What To Pack: Beach Getaway

Listen up: summer’s not over yet. This means that you still have time to hit the beach, sip on a slushy drink and even out your tan. Or even better — take advantage of these fleeting sunny days and spend a lazy weekend away at your closest sandy destination. And since lounging at the beach is all about relaxation, we already packed for you. That’s right — no effort required, guaranteed-to-look-good-while-sweating-by-the-sea outfits. You’re welcome. Now, put on those shades and get outta here!

What To Pack: Country Retreat

In a time where Instagram feeds us more sustenance than a good old hamburger does, it’s more important than ever to unplug. Honestly, there’s arguably no better way to do that than to run away to the country to connect (see what we did there?) with nature and feel grounded again. Just think: fresh air, trees, hidden watering holes, comfort food galore. But what to wear? Don’t worry, we picked out some super comfortable and versatile silhouettes, along with a few essential accessories to send you on your stylish way. You’ll look your best, whether you’re baking under the sun by the lake or star gazing with your main squeeze.