5 fashion pros you NEED to follow this New York Fashion Week

NYFW fashion week prep

Let’s be honest: New York Fashion Week is fun. The city is flooded with the world’s most stylish, you get a glimpse at the most amazing fashion that’s never been seen before and it’s a constant stream of parties and the coolest, most creative presentations. But behind the scenes, there’s long nights, late hours and a whole lot of Uber getting you from downtown to uptown and back again. Designers are currently pulling all-nighters to get their collection runway ready and the writers behind the reviews you get to read each morning file their stories after the last party ends at 12am. And we love them for every minute. We asked five fashion pros how they keep their heads sharp and their #OOTD on point come NYFW.


Mari Giudicelli

HOW ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? After my apartment burned down, I’ve been trying to prioritize things in life. Work is always important but I’m also taking time to myself and to be with the ones I love. But other than that, I’m hydrating my face and feet a lot. I’m also buying film for my camera. I usually shoot some backstage images. Having an organized calendar is also very important.

WHAT ARE YOUR NYFW SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS? Lip balm, tons of it, and hand cream. It’s so cold and dry in NYC, plus all the makeup applications and removals make my skin very dry. A Mophie and charger for my phone, can’t live without it! I also got a new book, for the waiting hours.

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? I’ll wear my usual clothing. Vintage converse and denim, turtleneck cashmere sweaters and a fluffy warm coat.

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Alyssa Coscarelli from Refinery29

HOW ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? To be honest, I don’t go to fancy spas or go on shopping sprees or anything crazy leading up to fashion week! I just try to plan ahead so that my work is manageable during that crazy time, but other than that, it’s always just a whirlwind and you never really know what to expect. Obviously getting good sleep is something I try to do all year round, but you could say that’s especially important leading up to fashion week. Oh, and doing my laundry.

WHAT ARE YOUR NYFW SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS? Band-Aids, water, my iPhone and my Mophie case for backup battery on those super long days.

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? For me during fashion week it’s all about having fun with my wardrobe and wearing things I know not everyone else will have. I’m definitely not above shopping at Zara or wearing jeans and a sweater every single day, but during fashion week I like to break out those special vintage finds or splurge items so that I can look and feel my best and feel unique in a sea of stylish folks.

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Whitney Pozgay designer of Whit

HOW ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? I’ll be in the factory and at fittings in the sample room around the clock. I’ll try to squeeze in some exercise if I can to help manage stress levels. I can sleep after market.

WHAT ARE YOUR NYFW SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS? Lots of water and peppy music.

whit spring/summer 2016

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? WHIT of course. In this weather I am all about layering. I’ll probably be wearing a our spring denim items, but over a turtleneck.

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leslie kirchoff personal style photograph

HOW ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? This year I’ve totally swamped my schedule with a lot of work and a lot of travel. I’m going to Miami and then Puerto Rico, both for a bit of vacation and a bit of work. Shoots and gigs sandwiched in between. And then when I get back it’s straight into fashion week!

WHAT ARE YOUR NYFW SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS? Energy drinks, extra camera batteries, and german apple mint cough drops (which are basically candy).

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? I like to keep it pretty casual when I’m not DJing — I just got some Lanvin leather sneakers that I’ll probably wear quite a bit. Wide leg pants and sweaters are also feeling very tempting at the moment, I just have to find the perfect ones! As always, I’ve left everything for the last minute.

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designer collina strada

HOW ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? I just got back from a ten day trip to the Dominican Republic. It was great I needed sometime to really detox and cleanse the hectic energy around me. I regrouped and now hitting the ground running. Hours are long from here on out. Typically working every weekend until the show.

WHAT ARE YOUR NYFW SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS? Macrobars. My favorite meal on the run. Lots of Vitamin C and dry shampoo, haha.

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? Something black in the collection. I like to keep it super basic and minimal. It’s not about me, it’s about the collection. People should be viewing the clothes on display, not the clothes I’m wearing.

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Lead image above backstage at Collina Strada Spring/Summer 2016 presentation.

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