Black Crane Designer Momo Suzuki on the power of simplicity

Designer Momo Suzuki is a woman of many talents. The creative mastermind behind one of our favorite clothing lines, Black Crane, she started out designing accessories. Having lived and worked in Los Angeles for 16 years with her husband and fellow designer, Alexander Yamaguchi, it’s pretty safe to say that creativity is etched into every aspect of her life. Her background in art – she has been painting since she was seven years old – is evident in her brand which is known and loved for its minimalistic pieces inspired by traditional Japanese design with original screen-printed fabrics created by Alexander. We’re basically obsessed, so we couldn’t wait to sit down and chat with Momo about Japanese fashion, what it’s like to work with her husband, and the significance of the name ‘Black Crane’.

HOW DID BLACK CRANE GET STARTED? My husband and I started Black Crane in 2009 because we felt there was not much design that I would like to wear to align my lifestyle. It was quite a natural start since we were already doing a men’s line called Alexander Yamaguchi from 2000.

Designer Momo Suzuki in studio

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