Icon We Love: Lisa Bonet

She may be best known for her role as the headstrong and fashionable Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show (hello layering, hats and oversized sweaters) and its spinoff, A Different World (where her eclectic mix-and-match wardrobe was a big part of the show’s cool factor), but Lisa Bonet made a name for herself all on her own with her ballsy and bohemian sense of style.

In the mid ‘90s, Lisa legally changed her name to Lilakoi Moon — the California native’s free spirited personality reflected in her penchant for floral, flowing silhouettes and interesting, eye-catching accessories. Lisa has never been one to succumb to trends and her authenticity is part of the reason why her style is so iconic. It’s an expression of herself. That, combined with her obvious discerning eye for the chic, is what makes Lisa a true original.

While daughter Zoe Kravitz is certainly her doppelgänger (just take a look at those Calvin Klein ads), Lisa is, unapologetically, one of a kind.

Photo by Sci-Fi Channel/courtesy Everett Collection

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