Artist Andy Dixon on finding inspiration at home in Vancouver

We looove Vancouver. And we love it even more that it’s home to artist Andy Dixon. Andy is just another example of the amazing talent that Vancouver has to offer. His paintings are utterly gorgeous and his use of colour can bring any dismal room back to life. We needed to know,


Living in Vancouver is a huge influence on my work. It has to be. How could anyone claim that one’s immediate surroundings don’t have a direct impact on the things that he or she creates?

Growing up in Vancouver has greatly helped to inform my sense of personal aesthetics – colour pallets and form, for example. I seem to use colours that mimic the sea, cherry blossoms, and the green rain forests of North Vancouver, where I was raised.

There is also no denying that the West Coast’s penchant for raising an easy-going populace is in my work as well. Although I take my job as a painter very seriously, I also enjoy the process immensely and hope that that sense of play is obvious in my work.

I read an article somewhere that once described Vancouver as being “culturally prepubescent” – meaning we’re such a young city and are at the very beginning stages of developing our personality. I like this. It makes me feel like we have the capability to pioneer something magnificent. I think my paintings offer the same thing. I contrast modern techniques with subject matter from art history. Appropriating these historical ready-made totems of fine art into something completely new raises questions about what these images mean to us now and what will be coming next. It’s simultaneously a respect for the past and an eagerness to forge ahead.

All Images sourced by: Andy Dixon

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