Tight Club founder Keighty Gallagher on looking good while working out

From twerking to boxing in a night club, a workout with Keighty Gallagher is anything but predictable. The personal trainer behind Vancouver’s Tight Club Athletics is renowned for her inventive classes that are consistently packed with the city’s style set. She’s also known for cracking jokes between tabata sets and for making her clients sweat, like crazy. But even on the third set of burpees, Keighty manages to keep her platinum locks in check and look amazing. We had to know her secret, so we asked and she answered.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR APPROACH TO WORKING OUT? Don’t take yourself too seriously. Let’s be real. Most of us aren’t training for the next summer olympics. Laugh at yourself, work hard, be nice and do it right…(and tight).

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP THREE TIPS TO LOOKING GREAT WHILE GETTING SWEATY? 1. Focus on form. You can be the hottest babe at the gym but if you squat like a granny, I’m sorry, it’s not a good look. Know your exercises and do them right. Own your movement! 2. A hot pair of Nike kicks in some hard to find color way. Got my hands on a pair of Flyknit Racers last year and you can’t get my feet out of them. 3. Wear black. It’s slimming, timeless, and you’ll look faster than everyone else.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE. Getting up at 5:00am every day is not pretty. I’m not going to lie, I put on a bit of makeup to make me look less dead. Here is how I look and smell alive:

Step 1: I call this my spa minute – I put a dollop of Sage “Fresh Start” Facial Cleanser on my Clarasonic cleansing machine thing and boom! My face is awake!
Step 2: Apply Murad Essential-C day cream on my tired-ass face. It’s got some SPF and I’m down with that. While it absorbs I start making coffee because a morning without coffee can make or break this pretty face.
Step 3: A little liquid foundation by Napoleon, a dusting of bareMinerals, and some MAC mascara to top it off. By this time my coffee is ready and I’m good to go.

Step 1: I use this Sage Organics spray deodorant for pits. I may smell like a hippy for a hot sec, but once the initial scent wears off it actually keeps me stink free.
Step 2: Can’t forget about the hair! I don’t have time in the morning to fight the hairbrush in a knotty hair battle. I always apply this AG leave in conditioner for tangles, and a bit of AG BB Cream to protect it from the sun and pollution. Ultimate hair secret? Beat the hair elastic bump with a silk scrunchy. That’s my jam!


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