Alyssa Lau shares her top picks for Earth Day

You don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. You don’t have to sacrifice ethics for aesthetics. Such is the mantra for Edmonton-based style blogger Alyssa Lau. Preach! We can all use a little reminding of that fact. There are so many amazing fashion designers making sustainability, ethical practices, fair trade and earth-friendly materials top of their game. Even the smallest steps in these realms have a huge impact on our lovely planet. Alyssa’s blog, Ordinary People (, has grown with that in mind and she’s also at the helm of an online store focused on sustainability, New Classics Studios. So being that it’s Earth Day today we figured it was the perfect time to get her thoughts on how ethical and sustainable fashion has evolved, why she’s into it and how we can get in on the change. Plus, she shares her Earth Day shopping picks.


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