Casting Call: Brittany Simpson


When we found out Brittany Simpson had a Friday Night Lights tattoo (her inner arm reads “Texas Forever”) and that she had just as much sarcasm in her as she did knockout beauty, it was clear we had found the model for us. Get to know our Fall editorial bae in the woods.

HOMETOWN? Ladner, BC, Canada.


FUN FACT? I’m an extremely awkward person and make up the weirdest excuses for things. I’ve turned down a date with Leonardo DiCaprio by saying I had to catch an early flight in the morning and have used the excuse “moving to Toronto” to get out of jobs, leases, and relationships. I’ve never been to Toronto.

PERSONAL WARDROBE STAPLES? Acne jeans and converse.

DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATION? Norway. My mom’s Norwegian and my boyfriend used to live there.


LAST NOVEL YOU LOVED? Anything by David Sedaris. I have re-read his books so many times.

FAVORITE FILMS? Titanic and Stepbrothers.

DAILY SOUNDTRACK? My iPod on shuffle, which can be very dangerous. Anything from Garth Brooks to movie soundtracks, so I usually keep it strictly to headphones… but I love Garth Brooks, actually.

DRINK ORDER? Iced americano, beet juice or Negroni.

STANDBY SNACK? Tamari almonds.

HOW DID YOU START MODELING? WERE YOU DISCOVERED? I was 16, sitting in a Starbucks by an agent from NEXT. I was with them for years before switching to NOBASURA a few years ago.

FAVORITE SHOOT TO DATE (ASIDE FROM OURS OF COURSE) AND WHY? Lifetime Collective, shot in Portland. Everyone on that trip was a friend and hilarious, so we had the best time even though I got very very sick due to modeling outside in winter and going to strip clubs at night with early morning call times.

Find Brittany at Nobasura Rad Kids or on Instagram.

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