Style blogger Amee Kim on how to master minimalism

Amee Kim style blogger feature interview

You know those women who can put on a simple LBD and a pair of boots, call it a day, and make it look like an #OOTD masterpiece? Amee Kim is one of those women. Her minimalist blog and Instagram feed are a constant source of inspiration and admiration around here. Originally from Maryland, the now Los Angeles-based photographer and digital marketer has a modern and minimalist aesthetic, often pulling from menswear for inspiration. From cacti to chai lattes, her curated life is definitely worth stalking. Here, she shares her style and Instagram tips.


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? I’d say my style personality is minimalist with a little bit of an edge. I think less is always more, but I appreciate when there’s something unexpected about the pieces I wear. Whether it’s an asymmetrical hem or interesting cut-outs, subtle but bold details go a long way.

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