Meet the Designer: Kelsy Parkhouse of Carleen


Though she’s based in Brooklyn, designer Kelsy Parkhouse continues to find inspiration in her southern California roots for Carleen, her line of cool, quirky women’s wear. Folk-art motifs, fine art and domestic manufacturing are also mainstays for the emerging designer. After her thesis collection at the Pratt Institute found rave reviews in 2012 and receiving the inaugural Liz Clairborne Concept to Product Award, Kelsy ventured out on her own straight out of school and never looked back. We caught up with the emerging designer to quiz her on her inspiration and all her favorite things.

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WHAT PART OF THE DESIGN PROCESS DO YOU LOVE THE MOST? I love pattern making the most. I love making little adjustments and discoveries as I work and having that sense of adaptability. I also love fitting and seeing initial muslins on a real body.


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