Behind the turntables with DJ Hedspin

Hedspin is easily the brightest rising star among Canada’s DJ ranks. You’d know this if you’ve ever been to one of his sets. You’re not from Canada? No excuse. This guy performs around the globe (New York, Germany, Norway, Japan to name a few). Winning the Stylus Award as Vancouver DJ of the year and the Red Bull Thre3Style in 2011 were accomplishments that catapulted him into the mainstream consciousness while further cementing his standing among his peers. So we had to ask him:


Not many people know the amount of time and work DJ’s put into their craft outside of the club. This has been my full-time job and I’ve been constantly on the road for about 7-8 years now. Before every performance I take the time to prepare by doing research and figuring out the demographics of the venue I’m about to perform at which helps me gage what direction I want to take musically. I work on constantly coming up with new routines and tricks and try to put together and manipulate songs in the most creative and original way possible.

With all of the technology nowadays anyone can play music off a laptop and call themselves a DJ. But it’s what you do with the music that separates you from the masses. I spend a lot of time working on original production and remixes because nothing is more gratifying to me than having people react to my own music.

By the time I finally get to the club, the best thing about performing is the energy the crowd gives back to me in the form of throwing their hands in the air and waving them like they just don’t care. Then it’s on to the next show…

Click here if you wanna dance… eerrr… watch him in action.