The fashion girl’s guide to Brooklyn

“In my opinion, if Brooklyn were a character from a movie, it would be Tyler Durden from Fight Club,” says Jessi Frederick, the stylish babe behind Stylish Gambino. “I feel as though everyone who lives in Brooklyn has this rebellious personality, they’re very much against social norms. That’s what I love about it.” Brooklyn’s hotbed of creative energy and cool kids isn’t anything particularly new this century, but it’s evolving and revolving door of hip neighborhoods and hot spots is now on par with Manhattan. So we tapped the women we love to find out the best places to eat, drink and people watch.

“I love that I never feel like I’ve truly got to the bottom of it,” says Phoebe Sung of Cold Picnic. “It’s so big and there’s enough to do in all the neighborhoods that even if you do get sick of where you’re living or where you usually hang out, there’s always something totally new a few miles away.” From Greenpoint to Bushwick, Williamsburg to Cobble Hill, there’s a ton to explore in the borough and it always feels inspiring.

Samantha Pleet agrees. “At any moment you can get the best meal, the best coffee and have the opportunity to meet the most interesting people in the world, whether they live here or they are just passing through.”


Your guide to Brooklyn – fashion girl approved – is below.

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