12 Key Pieces to Give Your Fall Wardrobe a Facelift

It’s that time again. Coat and closed-toe shoes weather. Fall is one of our fave times of the year, simply for the wardrobe. We have a few new pieces tucked up our long sleeves this season, though — rad silhouettes and styles we’re obsessing over that are giving our wardrobes a fashion-forward update — so we thought we’d let you in on the secrets.



The jumpsuit has quickly become our new wardrobe staple. We love them because they’re super easy to wear and everyone from Ilana Kohn to Horses Atelier have made them stars in all their collections, adding subtle details and classic cuts to keep them timeless. Buy it in a neutral, go-with-anything color like black, gray or navy. And layer to your heart’s desire. 

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This ‘90s throwback trend is way better this time around (less sparkle, more shine) and a small way to make a big statement. Metallic shoes were all over the runways and we obsessed over the styles from Maryam Nassir Zadeh during NYFW. Right now, we can’t take our Rachel Comeys off. Wear them with a neutral palette to make them stand out even more.

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This trend might be menswear inspired, but the MO here is all about the ladies. Two-pieced, tailored but not too structured, and with subtle draping to maintain movement, the women’s two-piece suit feels just as powerful as it looks. There’s more than one reason to join the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuit this Fall. We love the way Raquel Allegra does the blazer and pant combo.

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These guys are keeping our necks warms again this season, so make sure you get one in every color. Turtlenecks are not only cute, but seriously versatile — wear them on their own with high waisted pants or layer under a dress or overalls for extra warmth. Objects Without Meaning makes a mean one. 

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Continuing on from having their moment in Spring, statement earrings are putting earlobes at fashion’s front and center for Fall. Dangly ones are the best (like the bold shapes Modern Weaving does) and we even love a single earring with a cool updo. 

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Chokers have been gaining traction for a while now and this ‘90s-inspired trend is showing no signs of slowing down. We love keeping ours simple and with a glint of metal (a la Elise Ballegeer and Baleen), which keeps things subdued for a cool everyday look. 

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Bold, saturated hues are often big for Fall but can be tricky to master in a sea of neutrals. This season we’re putting them on our feet in every style from boots and loafers to sandals and Mary Janes. Plus, it gives an on-point pop to just about any outfit. Check out the way Mari Giuidicelli and Loq do it.

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Plaid hasn’t been just for your grandpa for a minute now, but this season it focused on a menswear-inspired direction and we love it. Riff off the old man’s style in taupes, camels, grays and neutrals. We’re into 323’s Mock Neck Smock Dress, which looks just like his oversized work shirt.

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This shape has officially become one of our closet staples. Comfortable and stylish (hell yes), the wide leg pant comes in so many different variations that you’re guaranteed to find one that fits you just right. Our advice is to find a color you will wear with everything, keep them high waisted, then buy five pairs. Both Sunja Link and Caron Callahan know how to make a good pair.

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This season, keep things interesting on top with a ton of texture. Finding its way to everything from coats and robes to cardigans and sweaters, this trend is as much fun to look at as it is to wear. We like to balance it out by pairing it with something simple on the bottom, layered underneath or even get matchy-matchy like Ryan Roche does.

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This classic wardrobe staple is timeless, but worn in so many ways this Fall — just pick your pleasure — and we love how versatile it’s become. Style Mafia does a great one with a wide sash and bell sleeves and Elise Ballegeer’s, with a hidden button placket and set-apart collar detail, adds a sweet minimalistic touch. Our advice? Wear with literally anything whenever a situation demands a bit of polish. 

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Bigger is better when it comes to this ‘80s-inspired trend. We love the outsized proportions on an oversized jacket — dropped shoulders, roomy pockets, low-hanging hems — and the way they add a low key, yet pulled together finish on an outfit. Horses Atelier and Lacausa know what’s up this season. 

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Psst… New arrivals for Fall are added on the daily, so bookmark this page to watch for even more things to love this season.

What To Pack: Beach Getaway

Listen up: summer’s not over yet. This means that you still have time to hit the beach, sip on a slushy drink and even out your tan. Or even better — take advantage of these fleeting sunny days and spend a lazy weekend away at your closest sandy destination. And since lounging at the beach is all about relaxation, we already packed for you. That’s right — no effort required, guaranteed-to-look-good-while-sweating-by-the-sea outfits. You’re welcome. Now, put on those shades and get outta here!

What To Pack: Country Retreat

In a time where Instagram feeds us more sustenance than a good old hamburger does, it’s more important than ever to unplug. Honestly, there’s arguably no better way to do that than to run away to the country to connect (see what we did there?) with nature and feel grounded again. Just think: fresh air, trees, hidden watering holes, comfort food galore. But what to wear? Don’t worry, we picked out some super comfortable and versatile silhouettes, along with a few essential accessories to send you on your stylish way. You’ll look your best, whether you’re baking under the sun by the lake or star gazing with your main squeeze.

What To Pack: City Escape

We get it. You’ve been at that grind all week, hunched over in front of your computer, overly caffeinated (is five a day too much?) and about ready to lose it on the next poor soul who crosses your path the wrong way. Our advice? Get out. Take a precious few days, or just a weekend, and run away to the bright lights of an inspiring city. Get all dressed up, go eat at a fancy restaurant, go see a show and bask in the excitement of it all. But what to wear? Something effortless that’ll make you look good without having to think too much about it, of course. And don’t worry — since we’re talking about giving your brain a break here, we’ve already packed for you and picked pieces that are comfortable enough to gallivant around town in, but still maintain the sophisticated edge that we know you love.

What To Pack: Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is so hard. You can’t really stuff your suitcase with too much (moving car means limited wardrobe space) and personal hygiene gets tossed in the backseat (unless you count splashing yourself with water in the bathroom of a roadside diner), but you still want to look like your stylish self on a really good day. Gotta get those Thelma and Louise-inspired photos, you know? We totally get it and that’s why we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve scoured our shelves and compiled some of our easiest to wear items and accessories in a neutral, mix-and-match palette naturally, along with a couple essentials that you won’t be able to hit the road without. Whatever type of trip you decide to hit the pavement for, a low key cruise or a heart-pounding race down the highway, you’ll be ready. Plus, you’ll look like the best-dressed traveler there is, without having to have put in any of the effort. You’re welcome.