Woman We Love: Anna Gray

From her travel diaries and interviews with cool girls, to her effortless style and penchant for expensive things, there’s a lot we love about New Yorker Anna Gray. When we learned that she loved us right back, we obviously had to get to know more about this woman we love. Check out our interview as she shares all the things she loves and words of wisdom on how to keep your style cool in the heat of summer in the city. Plus, she shows us how its done by styling her own Garmentory wish list featuring pieces from other people we love like Nikki Chasin, Wray, Intentionally Blank, Luz Ortiz, RHOI, Nettie Kent and Vincetta. Read on, you’re gonna to love her too.

Summer Soundtrack: Road Trip

It’s travel month! So we’re swapping moodboards for playlists to inspire your next getaway.

Picture this: dirty windows rolled all the way down, long stretches of highway, blurry green treetops, bluebird sky. Crumpled up candy wrappers and sticky soda cans. Sing-a-longs with your best friend and random pit-stops. There aren’t too many things better than a summer road trip and the memories that you make in that cramped little space in between your seat and your steering wheel. Here’s the soundtrack to your next one.


What To Pack: Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is so hard. You can’t really stuff your suitcase with too much (moving car means limited wardrobe space) and personal hygiene gets tossed in the backseat (unless you count splashing yourself with water in the bathroom of a roadside diner), but you still want to look like your stylish self on a really good day. Gotta get those Thelma and Louise-inspired photos, you know? We totally get it and that’s why we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve scoured our shelves and compiled some of our easiest to wear items and accessories in a neutral, mix-and-match palette naturally, along with a couple essentials that you won’t be able to hit the road without. Whatever type of trip you decide to hit the pavement for, a low key cruise or a heart-pounding race down the highway, you’ll be ready. Plus, you’ll look like the best-dressed traveler there is, without having to have put in any of the effort. You’re welcome. 

3 Ways To Wear Our Exclusive French Terry Gary Jumpsuit

You know the saying: beauty is pain. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: that’s a lie. There’s nothing better than looking good and feeling good, and with a jumpsuit, you get the best of both those worlds — they are ridiculously easy to pull on and you literally don’t have to do anything else to style them up, unless you really want to (a cute shoe, some jewelry and a hat go a long way). Not to mention, you pretty much feel like you rolled out of bed and you’re wearing your pajamas in public, but in the most amazing way possible. Right now, we’re living in our Ilana Kohn Gary Jumpsuit. Sleeveless with a scoop neck, drop crotch and cropped leg, it’s the Brooklyn designer’s signature silhouette, only this time she’s done it for us in a super soft French Terry fabric that’s so lightweight it keeps us cool through sticky summer days, content on balmy nights and looking on point at all times. Imagine wearing your favorite gray sweatshirt, but all over your body. Sounds amazing, right? It is. Think weekend dressing that can seamlessly translate to the everyday and the evening. And with tracksuits trending this season, it’s also right on the mark.

For a little extra inspiration, our friends at One of a Few boutique in Vancouver styled the exclusive Ilana Kohn French Terry Gary Jumpsuit three ways. This is how we wear it.

Ilana Kohn jumpsuit layered look

Worn with Assembly short sleeve tee, Martiniano Glove in White and Clyde Room Backpack in Golden Brown.

Ilana Jumpsuit weekend look

Worn with Rachel Comey Zia Trench, The Palatines Caelum Slide in Black, Building Block Cylinder Bag in Black and Clyde wide brim gaucho hat.


Worn with Martiniano Glove in Black, Andrea Wong Rendezvous Clutch (similar here), Muraco Wolfe Macaroni Bracelet, Catherine Hartley silver rings (similar here) and neck cuff.

Summer dreaming with Fieldguided

What’s the biggest thing to keep in mind this summer, according to Fieldguided’s Anabela Piersol? Enjoy the little things in life and, most importantly, do absolutely and utterly nothing. 

“Goals for summer: always lazy and unambitious. Cutoffs, ice cream, carnivals, and festivals. Taking plenty of dips in cool, cool water. All the fruit and all the icy cocktails.”

Meet the Artist: Camilla Engstrom

Take a quick browse through the online portfolio on Camilla Engstrom’s website and you’ll find paintings of dicks, sketches of poo being penetrated, and a voluptuous pink character named Husa that gets herself into all kinds of predicaments. They’re provocative images that will definitely make you smile, but the Sweden-born, Brooklyn-based artist uses her sense of humor to tackle more pressing issues of sexuality and gender. Camilla, who first moved to New York to study fashion at FIT, applies her playful-yet-profound approach off canvas, too, and onto her quirky textiles and her personal style, through which she combines minimalist and bohemian aesthetics. Now, along with working towards a solo exhibition at Long Island’s Deli Gallery, Camilla’s stepping in front of the camera modeling our exclusive collaboration with designer and fellow New Yorker, Ilana Kohn. The Gary Jumpsuit, made in a special French Terry fabric, is effortless and easygoing — just like the girl who wears it.

“Ilana and I found each other through mutual friends who have a brand called Cold Picnic,” she explains. “I love the jumpsuit because it’s so comfortable. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. It’s durable yet light. Perfect for hot summers in NY.”

Here, we go behind the scenes with Camilla to learn more about Husa and her world.

Camilla Engstrom

Mood Board: Last Days of Summer

We’re so excited to welcome our new contributing editor Anabela Piersol, the founder of Toronto-based style blog Fieldguided! She’ll be sharing her style mood boards each month so come back the first Friday of every month to get inspired. For September, she’s soaking up the final days of summer. Sniff.

“For me late summer is all about the light, and it’s probably my favorite time to travel.”

Four summer dresses for the one and done equation

When humidity rises and the sun is blazing, there are two things we strive for when getting dressed in the morning during the summer: 1) It needs to be ridiculously easy. Save your complicated outfits for any other season. 2) The less the fabric has to touch our bodies the better. We like the idea of skimming silhouettes, not cinching or hugging, during the sweatiest of seasons. Regardless of your AC situation.

The solution? A dress, always. There’s nothing better than the one and done equation to style in the summer. So we’ve rounded up four of our favorite styles to make sure you have time for actually doing the things this summer.