Suit Up In Our Favorite Swimsuits Right Now

They might be part of our summer uniform, but who says swimwear has to be boring? Beach days are so much more fun when you’ve got a great suit to feel good in. From stylish one pieces to unconventional bikinis, we’ve got what you’ll want to be wearing to your next seaside lounge right here. 

Meet the Designer: Lindsey Reif of REIFhaus

Walking that cool line that balances originality with approachability, Lindsey Reif designs for those defining moments in your wardrobe. You know the kind. The ones that can even make taking the bus to the dentist feel like a satisfying expression of your personal style. With a swimwear line newly launched and a fresh collection for Spring 2016 on its way, we sat down with the Portland-based designer to talk thrifting, sewing and studio rituals.

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WHEN DID YOU FIRST KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE A DESIGNER? I don’t think there was an exact moment, but I do know it was always inside of me. As a child, I remember making dresses for my dolls out of tissue, then covering them in clear tape so I could take them off and the dolls could re-wear them. I got my start designing clothing for real people at 18 when I first moved to Portland. I’ve always been an avid thrifter, and I loved repurposing and redesigning pieces I would find at thrift shops. It taught me so much about garment construction and I was able to hone my sewing skills.

Meet the Designers: Minnow Bathers

Toronto-based Minnow Bathers makes swimsuits for real women without sacrificing a bit of edge.

Swimsuit season should be all about fun in the sun and summer vacation, but so many of us go into panic mode because the idea of being in a bikini feels like apocalypse now. Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack and their awesome Toronto-based swimsuit line, Minnow Bathers, are here to change that with designs that have real women and functionality in mind. The creative duo said forget about the string bikini and created cool and comfortable pieces that involve ’70s silhouettes, cutouts, bandeaus, suspender straps, high waisted bottoms, and grungy vintage prints. Minnow Bathers is dedicated to making a summer uniform that girls can hike, camp, lounge, beach and feel confident in. We had the opportunity to speak to the dream team who are all about making women of all shapes feel good half-naked.


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