The Holiday Movies We’re Already Watching on Netflix

This is not one of those sponsored posts. Like most people, we just really, reeaaally love Netflix. From Friends  marathons to Stranger Things, we have an enduring obsession and it’s one that is about to spike like crazy because Netflix is already starting to add the best holiday movies to their roster. We know, you already have a ton of things to watch in your queue that you haven’t had time to watch yet this year. But choosing the perfect holiday movie is something that can make or break an evening wrapping presents or getting to know the new in-laws. In eager preparation, we’ve rounded up our top five feel-good movies that will give you the warm fuzzies for the holidays. Isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

FAMILY STONE This movie has it all: drama, romance, family lessons and, most importantly, Diane Keaton. With every character having their own storyline, you get pulled into a mix of emotions contemplating who is your personal protagonist in a movie filled with them. Get ready to laugh, cry then cry again as love triangles burst and family dynamics are tested at an all time high. The perfect holiday flick to watch with your sisters or BFFs.

HOME ALONE Arguably the best Christmas movie of all time. Kevin reminds us that it’s not so bad to be at home for the holidays and not jetting off to France. From the Christmas sweaters, to his hilarious schemes to catch the idiotic burglars, this is slapstick done right by the master that was John Hughes. Watch this one after the family dinner is winding down, with wine and chocolate.

A CHRISTMAS STORY There’s just something so endearing about a dysfunctional family on Christmas. This is a classic from the ’80s, set in the ’40s, that follows the story of Ralphie and his quest to get a BB gun under the tree. Perfect to watch while decorating the tree.

LOVE ACTUALLY Get out the tissues and wine, this one is a roller coaster. The British film turned into an immediate cult classic after its release in 2003. It follows eight different couples as they work through their love lives during the holidays and brings the whole spectrum of emotion from poignant moments to Bill Nighy playing guitar naked. We love everything about this movie.

ELF This one is for the kid in you and perfect for watching with the little ones. Comedy dad Will Ferrell was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised as a elf. Now, as an adult, he can’t help but feel out of place, so he leaves to New York City in search of his real father. Filled with good spirited laughs and an ever-so-charming romance with Zooey Deschanel, this flick is the perfect dose of Yuletide cheer.

So, what are you watching this week?

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