Meet the Designer: Shahla Karimi


We don’t use the hashtag #girlcrush lightly, but there’s really no better way to describe how we feel about this designer. Plus we share it with Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid, Grimes and more. We’ve got a serious crush on New York-based jewelry designer Shahla Karimi. The kind, talented and business-savvy woman designs some seriously unique pieces. We sat down with her to talk business, 3D printing and quiz her on all her favorite things.

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HOW DID YOU END UP RUNNING YOUR OWN JEWELRY LINE AFTER WORKING IN THE MUSIC BIZ? I’ve worked on diverse aspects of production for a decade: from planning events as a personal assistant for the rapper Nas and singer Kelis to digital production at a record label (getting the Rolling Stones on iTunes), followed by merchandise product management and production for Warner Music Group and then President Obama’s 2012 election campaign. After the campaign I was hired by various agencies to do both digital and physical production, including a 60-piece apparel line for Vogue, where I got to work with 22 amazing designers like Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant and Tory Burch.

The Vogue project marked my last big freelance gig. I had done every part of running a business, just never all at the same time and for my own brand. I learned how to turn No’s into Yes’s being a personal assistant. I became tech and e-commerce savvy working for record labels (transitioning into the digital world at the time) and digital agencies. And I built up my skills and network for production and marketing on the campaign and Vogue projects. There have been a lot of bumps in the road, but all of my past careers seemed to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle when I started my own company.

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