Fieldguided’s Anabela Piersol On Seventies Style

The style, the makeup and all the groovy vibes — Fieldguided‘s Anabela Piersol taps into one of our favorite eras.
“Ahh, the ’70s: the flower children have gone, taking their acoustic guitars with them, and making way for Studio 54, disco, punk rock, and a whole lot of polyester. Can you imagine the way the cigarette smoke and cologne smelled embedded in those fibres? But at least everyone looked far out!”

Fieldguided takes inspiration from ROYGBV for Spring

From vivid shades of magenta and tangerine to candy-like pastels, Anabela Piersol of Toronto style blog Fieldguided wants to reboot our neutral winter palettes and bring us into spring.

“There is merely less than a month until spring, and up here in the north, our eyes are a little tired of grey and are starved for color. In anticipation of trees bursting with blooms, here’s a little reminder that the color is out there.”