Capsule co-founder Minya Quirk on the future of fashion


No matter how important the business that goes down at a tradeshow, the notion itself is often plagued with connotations like impersonal or commercial. Not exactly what the contemporary and boutique fashion industry is into. So it was those experiences that led Minya Quirk, Deirdre Maloney and Edina Sultanik to put their heads together to create something a little different in 2007. They call it Capsule and we love it just as much as we love the amazing women behind it. Capsule is renowned for their global curation and a ton of the people we love on Garmentory gather there each season to showcase their newest collections and pick out the latest and greatest for their boutiques. It has the feel of a supportive community, just like we hope to be creating here for you guys. We could go on and on, but we had the chance to catch up with one of the founders, Minya, so it’s better you hear it from her. If you’re at all interested in the future fashion landscape, read on kids, read on.

Meet the Boutique: Velouria

A pioneer of Seattle’s independent designer boutique scene, Velouria starts the next chapter with a brand new space ten years later.

With white walls and a gallery feel, it seems to be the perfect spot for their ever-changing and vast selection of small production, independent and local designer wares. We caught up with Cat and Chika to find out more about their new digs, their personal style and why it’s impossible to play favorites.
Photo credit: Joseph P. Traina

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