A Garmentory Holiday: Jewelry Edition

Shine on magpies. Our holiday collection is all about classic black and white, no filter and no filler, even when it comes to jewelry. We’ve got 12 limited edition pieces in The No Filter Series handcrafted by designers like In God We Trust, Seaworthy and TARA 4779. All available exclusively on Garmentory.

Ceramicist Lindsey Hampton on studio style and multitasking

When you get a look at Lindsey Hampton’s Vancouver studio, a question springs to mind: Is there anything this woman can’t do? The multidisciplinary artist and designer, focuses mainly on print design and ceramics, both functional and sculptural, while not only dabbling but excelling in photography, installation and music. It was only in the past few years that the multi-tasking Canadian artist took to studying sculpture and won over the world with her playful, architectural ceramics. We’re super excited to have a few exclusive pieces for our holiday collection, so we went behind the scenes with her to find out more.

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HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON CERAMICS AS A CAREER PATH? I didn’t really, it kind of happened by accident. I took a course about five years ago and have just been doing it ever since. I sold some pieces to my first store, One of a Few, I think about three years ago and it’s just snowballed ever since. I do it pretty much full time now, although I still leave some room for freelance design projects.

A Garmentory Holiday: Apparel Edition

Sometimes you just need to go back to basics. Our holiday collection is all about classic black and white, no filter and no filler. We’ve got 10 limited edition pieces in The No Filter Series from designers like Collina Strada, Minnow Bathers, Kordal and Osei-Duro. All available exclusively on Garmentory.

A Garmentory Holiday: Accessories Edition

We’re a big fan of no-brainer gifts, so that’s why our holiday collection is all about classic black and white, no filter and no filler. We’ve got 15 limited edition winter accessories in The No Filter Series from designers like Brookes Boswell, Collina Strada, VOZ and Study NY. Perfect gifts, with that whole one size fits all thing going for them, and all available exclusively on Garmentory.

NUVO editor Katie Nanton on travel and coming home to Vancouver

When we asked Katie Nanton what she loved most about her hometown of Vancouver, she couldn’t narrow it down. “I literally can’t think of what I don’t love about Vancouver,” she said. This coming from a woman whose job as the Managing Editor at NUVO, a luxury lifestyle magazine, takes her around the world on the regular to write about travel, arts and culture. Just some of her highlights include trekking through Peru, exploring the tiny Inner Hebrides islands of Scotland, diving with sharks in Bora Bora and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and looking for George Clooney while visiting Lake Como, Italy (she didn’t find him). But still, Katie counts landing on the tarmac at YVR airport, or hiking somewhere without cellphone reception in beautiful British Columbia, as some of her very favourite places to be. We caught up with the globetrotting editor to quiz her on top places to visit in Vancouver and her wish list for Santa this year.

WHERE DO YOU TELL PEOPLE TO GO WHEN THEY’RE VISITING VANCOUVER? First, I tell them to try and come during the summer months, when Vancouver really shines. Then, I send them to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, or New Brighton Park, nearby where I live. I’m a big advocate of ocean swimming, so I’d make sure they take a dip with me. For those who love a challenge, I’d take them on a nine-hour hike to the Lions, which are two mountains high up on the North Shore with incredible views. For food, I’d recommend a table at the Pink Pearl for dim sum, then Pronto Caffe for fresh pasta, Nuba for Lebanese food, Dunlevy Snackbar for cocktails and snacks, and Le Marché St. George or Bel Café for caffeine and croissants. It’s a tourist trap, but I’ve also got a real soft spot for the Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant, which gives you a 360-degree view of the city. If you go in the late afternoon they usually let you just order a beer and enjoy the ride (go for dinner elsewhere).

YOU TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR NUVO. ANY TRAVEL PLANS FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Not this year, because I actually have to move apartments by December 31st. But I’m still considering a New Year’s Eve trip to Chicago, though haven’t quite committed to that plan yet. The rest of my family is going to Kenya for the holidays, where my uncle lives and they usually spend Christmas, so that’s hopefully the plan for 2015.

Some sturdy moving boxes; a nice bottle of whisky to ease the pain of moving; and from my friends overseas, anything from the clothing shops & Other Stories and COS. They’re H&M off-shoots that we don’t have in Canada yet. I can’t get enough of their simple, architectural cuts and wedge shoes.