Buyers’ Guide to Spring: Jewelry Trends

Whether you’re into just a glint of something on your wrist or a full stack, we’ve all been attending the arm party for quite some time. This spring, we’re up for something a little different. So we asked the experts: what jewelry trends are you most excited about this season? They came up with four fresh ways to approach your jewelry game for spring.


“Simple, minimalist design is our favorite type of jewelry at Finch. We currently stock the brand Still With You from Copenhagen and we absolutely love their stackable textured rings, simple chains and dainty pendants.” – Sophie Rees and Lucie Towndrow, Finch

“Hoops, simple, clean, everyday… but noticeable.” – Michelle Rizzardo, One of a Few

“This season’s jewelry is simple, timeless and perfectly unique…. Simple, organic shapes make perfect subtle adornments that you can wear everyday.” – Stephanie Gorrell, Umeboshi


“Earrings have been building in momentum for the past couple years but this spring they’re really having their moment. We’re looking forward to new pieces from WWake, Winden, Faris, Fay Andrada and Catbird.” – Hannah Factor and Zai Rajkotwala, Easy Tiger


“This spring I’m most excited for white jewelry.” – Lina Rinnell, Beklina


“Like a true 90’s child, I am thrilled that chokers have made a comeback, but in a more elegant way then what I remember wearing as a teen. I had forgotten how versatile they are!” – Cecilia Marquez, Saint Cloud

“For jewelry we’re very excited about the new ARC collection from Tara 4779. The designer’s line is really minimal and concept based, but the way that she created her newest collection is very special. We especially love the choker in silver with a 5pt diamond.” – Tanya Sheikh and Ivan Gilkes, In Support Of


Fieldguided takes inspiration from ROYGBV for Spring

From vivid shades of magenta and tangerine to candy-like pastels, Anabela Piersol of Toronto style blog Fieldguided wants to reboot our neutral winter palettes and bring us into spring.

“There is merely less than a month until spring, and up here in the north, our eyes are a little tired of grey and are starved for color. In anticipation of trees bursting with blooms, here’s a little reminder that the color is out there.”

Woman We Love: Sanam Miremadi

There’s something about getting to know someone through their work that makes you feel like fast friends when you actually, finally meet. We’ve been admiring Sanam Miremadi’s work for years: from Chloe Touran, her rad plant and crystal sculptures, to Nest Together, a beautiful online journal she co-founded. We got the chance to sit down with her to talk about motherhood, Instagram’s matchmaking ability and style. So of course we had to ask her to share what’s on her shopping list for Spring. Read on, we promise you’ll love her too.


TELL US MORE ABOUT YOU. Is it bad that the first thing I thought was: “How would I answer this on a dating site?” All you need to know is that I’m funny and a good time. Jokes aside, this is always a hard question for me. I’m easily made uncomfortable when asked to talk about myself and being that I’m fueled by curiosity and the need to create/experience, I have a habit of getting my hands into a bit of everything and I never know where to start. Most importantly, I’d say I’m a mother to two spirited and kind little boys. I’d like to think of myself as someone who is focused on continuous growth and immersed in things that will not only enhance my own being but theirs as well. I grew up in Texas and after graduating from UT Austin, I fell in love with the mountains and water here in the northwest and Seattle has been home since. Along the way I’ve worked in the arts, film, the fashion industry and all aspects of business development. My most recent and rewarding project being, that I share with my creative partner Kara Town, is where you’d find me now.

WE HEARD YOU MET KARA TOWN THROUGH INSTAGRAM? Yes, I sure do have Instagram to thank for being a cross-continental “best friend” matchmaker of sorts. It all started out quite girly and over a shared love of Dieppa Restrepo shoes. The more we commented and shared back and forth, the more our alignment and appreciation for design, aesthetic and shared passions surfaced. I remember being in a fitting room at Totokaelo and asking her to download an app so we could text, needed her help deciding between Acne sweaters. It’s been years since and we text daily.

HOW DO YOU FIND IT WORKING TOGETHER ACROSS AN OCEAN? We get this question a lot but it’s not as hard as most assume. Of course we would love to be in each other’s physical company and working on projects hands on together vs. correspondence. However, our friendship and partnership simply works, fundamentally built on a shared love, respect and trust for the other. It also transcends distance. The creative experience is such a personal and intimate process, even the most seemingly successful or aligned partnerships can fall flat because of this. I honestly do not think it’s too often you are able to productively share something so personal and when it works you just protect it and make it happen. So I’d say it’s not so much about focusing on the hardship of distance for us and more so that fact that we are so well aligned and productive as a team. And overall our relationship is real. We support and motivate each other but also keep each other grounded and ‘humble’. Humble being of course most effectively achieved when your best friend can openly tell you when you’re being an idiot. With love of course.


WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ON YOUR DAYS OFF? Ideally, at a farmer’s market, beach or immersed in botanics with my boys. I do also deeply enjoy exposing the boys to projects, design, nature or new experiences and watching them interact with each other and the experience.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? Modern and understated. I gravitate towards pieces and styling that transcend time, trend and even season when possible. Less is always more, and a fan of pulling casual elements together with one great accessory or footwear. Most importantly, I always dress for comfort.


WHO’S YOUR STYLE ICON AND WHY? Sofia Coppola has always been a favorite. But to be honest there are so many confident women who embody an effortless/timeless chic, who causally marry elegance and androgyny.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO IN TERMS OF FASHION FOR SPRING? Breathable and drapey fabrics that allow you to experience the elements.

WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO OUTFIT? Most of my days recently have been spent working from home or running around with the boys. You will always find me in my favorite tee or sweater and messy hair, pulled together with a great wool coat and modern sneaks.

For more with Sanam, visit and follow @chloetouran.

Check out a few of her favorite designers and shop them below.

Jenna Saraco of Local Creative shares her shopping wish list

There’s a lot of amazing women doing amazing things around the world, but there’s a serious concentration of talent in Brooklyn right now. The duo behind Local Creative, a collaborative lifestyle project, are dedicated to celebrating just that and are as much a part of the movement as they are its champions. Jenna Saraco and Nicole Steriovski tell the stories of local creatives, artists and entrepreneurs with their blog and creative services, focused on where we live, shop, travel and gather. “While introducing our audience to these new communities and experiences, we hope to strengthen their awareness of how each potential purchase can affect the people around them. Bringing the focus back to a local, sustainable economy.”

We’re big fans, so we asked them to curate their personal picks from the Garmentory community of indie boutiques and emerging designers. Here, Jenna shares her love for simplicity, the unexpected and really, really good jeans.

WHAT’S YOUR PERSONAL STYLE PHILOSOPHY? Simple, classic, easy. I definitely tend towards a minimal approach, but I do like the occasional pop of something unexpected once in awhile.

WHAT’S THE BEST FASHION ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? If you look good, you feel good. I definitely think this holds true.

WHO IS YOUR STYLE ICON? My grandmother. Jane Birkin, Baby (from Dirty Dancing), Ali Macgraw, Christy Turlington.

WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL WARDROBE STAPLES? A really good pair of jeans, a nice white tee, a good wool sweater for the winter, and lots of shoe options!

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE BROOKLYN STYLE? Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

Jenna of Local Creative in Carleen

FUN FACT: I love vintage cars.
DRINK ORDER: Old Fashioned or Dirty Martini.
STANDBY SNACK: Cheese and crackers.
WHAT NEIGHBORHOOD IN BROOKLYN DO YOU LIVE? WORK? Greenpoint. As a freelancer I work a lot from home or wherever the job may be!

Check out Jenna’s picks and shop them below.

Meet the Designers: Leah and Rebecca Plante

Combining contemporary modernity with fluid shapes and fabrics inspired by nature, sister duo Rebecca and Leah Plante are designing for our urbanite dreams. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina – and now based in Austin and Brooklyn respectively – the Plante sisters launched their namesake line in 2013 and had us at hello. Whether it’s a swath of sage green silk, a sculptural silhouette or an oceanic inspired print, fusing the raw beauty of nature with urban style is their constant source of inspiration. With a new season just around the corner (and their artful wares in our Brooklyn Babes Sale), we couldn’t wait to hear about the process of designing Spring 2016, their take on personal style and the beauty of email.

Shop Plante >

Meet the Designer: Lindsey Reif of REIFhaus

Walking that cool line that balances originality with approachability, Lindsey Reif designs for those defining moments in your wardrobe. You know the kind. The ones that can even make taking the bus to the dentist feel like a satisfying expression of your personal style. With a swimwear line newly launched and a fresh collection for Spring 2016 on its way, we sat down with the Portland-based designer to talk thrifting, sewing and studio rituals.

Shop REIFhaus >

WHEN DID YOU FIRST KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE A DESIGNER? I don’t think there was an exact moment, but I do know it was always inside of me. As a child, I remember making dresses for my dolls out of tissue, then covering them in clear tape so I could take them off and the dolls could re-wear them. I got my start designing clothing for real people at 18 when I first moved to Portland. I’ve always been an avid thrifter, and I loved repurposing and redesigning pieces I would find at thrift shops. It taught me so much about garment construction and I was able to hone my sewing skills.

Street style inspiration for our favorite Spring denim trends

We may never fully let go of our skinny jeans, but as editors call for their demise and we embrace the mom jean, there are way too many rad new ways to wear denim this Spring that we can’t ignore. Plus, wearing a more relaxed silhouette is kind of liberating. This season we love our jeans cropped above the ankle, straight leg, wide leg and flared. Keep rolling the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans and overalls aren’t going anywhere just yet. And the Canadian Tuxedo? Denim on denim just keeps getting better. Head to toe is just how we like it. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite street style inspiration for keeping things fresh in blue jeans.

We want to know: how are you wearing yours this Spring?

A case for the crisp white cotton dress

Back in the day, a cotton poplin white dress was all kinds of prim and proper. The fact that you could not spill even a drop of salad dressing on your lap made it seem almost out of reach. But Tide stick in hand and an appreciation of a few wrinkles has changed everything. Plus, the easy and relaxed styles of late make it an easy choice for spring and summer. Three years ago the LWD (little white dress) was hailed as the next LBD. It was seen on the runways of Céline, Lanvin, YSL and even Givenchy, the label responsible for the original LBD as worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Soon white dresses were all over the celebrity circuit and they haven’t lost momentum since. So here’s what’s new: Spring 2015 designers like Rachel Comey, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Opening Ceremony and others focused on that crisp white shirting fabric for a whole variety of styles that are anything but prim. We’re big fans of the shirt dress, the A-line shift, the drop peplum and long dresses. Just add accessories like shiny black loafers or a leather vest to make it your own.