Current Inspiration: Photographic artist Dan Mounford

These Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mounford were created “in camera”. Post production work consisted of a change in tone, the removal of odd blemishes and the addition of some vector. Dan Moundford is a 21-year-old graphic design studio living in Brighton, England.

Source: Behance

Montreal photographer Patrick Laroque on finding inspiration

We fell in love with the gorgeous imagery captured by Montreal-based photographer Patrick La Roque and were compelled to get in touch with him. He shoots portrait, editorial, commercial, and motion. Patrick’s a member of the Kage Collective and is an official Fujifilm Photographer. We felt inspired just looking at his photos. So we had to ask him where he gathers his inspiration from.


Inspiration has never felt like anything tangible. I don’t do conceptual imagery and I don’t get any fully formed precognitive visions… I admire those who do, but that’s not me at all. I rarely move on a preconceived idea. I do however get very wild urges to just pick up the camera and shoot. Not necessarily because I see something, but because I HAVE to shoot – I need that rapport to the world. I long for the hunt. I strongly believe in being ready, as much as possible, for the possibility of an image. Instead of waiting around for inspiration to strike; I’ll take the camera and point it at something. Eventually this will take me somewhere, I’ll find a kind of groove no matter where I am and images will start to happen. Sometimes just a few, sometimes many.

Motivation however is a different matter… I have this visceral need to bring life at a full stop and stare at it, like a gem in a glass case — or an insect trapped in amber.