Summer dreaming with Fieldguided

What’s the biggest thing to keep in mind this summer, according to Fieldguided’s Anabela Piersol? Enjoy the little things in life and, most importantly, do absolutely and utterly nothing. 

“Goals for summer: always lazy and unambitious. Cutoffs, ice cream, carnivals, and festivals. Taking plenty of dips in cool, cool water. All the fruit and all the icy cocktails.”

Anabela Piersol on fashion’s enduring love of blue jeans

To help kick off Denim Month, our contributing editor Anabela Piersol of Fieldguided gathered her favorite inspiration in an ode to blue jeans.

“Is there any fabric in fashion that is more classic, more enduring, or more versatile? Available in deep indigo hues to the palest of blues, it’s easy to see why jeans have become iconic. From high fashion to work-wear, from Hollywood to the runway to the street, denim will continue to endure forever.”

Fieldguided channels the power of plants

Nothing says spring is here like fresh flowers and dewy greenery. With this in mind, Anabela Piersol of Fieldguided is bringing our inspiration into season with hues straight from the garden.

“Plant power! There are many good reasons why plants and flowers are having a real moment: not only are they a quick decorating fix, but the air-filtering abilities of many plants make them good buddies to have around. With all the resources available online, there has never been a better time to turn that black thumb to green!”