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In Taoism, the object of spiritual practice is to become one with the Tao, or to be able to get one’s flow harmonious with nature. Obviously, we’re over simplifying things here, but you get the point. It’s a good thing. Sophia Molen realized that this kind of inner peace was just not happening while she was working in science, so in 2012 she jumped ship to her true calling: fashion and entrepreneurship. She’s now the ringleader of an awesome, Amsterdam-based blog collective, Blog and the City, writes about her personal style at Tao of Sophia and a ton of creative stuff that feeds her soul. Of course Sophia’s rad minimal aesthetic does not reflect the true craziness of her day to day. The busy bee recently took a minute to chat with us about her non-stop schedule.

YOU USED TO BE A SCIENTIST! TELL US ABOUT MAKING THE LEAP INTO FASHION. I started studying bio-medical science because of my interest in biology and the medical world. At that time, I didn’t realize what I liked to the most: being creative and an entrepreneur. Things that weren’t a part of my education. I guess high school and university made me forget my needs, and were limiting my vision. Now, I remember the things I liked to do the most as a child: making magazines and gaining subscribers for them, creating jewelry and selling it door-to-door, and constantly changing my website’s design. I was so disappointed when my friends wanted to quit these kinds of projects. I was always more motivated and enthusiastic. I don’t see it like I jumped into fashion, rather, I jumped into online entrepreneuring. I just saw my chances in fashion, and it’s such a great industry to be creative in.

TELL US ABOUT BLOG AND THE CITY. WHAT MADE YOU START SOMETHING LIKE THAT? I started Blog and the City when I quit science and had nothing to do. I dreamt about running a successful website. I didn’t know exactly what it would be like, but the dream felt so incredibly good and realistic. I managed to set up the entire site on my own in just one month with my little knowledge about HTML. I was kind strict with myself because I felt I needed to prove to my surroundings that I really wanted to do this. I saw my chances in fashion blogging. There are so many great bloggers, and I wanted to have them all in one place and organize them. I love cities, so the link between bloggers and cities was quickly made.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHICH BLOGGERS TO INCLUDE? I invite bloggers to join us who are good at photography; the part I like the most of fashion blogging. Of course, I want them to have built a following already, and a good connection with them is meaningful for me too.

IT SEEMS LIKE YOU FULFILL EVERY ROLE: PHOTOGRAPHER, DEVELOPING AN ONLINE BUSINESS, STYLING, AND MARKETING. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART? Actually, it feels like I’m doing a lot more, and I’m only doing more and more… haha. Recently, I started to develop and design websites and blogs for other people, something I really like to do. Currently, I’m finding a comfortable way to write about my philosophies. I would love to become a professional photographer. So actually, I keep on discovering new things I like to do.

HOW DO YOU MANAGE IT ALL? I was kind of lazy with Blog and the City the first few years; I recognize that now. I thought I was doing so much already, but these are things I do quickly in between my other work now. I have become more efficient, and I’m eager to become even more efficient. But at the same time, I allow myself to still be lazy sometimes. I believe that it is really important to stay efficient and motivated over a longer period.

CAN YOU SHARE SOME STYLE TIPS YOU LIVE BY? I don’t think we should limit ourselves with one strict style. We must be open to try out different things as well. I know it’s important to define your style to get recognized in the fashion industry, but I believe it’s a good thing to be variable in it, to be ‘open minded’. Why would you limit yourself? One who knows my style, knows I’m quite minimalistic. Though, I don’t like extreme minimalism. It seems a bit compulsive to be, and I don’t like obsessions like that. But I can understand how this might be freedom for someone else.

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