Name to Know: Ty Ziskis, founder of ZED

Every now and then a new designer bursts onto the scene and immediately resonates. Ty Ziskis, the designer behind Seattle-based line ZED, is one of those rare designers that has captured the attention of both the industry and a wide net of customers. Stand Up Comedy’s buyer and owner, Diana Kim, gave us the heads up first. She’s a friend of Ty and has already been selling his pieces nonstop. “There’s something of traditional French workwear and Japanese denim elements mixed in, but that’s really to say it’s a global tone,” she says. “Anyone could wear these clothes as a daily uniform, but they’re well-suited for travel, mix-and-match in a rumpled, jazzy way.” Choosing to ignore the notion of gender specific clothing, Zed may have began as a men’s wear label but it appeals, and sells, to both men and women. “It’s a line made for men, but works so well for women too, because of the silhouettes. Just order the XS or S,” Diana explains. Perfect for the jet set, minimalists, or anyone who is attempting the five-piece French wardrobe challenge, each collection is small and carefully curated. “They’ve done it smartly,” Diana said. “Two jackets, one shirt, one pant, in a few different color ways and fabrics.” After everything that Diana had to say, we obviously had to find out more about this under the radar label. Here, we sit down with Ty to talk about his journey into design and why he believes that gender specific clothing is on the way out.