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fall beauty trends

We love beach spray and no-fuss makeup just as much as anyone, but at the end of the summer we’re always craving a bit of polish. The kind that you just can’t find when your makeup melts off 5 minutes after you leave for work. So in anticipation of cooler weather and back to school vibes, we enlisted the lovely Sonia Leal-Serafim, makeup artist extraordinaire, to give us the run down on the top beauty trends for fall and the things we should stock up on now. The Vancouver-based beauty has been painting the faces of celebrities for years and has even mastered the art of taking a selfie with a supermodel. Take note.


ORANGE. The two biggest colors we see in beauty this fall is a bit of a surprise: deep plum and all shades of orange. We saw orange around the eyes, cheeks and lips, which is great, because there is a shade of orange that is absolutely stunning for everybody. Tip: Look for an orange that has a bit of gold in it. As we move into fall, natural light becomes a bit more gray. The gold helps to reflect more light, giving the completion a bit of an enhanced glow.

DEEP PLUM. If you’re looking for more of a dramatic statement, then try the deep plum lip. Tip: Keep the rest of your face quite natural. With a full face of makeup, or with a strong eye, the deep plum lip can look a little goth.

GLAMOUR. Fall is always all about glamour. As we’re coming out of summer holidays and low maintenance beauty, fall is like a time of rebirth of our beauty looks. It’s a time to try new things.

THE IMPERFECT SMOKEY EYE. We’ve seen smokey eyes linger around for fall season over the past few years, but this one is different. It’s a little bit imperfect, very achievable regardless of your beauty skills, but still sexy. Tip: Try it with a lighter shade of brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid blending it into your crease and underneath your eyes. Then top it off with a shimmery gold in the center of your eyelid to catch some extra light.

GO NUDE. The nude makeup look is polished, but not like you’ve tried too hard. It’s you, but better. When there’s not a lot of color on your face a total even skin tone is all important. Tip: When applying your foundation or BB cream, don’t forget to apply it to your eyelids, underneath your eyes before your concealer, around and underneath your nose and on your lips before applying lip color.

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